Get Corrupt Corporate Money Out of Politics

Target: Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of Congress

Goal: Reform election funding laws to exclude donations from for-profit corporations that push their agendas onto politicians.

The Constitution of the United States of America begins with three, very simple words: “We The People.” The words are in larger print than the rest of the text, and emphasized, to drive in the point that this document was by and for the people. A lot has changed since the document was written, including the nature of how political campaigns are run. With the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Citizens United in 2010, it is now legal for major corporations to pour millions of dollars into political campaigns without any oversight or regulation for disclosing donations. Demand that Congress overturn Citizens United in an effort to restore democracy to the American electorate.

Recently Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley made a speech where he announced a series of reforms to be passed through the Senate, one of which would overturn the ruling on Citizens United. Senator Merkley pointed out how our country’s founders built this nation on the idea that every person gets an equal voice and how Citizens United basically made it legal to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens, in favor of their own special interests.

When corporations are allowed to dump millions of dollars into election campaigns, this pretty much secures that candidates will be talking about the special interests of the corporations supporting them, rather than interests of their constituents. The whole point of a democratic society is to have representatives whose policies reflect the interests of the people they are representing, not a handful of very wealthy individuals who spend endless amounts of money in an effort to get their agenda passed.

The reform, which is a non-partisan proposal by various members of Congress and is aptly named, “We The People,” is making its way through Congress right now. There is finally a legitimate opportunity for Americans to have their voices heard again instead of being drowned out by wealthy campaign donors. Sign the petition below to ensure that millions of American voices will not continue to be overlooked by political candidates.


Dear Sen. McConnell,

The American people have said “enough is enough” when it comes to how we finance our campaigns in this country. Citizens United has allowed wealthy campaign finance donors to dominate the political conversation in this country for far too long. Corporations and campaign donors donate so much money that they have a majority of the say in what policies are chosen by politicians.

“We The People” is a series of reforms proposed by a non-partisan group in Congress, with the goal to repeal Citizens United and restore democracy back to the American people. Jeff Merkley recently came out and voiced his support for the reforms, declaring that it was time that Americans had their voices heard.

In order to create an equitable and honest democratic society, every citizen needs to have their voices and concerns heard. Citizens United serves only to drown out the voices of regular citizens and is counterproductive to a democratic society. We, the people, demand that equality is restored to our campaign finance system and that you pass the reforms proposed by the coalition known as “We The People.” Make a conscious decision to stand by your constituents, instead of the largest bidder, and overturn Citizens United at once.


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