Stop Promoting Genocide Against Muslims

Target: Oklahoma State Rep. Pat Ownbey

Goal: Denounce state representative for promoting material that calls for a “final solution” regarding Islam.

An Oklahoma lawmaker posted an article that calls for a “final solution” against Islam, which also claims that Islam is not a religion and shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The phrase “final solution” was used during the Holocaust to refer to the genocide enacted against Jewish people, Romani, LGBT people, and the disabled.

The author of this recent bigoted article again uses the Orlando shooting as an excuse for vile Islamophobia in spite of the fact that the FBI recently confirmed that the shooting had little if anything to do with religious extremism or any of the opposing terrorist organizations the killer cited in a 911 call prior to the shooting. Using this tragedy to attack Muslims and all of Islam is not only profoundly disrespectful, it encourages violence against this entire group of people and anyone who might appear to be a part of it.

There have already been multiple reports of Muslim persons being attacked following the Orlando shooting and mosques being threatened for no reason other than being Muslim. The standard violent rhetoric against Muslim persons coming from conservative politicians is bad enough, but to use language that came from Adolf Hitler himself is incredibly alarming. Sign our petition to denounce this Nazi language and demand Oklahoma State Representative Pat Ownbey apologizes.


Dear Representative Ownbey,

Your recent Facebook post reproducing an incredibly Islamophobic article is unacceptable. Perhaps you somehow don’t realize, but “final solution” is the exact phrase used by Hitler and the Nazi Party during the Third Reich to talk about the genocide against Jewish, Romani, LGBT, and disabled people. That piece of writing appears to be directly advocating for genocide.

Trying to declare a 1,400-year-old religion to not be a religion is also a form of genocide–cultural genocide. You can’t claim Islam to not be a religion and to not be worthy of freedom of religion protections. This claim is not even slightly supported by religious studies. Islam is every bit as worthy of being considered a religion as Christianity and is no more violent or involved in government.

The article you posted and kept up on your Facebook page for at least two days is incredibly bigoted and anti-American. Our American values are deeply entrenched in freedom from religious persecution, no matter what that religion is or what groups of extremists are doing. We demand that you immediately remove this post if you haven’t already and apologize for perpetuating religious bigotry and advocating for genocide.


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Photo credit: Peter O’Connor

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  1. The scale of the muslins has several different weights and measurements. They can offend,torture, murder, insult, misrepresenting, lie, invade other countries and go there to live on other money and still offending them it is all very all as soon as anyone tell them the truth, like I am doing right now is islamophobia and others fobia, but in fact they have hate, anger, rage, imposition, non education, no culture, backwards ways and culture to impose that’s the way they work, they do manifestations on others countries calling names to everybody and it it is very well, and as soon as someone tells the truth, is immediately crucified as they are really very nice, pacific people everyone can tell and see. Don’t come to me with the extremists, there is no moderate vegetarians as there is no, moderate muslins. The ones who call themselves moderate are a apostates, only to fool us, till their day come. Do we see them shouting out loud for the sentences they usually give to poor women on their countries against the ones supposedly terrorists??? NO. For centuries they had been murdering in awful ways more than any other war/religion and they even have the nerve to still talk because everyone is quite, afraid to be called islamophobia. Is in their book, to do the jihad if a true muslin, is to go and conquer all by force, is to impose, even the penalty to leave islam is death. In the book says they must go and imposed islam. The non believers should accept and submitt or die it is very simple. I could keep going on, but i do think for someone with brain is easy to understand. Everytime there is anything against islam is to kill, to persecute, to make petitions just like blacks, which do the same. The orientals and whites are the ones that take all without saying nothing. I bet this comment won’t even appear. Let’s see.

    • Gillian Miller says:

      It is always about Muslims and their “suffering”. Lindsey, why are you not promoting a petition to stop the same thing about Jews? There are many people, mostly Muslims and the right wing, who push to continue the genocide of Jews, especially in Israel, and deny the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism has gone up over 400% and the Muslims target Jews to murder.

      So, even while I don’t support the abuse of Muslims in such a fashion, I have no sympathy with their whining. I also object strongly to people who only promote Muslim “suffering” and ignore the ongoing genocide by Muslims in the Middle East, the suffering of those genuine refugees (including Muslims) by Muslims who rape, torture, sexually abuse and murder their hosts in Europe and the fellow non-Muslim refugees.

      No other religion or minority has turned the world upside down with terrorism or the demand that we alter our society to Sharia law and their way of life. That our religious symbols be removed in case they are upset. Our whole way of life now has to revolve around potential terrorists and terrorism and who is the cause of it? Muslims.

      And, I even have to qualify my statement to say that not all Muslims are like this, which is true, but the figure of extremism is 20% of their population which is around 1.8 billion so 360 million of them to worry about as well as those who support the extremism. And the torture and abuse of their own people which no-one seems to care about. Islam is incompatible with democracy because women and non-Muslims are not equal to Muslim males. Islam is incompatible with the UN Convention of Human Rights and we can see this in their jails and on the internet as they hang gays or throw them off of roofs, stone women or lash them to death for being raped. I could continue but I suspect that you get the idea. We do what we can in the West but we can’t help most of them.

  2. Gillian well said. I also agree with you about jews. They had been taking with islamics since forever and no one talks about their suffering? The palestinians are all the time provoking and doing things with a criminal mind. Which is doing something to make the other retaliate&than they already have all prepared to misrepresenting what had happen and to go to the press&midia making themselves poor victims, when the jews are the truly victims. I can’t stand manipulative people and muslins, blacks, gypsies do this all the time just to say everything is islamophobia, racism, is xenophobia, but still they don’t live those countries that they invade and went there most of the times illegally, besides is so bad so they like to say, lying of course. They just try to stop people saying the truth and calling the attention to what these people are in fact and to keep milking the system as poor victims that they never were. islam is an evil cult treats women below trash and is all to punish women. The only equals to them is other men or boys from he same tribe, the rest is all inferior and needs to be their slaves. The world needs to stand up and say NO, is enough of this obscurantism imposed by people coming to our countries. Also about the other religious symbols or whatever, everything needs to go back were they were and even put more, if they are offended is the way we sleep better& I many of us are also super offended by he way they treat us and women and others. Why only counts their ofenses&feeelings of cruelty? Stop doing stupid petitions every time an islamic get some truth on his/her ears. Grow up we all need to deal with the truth without going to make petitions disguised of other names, when it is only the truth. “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein ( I am glad to see my comment there)

  3. Look into Benghazi. I will not sign this petition – I agree with the comments

  4. I hate to sound this way but I have taken two Homeland Security anti-terrorism courses and the number one threat to our great country right now is radical Islam! So I won’t be signing any petitions to get more of them in our country. They want to kill us and do away with our style of life.

  5. Margaret Melnick says:

    I would sign your petition if you didn’t have it all backwards. I think Christians are being killed by Muslim Terrorists and everyone sits on their hands with their mouths clothed. Thankfully someone is finally telling the true story. This petition is all hog wash and I wouldn’t dream of signing it.

  6. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    some christians are killed by muslims so why kill muslims back? its racist and genocide so its not worth it!

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