Investigate Oakland Police For Rape of Trafficked Child

Target: U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Goal: Launch an investigation into the Oakland Police Department after it was reported that multiple officers raped a trafficked kid.

Three Chiefs of Police have stepped down in nine days after a series of horrific scandals plagued the Oakland Police Department. The worst is the fact that a former victim of sex trafficking has come forward to say that 14 police officers were involved in her trafficking, which occurred when she was underage. She’s also said that officers from other departments engaged in this horrible crime of rape of an underage girl.

These allegations first came from a fellow Oakland officer who left a confession in his suicide note. It’s also suspected that this same officer murdered his own wife and that other officers in the department helped him cover up the crime. After all of this, a new scandal broke involving text messages containing incredibly racist “jokes” and the use of the n-word.

The first Chief of Police, Sean Whent, stepped down earlier this month for what he says are “personal reasons,” but others suspect that he was aware of the child trafficking the whole time. Ben Farrow was then instated, but according to the Oakland mayor, she found information that would “not allow him to continue as chief.” A third acting police chief, Paul Figueroa, just stepped down for unknown reasons.

Clearly, this department is out of control, and it certainly appears that cover ups and criminal behavior has permeated the entire force and maybe extended to the mayor’s office. Local investigations have already taken place, yet terrible things continue to happen. Sign our petition to demand that the national Attorney General launches a federal investigation into the crimes of this police department.


Dear Attorney General Lynch,

You’ve likely heard of the series of scandals–by which I mean criminal acts and racism–that have taken place within the Oakland Police Department, culminating in three police chiefs stepping down in the space of only nine days. The alleged crimes leading up to this are appalling. The worst is the systematic rape of a victim of human trafficking who was underage at the time. It’s suspected that the Chief of Police at the time was aware of all of this.

The details of this horrific criminal behavior were put into the suicide note of an officer accused of murdering his wife, and it’s suspected that the other officers in the department helped him cover it up. Most recently, racist texts have been found circulating among the department. Now the department can’t seem to keep a police chief. The last one resigned with no explanation.

All of these allegations of terrible crimes and the suspicious cycling of police chiefs point to serious wrongdoing that may extend to the mayor’s office. I urge you to launch a federal investigation into the Oakland Police Department and root out the corruption infesting it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christa Lind

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  1. This right here is the reason i hate cops.
    Don’t get me wrong there are still a few great officers who take their job to heart and honestly love protecting and serving their ccommunity but, the bad and corrupted ones surely out number the good ones and make them all look bad.
    Most cops these days are mental, trigger happy nutjobs. They are corrupted, abusive, and evil. They kill unarmed people, kill innocent children, and kill innocent animals.

    They are allowed to get away with crimes that a average person gets life for and are allowed to engage and get away with criminal activity and anything they do they get away with.

    Its complete bullshit!
    Cops are no one special.
    This Oakland PD the entire department should be under the jail for raping and allowing this to happen to a minor who was already kidnapped for sex trafficking and suffered enough trauma just to have to endure more trauma at the hands of law enforcement the people who should have been saving and helping her, not harming her and causing her more ttrauma and suffering. Then to cover up the murder of a officers wife to save the officers ass.

    This department is mental!
    Their sick, corrupted, evil pieces of shit that deserve to die or rot in a cell till their end of days.

    Something needs to be done.
    Law enforcement is out of control cause they are allowed to be and are allowed to get away with crimes with little to no punishment at all.
    Hold law enforcement accountable for their crimes and their actions.

    • Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

      You don’t need hate cops you need hate the male humans who mostly behave worse than the poor animals on this planet!!!
      Disgusting chaos in the Oakland area!!!!

  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    These 3 former Police chiefs should be responsible for their crimes against an underage child because they all held office as public official! They need to spend the rest of their lives in prisen with the rest of crI’m in also and leak why they are in there.

  3. Amar Taggarh says:

    Cops are nothing but the bullies that picked on you in school. None of them had any brains then and now we are supposed to let these bullies do as they please. NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOVE THE LAW. POLICE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ACT THIS WAY. I’m tired of these bullies getting away with murder. Now sexual assault. Odds are they will not be charged. These scam bags protect each other. There is no way they dodnt boast or brag about this to other scumbags who probably high fived each other. There is a major distrust of POLICE these days. Why are they not subject to psych evaluations?

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    Which bit of ‘protect and serve’ did this miserable lot not understand???
    Long prison terms, served within the general population, is the only justice! They should learn how awful rape is!
    It must be almost impossible to be a decent police officer when the force is rotten from the top down!

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