Demand Governor Acknowledge Homophobia in Mass Shooting

Target: Florida Governor Rick Scott

Goal: Publicly admit that the Orlando shooting of an LGBT club was likely motivated by homophobia.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is refusing to even mention the issue of homophobia in addressing the mass shooting that occurred at the Pulse nightclub–a location dedicated to being a safe space for LGBT+ people. In an interview with CNN, the interviewer pointed out that the shooting appeared to specifically target this community, but Scott avoided even saying the words “gay,” “LGBT,” or “homophobia,” instead resorting to generic statements.

This shooting was not random. Although the motive of the shooter has not yet been 100 percent confirmed, it has been revealed that he had been at the club before, that he had displayed severe anger and hatred toward gay people, and had demonstrated hatred toward black and Latino peoples. The shooting also took place on Latino night at Pulse, but Scott hasn’t acknowledge the possible role of racism, either.

It’s both disrespectful and harmful to refuse to acknowledge the fact that specific, marginalized communities are still targeted for violence in the U.S. These communities can’t be helped if we can’t admit the actual problem. LGBT+ people across the nation are mourning right now, and it’s utterly insulting to them for Governor Scott to refuse to acknowledge their grief. Sign our petition to demand he publicly states that this shooting targeted the LGBT+ community and condemns homophobia.


Dear Governor Scott,

You recently gave an interview to CNN, but despite the interviewer asking questions about the fact that LGBT+ people appeared to be the target of this attack, you refused to acknowledge this community’s grief or even use words like “gay” or “homophobia” in your responses. You instead focused on bland platitudes about “anybody” and vague sentiments about “radical Islam.”

This is disrespectful to the LGBT+ community and places them in further danger. If we as a country don’t stand firmly against homophobic hatred, this community will continue to be violently attacked. It also appears very likely that LGBT+ people were indeed specifically targeted based on the facts, but either way, they’re currently in mourning, and they need our support. To refuse to even name them or acknowledge their pain is just cruel.

Stop ignoring the facts and failing your states LGBT+ community. We demand that you publicly acknowledge that the shooting targeted these specific individuals and condemn homophobia.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tony Webster

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  1. Funny this one. People want to control want the others think about anyone that comment against gay people or black, or muslins, or whatever, they are all poor innocent victims in these freak heads. But no one is concerned with the poor white innocent victims who pay for all these people, most times from their taxes, who work and get not even a thank you. So this is an homophobia crime??!! The 1 one. What do you call the millions of people murdered by muslins in hate crimes against white/occidental world/other religions people? Just the 11 Sep killed how many??? Remember me please. Why these crimes are commited for so long time and as soon a muslin is not even dead, just someone says something like you are a terrorist and the world falls apart(there are petitions against immediately is islamophobia and this and that), they kill thousands and nothing happen. There is no petition saying is homophobia/racism????? Your scale has different measurements and weights.

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    The true Muslim and Islamic religion is non violent and peaceful as their doctrine indicates. The radicalized sectors are the terrorists that have their own agenda. Their are radicalized Christians, Catholics and other religions. Whenever a so called religion calls for murder they are radicalized. As far as the gov of Fl. He has never stood for the majority of his citizens. He caters to the special interests groups

    • Yo, Tina, can you tell me the last time some radicalized Christian lopped a head off? How about some radicalized Catholic? Can you name any significant number of murders, etc., committed by anyone other than radicalized Muslims? I’ll bet not!!

      • Angelique St.Pierre says:

        There’s plenty… you guys just choose not to ‘look’:
        the Lord’s Resistance Army (does the name Joseph Kony ring a bell) has killed tens of thousands, very much in the name of God, mostly Muslims, and committed a laundry list of atrocities and then some (anyone mention child soldiers?)

        Christian militia in Central Africa have killed by the thousands too and displaced more than half a million and instigated a campaign of destruction of cultural monuments of other faiths.

        The Olympic Bomber… a Christian nutter who also attacked abortion clinics and GAY BARS…

        In 2005, Faten Habash, a Palestinian Christian fell in love with a Muslim man so her Christian father killed her by throwing her off a balcony….

        In 2008, Mariam Khilla, and Egyptian Coptic Christian converted to Islam, married a Muslim man and was mowed down in a hail of gunfire (along with her new family) by her loving Christian brother….

        All the serial killers (Nelson, Fish, Pommerencke – literally DOZENS)’told’ to kill by their biblical beliefs….

        Or just fracking Timothy McVeigh, David Koresh, the KKK, White Supremacist ‘Creator’ movements, and any in a long continuous line of home-grown rw-njs…

        There’s a sh*t-ton of examples out there – you just have to do some reading about the world and not rely on b.s. ‘news’ channels like Fox. Seriously – CRACK A BOOK!
        [Suggested reading: “Holy Homicide” by Newton]

        • Angelique, please read my answer to Karen. Now would you like a list of the murders committed by modern day Muslims? They are the number one killers today in the world!

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Think you got your answer there Frank!

    • Not really, Karen, since there are some names in there who absolutely did NOT kill in the name of Christianity…McVeigh and others. And yes, I do know what I’m talking about seeing as I attended a seminar about McVeigh. Koresh killed his own followers…definitely not random. KKK killed in the name of Christianity? Not in this world…the KKK is racist. OK? Now name your own!

  4. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    Governor Skeletor only cares if his special interest friends care. He does not care if he turns Florida into the economic and social equivalent of Ethiopia as long as his uber wealthy cabal reaps the ultimate benefit.

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