Don’t Kill Off Wild Animals Labeled as “Vermin”

Target: Tirath Singh Thakur, Chief Justice of India

Goal: Do not allow animals to be classified as “vermin” and culled.

Countless blue bulls, monkeys and wild boar will be cruelly culled if the decision to label them as “vermin” is not repealed. These three species have been classified as vermin after the governments of three Indian States, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, requested that they be allowed to kill the animals indiscriminately. Categorizing them as such deprives them of the protection they are entitled to under the Wildlife Protection Act and allows people to legally kill them.

According to animal rights activists, the notifications to tag these species as vermin were issued without any scientific evidence. Instead, the decision was fully motivated by financial reasons, as the three states concerned had complained about having to pay farmers for crop losses due to wildlife. However, the animals themselves are not to blame for the increase in human-wildlife conflict. Instead, the intensification and spread of human activity in these regions has resulted in a stark decrease of habitat for wildlife, causing collisions with local farmers.

Activists have stated that “the indiscriminate killing of these animals will have a detrimental effect on the food chain and in turn lead to an ecological imbalance.” Sign this petition urging the Indian Supreme Court to reverse the “vermin” classification on these three species to save countless innocent wild animals from being murdered.


Dear Justice Thakur,

The decision to label blue bulls, monkeys and wild boar as “vermin” in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand respectively is an incredibly dangerous and cruel move. This allows these animals to be hunted and killed, deprived of the protection the Wildlife Protection Act would usually afford them.

Activists state that this verdict was pronounced with no scientific evidence, and was instead financially motivated as the three states are facing losses from having to reimburse farmers for damages caused by wildlife. They are quick to forget that human-animal conflict is on the rise only because we are building further into wild land and shrinking these species’ natural habitat.

Killing these animals will not solve the issue and may even result in dire ecological consequences. Please reverse the decision to classify these species as vermin and work towards protecting their habitats instead.


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Photo credit: Bernard Gagnon

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  2. Shealyn Dusette says:


  3. Gillian Miller says:

    The only vermin on this planet is the human variety. All others have a purpose and are part of the ecosystem even if we don’t like them. We are losing species at an extreme rate and we need to protect others. No hunting should take place but a scientific report on how to keep them from crops. An example is the use of bees to keep elephants out.

  4. India, what has happened to you? At one time you were regarded by the whole world as the one nation that rightfully respected and protected all living beings. Now you are just the same as all the other countries that don’t give a damn about about anything except money and property. Shame on you.

  5. Gianna Macias says:

    The only true cancer and vermin, is man. Animals are stripped off their land, their homes, humans are invading their spaces, they are killed because we are too greedy. We breed and breed and not even take care of our own and then turn around and kill other creatures who are only being true to their nature. IS OUR TRUE NATURE TO BE INDISCRIMINATE, CRUEL KILLERS.

  6. michael guest says:

    Don’t do it! Our wildlife is very important to our planet and ecosystems. They are not considered as vermin. Shooting and killing them is not the solution. All wildlife need protection, not slaughter. This proposal is unacceptable and must be reconsidered now!

  7. Nena Miller says:

    so true!

  8. Nena Miller says:

    Man thinks he is really the end all, kill off what gets in their way, what they consider “a pest “, what they don’t like the looks of, what’s in the way where they want to strip off lands and build, what feeds other creatures, what pollinates our plants, kills because he can….it just goes on and on. Pitiful!

  9. Bonnie Steiger says:

    There’s no such thing as “vermin;” people just named animals they don’t happen to like vermin so they could kill them without regard to the animals’ importance to the ecosystem. Okay, stupid people.
    Same as “weeds.” They are plants people with lawns decided they should kill even if it destroys the ecosystem, poisons their own children, causes beehive collapse. Talk about stupid!

  10. You hit the nail on the dot…..’our’ leaders/decision makers are born sociopaths, and the rest sheeple

  11. Whose is the Vermin? The vile and heartless sunhuman monsters.
    Kill of these heartless bastards and leave the defenceless and innocent animals alone.

    • Who is the Vermin? The vile and heartless subhuman monsters.
      Kill these heartless bastards and leave the defenceless and innocent animals alone.
      All these monsters want to do is blame the defenceless animals for their greedy mistakes. So the innocent animals are made to suffer by the hands of these sick psychopathic monsters.

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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