Cat Who Nearly Died in Tumble Dryer Deserves Justice

Target: Andrea Fawcett, Prosecuting Attorney

Goal: Denounce lax penalty for man who put a cat in a running dryer, nearly killing her.

A man in the United Kingdom has been found guilty of putting his wife’s cat in a tumble dryer and turning it on, nearly killing the animal. The man, who had previously been an animal rights campaigner, was accused of harming the cat in order to get back at his wife, who had left him. Shockingly, the man only received a £270 ($400 USD) fine after being found guilty of this crime, which according to non-profit Cats Protection, would have inflicted extreme pain and distress to the animal.

When 55-year-old Martyn Birchall’s wife asked where her cat was when she returned home from work, her husband replied “probably in the dryer,” according to lawyers. He then claimed to have no idea how the dryer was closed and turned on with the cat, a 1-year-old calico named Rosie, inside. When Rosie was let out of the dryer, she was disoriented, dizzy, and panting. Fortunately, Mrs. Birchall was able to nurse her back to health after 20 minutes and a healthy drink of water.

This deliberate act of cruelty could have killed this cat. Despite his previous convictions on Facebook that he “hates cruelty to animals,” Mr. Birchall risked the life and well-being of an innocent animal just to hurt his wife. The fact that he was only handed down a fine after being found guilty of animal cruelty is appalling. Sign the petition below to denounce this lax punishment and demand that authorities start taking animal cruelty crimes more seriously in order to prevent similar acts in the future.


Dear Mrs. Fawcett,

A man found guilty of putting his wife’s cat in a running tumble dryer, nearly killing her, has been let off with a £270 fine. The man deliberately put the animal inside the dryer as part of a sick way of punishing his wife, who had reportedly left him. The cat suffered severe distress, and was visibly disoriented and overheated when it was found.

This sort of deliberate malice is shocking and deserves a harsher punishment, not only to ensure that justice is brought to the cat, but to help deter animal cruelty in the future. We, the undersigned, denounce this lax punishment and ask that crimes against animals are taken more seriously.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mekem

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  1. Sara Smith says:

    Pity we couldn’t fit him into one…

  2. Send this idiot to the madhouse – nothing about civilized societies.



  5. sandra mason says:

    coward. whatever good he has done for animals in the past.. he just UN-did it all.. he is going to have to work really really hard to help animals now to clean up his soul.

  6. Wendy Morrison says:

    Put this idiot in an industrial size dryer and turn it on with the hottest settings possibly without any way out!!!!!

  7. Come on UK get real! We are supposed to have strict animal welfare laws – was this judge sitting on his brains! I’d like to put him in a dryer to see how he gets on!

  8. Gianna Macias says:

    This is not clear, the article says the wife left him and they she asked about the cat when returning from work.

  9. Investigate at least 3 levels deep. There’s a lot of money here…are we gestating sex slaves? Do they get more on the black market because they’re white?

  10. Nena Miller says:

    This guy is a straight up asshole !

  11. Maybe this poor lady could accidently misplace his dick and flush it. I mean …. That could be accidental too huhh? And that cat means more than his pitiful vienna sausage. What a man twat.

  12. todd fletcher says:

    this bitch ass needs a bat upside the head!!!!!

  13. Jail the Psychopathic bastard. He deserves to suffer the same as poor little Rosie endured.
    What a vile and sick arsehole this Martyn Birchall is. Torturing an innocent and helpless cat named Rosie just to get back at his wife. What a fuck.

  14. What a sick demented piece of shit!
    Put his ass in a huge dryer, barricade the door shut, and let it run!
    Evil vile heartless scum like this has no business being alive.

  15. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Sorry son of a bitch❗️?
    Hope he rots in hell❗️
    Signed & Shared.

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