Save Dog at Risk of Being Forced Out of Home by Pit Bull Ban

Target: Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan

Goal: Lift a ban on owning pit bulls and allow a famous dog to remain in his home.

Diggy, the smiling dog made famous by social media, may soon lose his home thanks to a ban on pit bulls. Local authorities recognized Diggy as a pit bull, even though his paperwork labeled him an American Bulldog. Demand an immediate lift on this breed-specific ban and save Diggy.

It appeared that rescued dog Diggy had finally found his forever home. His new owner was so excited that he took a picture of the smiling dog and posted it on social media. Unfortunately, local authorities recognized Diggy as a pit bull and took action. They demanded that the owner remove the dog from his home in Waterford Township, where pit bulls are banned.

The owner has received a fine of $500. Meanwhile, a veterinarian is examining Diggy to determine if he fits the label of ‘pit bull.’ Sign below and demand an immediate lift on this unfair breed-specific ban.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Diggy, known as the smiling dog, is in danger of losing his home. The American bulldog may fall victim to a breed-specific ban targeting pit bulls. We demand an immediate lift on this disparaging ban.

Michigan defines a dangerous animal as “a dog or other animal that bites or attacks a person, or a dog that bites or attacks and causes serious injury or death to another dog while the other dog is on the property or under the control of its owner.” Diggy has not committed any of these offenses.

Not every pit bull is dangerous. The cases must be examined on an individual basis. We demand that you lift this unjust ban at once.


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Photo Credit: Dan Tillery

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  1. Get your shit together it’s not the dog that is vicious it’s the stupid humans that make them nasty. He is so cute . They said the same thing about me getting a Rottweiler and we raised him with love and he is the sweetest dog ever. DONT MAKE HIM LEAVE HIS HOME .

  2. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    The “pit bull breed” was the most common American dog breed in the first half the last century (e.g. most instances of the Little Rascals’ dog Petey). Idiot “gangstas” and self appointed “bad azzes” try to make them into ferocious animals to be feared to get “rezpect” but by and large these dogs are not that, even after suffering at the hands of these twisted people.

    There should be a ban on human ignorance, not some perceived threat in shallow minds.

  3. Shame this has come to this people breeding dogs with other breeds to try get out of the laws but its the dogs that pay the price.

  4. Please do not take out people’s bad behavior on a dog breed. The sick people who use these dogs for fighting and misuse them for protection, those are the creatures that need to be banned. Stricter sentencing on dog fighting and illegal pit bull breeding will stop types of crimes. And stopping thugs from use of these dogs as weapons.

  5. I had a bully breed(Rottweiler) that the owner was rehoming claiming he was vicious. Rescued him,every time he was approached cowered,urinated etc.Obviously abused.. He is a wonderful dog noey BECAUSE of love and patience…LET DIGGY STAY!!!Please….

  6. NO such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner !!! dogs are NOT dangerous it humans that are dangerous if you do NOT believe me just watch the news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well yeah but the pro-gun people use a similar argument, i.e, guns are great as long as they are in the hands of the ‘right’ people……that, like this, is false in it’s claims.

  7. The Omar Mateens of this world are much more lethal than a Pit Bull, so get your prerogatives right and stop being such a bunch of bullies and morons.

  8. Blanket rules do not work!! Check out each dog and you will see the gentleness in this sweet dog… It is wrong to ban pit bulls because of the few rotten people who create viciousness in their suffering and wrongly trained dogs!! How sad is this!! Ban bad people!!


  10. Punish the deed, NOT THE BREED!! BSL is wrong…

  11. Cate Warde says:

    You have a caring owner who wants to give a dog a loving home. Go after the “owners” who don’t give a s*** about their animals instead.

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