Punish Parents Accused of Gifting Daughter to Child Molester to Pay Debt

Target: David Heckler, District Attorney, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Demand the maximum punishment for the parents accused of gifting their daughter to an alleged child molester.

Twelve girls were found in the home of an alleged child molester, one of them reportedly gifted to him by her parents. The older man fathered two children with the girl, police state. Demand justice for this innocent girl.

The girls appeared sad, per neighbor reports. This prompted a police investigation that led to the discovery of 12 girls living with the older man. One of them, now 18 years old, was reportedly gifted to the older man by her parents as repayment for his financial assistance. She is the mother of a 6-month-old and a 3-year-old, both allegedly fathered by the older man while she was underage.

The girl’s parents are in custody and facing charges of endangering the welfare of children. This horrific abuse cannot go unpunished. Sign below and demand the maximum punishment for these parents.


Dear District Attorney Heckler,

Parents allegedly gifted their daughter to an older man as payment for his financial assistance. The girl, 14 years old at the time, now reportedly has two children with the alleged child molester. We demand justice for this innocent girl.

The Amish parents claim that they gifted their daughter to the older man after researching the legality of the transaction on the internet. They also state that they knew of her two young children, reportedly fathered by the alleged child molester while their daughter was underage.

This shocking abuse cannot go unpunished. We demand the maximum penalty under law in this case.


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Photo Credit: Lower Southampton Police Dept

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  1. I am very surprised this happens in the Amish religion ,they gave their daughter for financial gain?underaged and she bore him two children,how come this man supposed to be a peadophile is living with all these young girls in his house ?girls are still not valued in our society today ,sad that these parents? thought so little of their daughter ,they must be punished ,so must the peadophile ,someone help the girl.

  2. The vile parents of this little girl should be jailed for life.
    What a pair of dirty greedy filthy monster they are.

  3. You call them parents. They are a pair of monsters.

  4. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Please feed these parents and abuser to the lions!!!
    This is evil, demonic and barbaric!!!
    We need to clean other earth of these evil scumbags!!
    Lions & crocodile dens like the Bible times need to be reintroduced!!!

  5. The Amish Community, with it’s subversive child abuse, puppy-mill (big) business (biggest in US apparently) and it’s antiquated ideas is less enlightened than they were in the so called ‘dark ages’ of history and needs pulling up by it’s bootstraps into the twenty first century where child abuse is fast becoming more widely acknowledged and known about by an ever increasingly very concerned public. All parties involved in the perpetration of sexual and/or physical/psychological child abuse should be taken by law and given the most stringent and public safety conscience sentences available. Those who sell little children to paedophiles are complicit in that abuse and should be punished in just the same way, whether they are biological parents, adoptive or foster parents or legal guardians who are in loco parentis and should be treated as such.

    • I agree with these views. Parents who abuse the trust of their children like this, are vile and they are supposed to be RELIGIOUS ?! Nothing Christian about this sort of behaviour !

  6. Amish people use the Internet?? Really?! The communities I have come across didn’t even use electricity. (But clearly this is missing the point, I realise that. Yes, they most definitely should be sent to jail! )

  7. The parents and this pervert should be shot!
    Such sick sorry pieces of shit.
    None of them deserve to enjoy a once of their lives for ruining the lives of the these poor innocent young girls.
    There is a special place in hell for all of them especially those piece of shit parents who should have been protecting their daughter. Instead they sell her off to cover their debt, completely sad and sickening.
    That poor girl will never forget or recover fully from the trauma she has endured at the hands of those sick evil monsters.
    That poor girl being raped and being impregnated as a minor with 2 children by that sick, demented, evil, scum bucket is inexcusable.
    Her parents and that perv need to be killed.

    I pray for comfort, peace, strength, and courage for these 12 innocent young girls and that they get the help and support both mentally and physically that they need to try to get through this nightmare they had to live through and have productive and successful lives.

    I pray that someone helps the 18yo and those innocent babies get stable and on their feet with a job, place to live, and childcare. Despite how the babies came about they are all she has and I’m positive she loves them more then life, a mothers love for their child is strong and amazing.

    My heart breaks for all the innocent young girls involved who lost their innocence thanks to this scum dirtbag and I am so incredibly happy that they got rescued and saved from this pure evil when they did. They deserve nothing but, love, freedom, and happiness from here on.

    • Amen Kristen, you are so right!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!! We can only hope and pray these girls and the two babies will be alright, and these sick fucks are brought to justice!

  8. Margaret Melnick says:

    The parents of this child must be punished to the fullest extent of the law, I agree with this. However what about this man? Should he not be punished along with them? I can’t see ho it is possible he can escape punishment. What about the other young girls what is being done to protect them. This is not just a case of what the parents did. This is a case of child abuse of all these children. All 3 of these people plus anyone else connected with this case should be in jail for a long long time.

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  10. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    An animals belong again just into an animals…
    Maybe those creatures still think this is a Middle Age time for them…

  11. Neville Bruce says:


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