Immediately Ban the Use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Target: David Cameron, British Prime Minister

Goal: Ban circuses from keeping wild animals that endure horrible living conditions and brutal training.

Animals suffer immensely in captivity, even more so in traveling circuses where they are confined to small cages for most of their lives and forced to perform uncomfortable and dangerous tricks. Animals are beaten, whipped and burned in order to “train” them for performance, and are often starved of food and water before a show so that they do not relieve themselves on stage. They spend most of their lives cramped in cages in the back of trains and trucks as they travel around, separated from their families and unable to experience the wild or display natural behaviors.

After it emerged that Scotland is to become the first part of the United Kingdom to prohibit circuses from using wild animals, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is being urged to implement such a ban across the country. Several nations across the globe have already taken steps to protect wild animals from abuse by banning their use in circuses.

Sign this petition asking David Cameron to urgently pass similar legislation in the United Kingdom in order to protect these animals from abuse and allow for better treatment of animals countrywide.


Dear Mr. Cameron,

Scotland will soon become the first part of the United Kingdom to ban traveling circuses from using wild animals. This is a major step in the right direction, as animals in circuses suffer brutal training and appalling living conditions. Not only do they spend most of their lives confined to small cages in the back of trains and trucks, their time outside the cage is passed enduring brutal training. They are whipped, beaten and burned to force them to perform unnatural and dangerous acts.

Moreover, your countrymen overwhelmingly support such a move, with recent polls showing that 94 percent of people in England and Wales are against using wild animals in circuses. The figure is even higher in Scotland, where 98 percent of the population condemns the practice.

Please take a massive step forward for animals in the U.K. and quickly ban the use of wild animals in circuses across the United Kingdom.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Dirkjan Ranzijn

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  1. Please let the wild animals free. Animals are trained with fear by torturing and abusing them to submission to their trainer. They fear their trainer, that is why they obey their master.

  2. Melanie Sutton says:

    Don’t know about wild animals but do know Thad totally unnessary with say obedience training. It’s taught with treats and praise and love. Had a Doberman given to me and felt she needed to be trained for when she was taken outside on or off leash. We had an acre lot but mostly she was leashed. She was the greatest, sweetest dog I’ve ever had. My daughter was 10 and the dog just loved her and her friends. She was just a love bug. I can’t imagine beating her into submission!! The word down with a treat and lots of praise and love did the trick and after awhile just the love is all it took and we had plenty of that to give her. I don’t understand this cruelty from these creeps!! I think they just get off on hurting something!! I just want them to be arrested. Do they actually believe it’s ok to beat a living, feeling being? WRONG! And I won’t be happy til there is tougher legislation passed that will put these jerks in jail and take their animals away from them! Just as they do children! A life is a life and deserves to be lived without beatings and other forms of cruelty. It sickens me!!

    • Carrena Cogglin says:

      Because they make money my darling. They say because they are wild animals so they cant get too close. I too rescued a Dobey (starved for 3 weeks, tied to a fence so he couldn’t ly down) I still cry for what he went through! He too had a huge loving heart and loved my 14 month son (31 now!) His best feature, FUNNY AS!!!! A laugh a minute, stupid look on his face, bark when he ate, food spitting out of his goofy mouth, but the most loyal dog i have ever rescued! Got a pug at the moment…. hahaha! I miss him every day. Some days I am ashamed to be a human because of what we do.

  3. All life deserves respect and freedom. Stop this sadistic barbarism and the world will be a better place.

  4. BAN this garbage called a circus, it’s not entertainment, people want this stopped, why don’t you listen?


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