Demand Stronger Bestiality Laws

Target: Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Goal: Strengthen Canada’s animal protection laws and expand the definition of bestiality to include all sexual acts between humans and animals.

A British Columbia man was acquitted of bestiality due to outdated laws that narrowly define bestiality as only applying to sexual acts involving penetration. Since Canada’s animal welfare laws do not adequately outline which sexual acts with animals are illegal, the majority of the justices ruled that this man’s abusive actions do not fall under the category of bestiality. Rosalie Abella, the only justice with a dissenting opinion, stated that “acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs.” The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies agreed, adding that the controversial ruling could result in an increase of animal abuse. Bestiality is a horrific crime, and Canada’s animal protection laws need to expand this category to encompass all kinds of sexual activity between a human and an animal.

In order to remove this dangerous bestiality loophole, Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has drafted a private member’s bill that would modernize the Animal Protections Act. Not only would this bill expand the parameters of bestiality, it would also ban shark fin soup and the sale of dog and cat furs by rewriting outdated legislature. According to Erskine-Smith, the bill has received little support due to “this fictitious narrative that my bill will affect hunting, farming, fishing and research, which is absolutely not the case.” The purpose of the bill is to update Canada’s outdated animal welfare laws in order to prohibit horrific acts of animal abuse like bestiality.

Animals deserve to be protected from cruelty, and this bill needs the government’s support so that animal protection laws can be strengthened. Sign the petition below to urge Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould to support the bill and demand stronger laws on bestiality.


Dear Ms. Wilson-Raybould,

A formerly convicted sexual offender was recently acquitted of bestiality in a ruling that followed a narrow definition of bestiality as only applying to sexual acts involving penetration. Canada’s animal protection laws are outdated; the failure to adequately define which sexual acts with animals are prohibited has resulted in an act of animal abuse going unpunished due to a bestiality loophole. The definition of bestiality needs to be expanded to encompass all kinds of sexual activity between a human and an animal.

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has drafted a private member’s bill that would rewrite outdated legislature in order to modernize Canada’s animal protection laws. This bill would expand the category of bestiality, as well as banning shark fin soup and the sale of dog and cat furs. The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has expressed a concern that the recent bestiality acquittal could cause an increase in animal abuse, and Erskine-Smith’s bill would work to stop that from happening.

I am urging you to support Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act. Please take action to update Canada’s animal welfare laws, and help fight against bestiality and other forms of animal abuse.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jonathan Kriz

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  1. michael guest says:

    This was totally unacceptable. Any abuse, mistreatment, negligence, or other bad thing will not be tolerated. Committing bestiality on animals is unfair and wrong. Animals don’t deserve to be treated like this. Take the perpetrator to jail. There needs to be stronger laws to stop bestiality and other abuse to animals in all states. Animals need to be protected, not harmed.

  2. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    Big agriculture and hunting interests are the monolithic forces fighting to keep animal torture, abuse and neglect legal. Unfortunately they have so much money that they own the lawmakers that could make our countries and the world a more humane.

  3. Time to “Bobbitt”…this guy needs his d**k cut off

  4. this turd needs death now for it crimes against a great animal now.

  5. Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    Who is waiting for W H A T ?

    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal killer ASSHOLES! Or not?


  6. Karen Remnant says:

    Sick and twisted! How are Canadians living with this evil?? Change your laws!!

  7. Alice Knight says:

    Come on Canada! Let’s strengthen our laws for animals. Bestiality is disgraceful. The torment and agony an animal must go through just to satisfy a human’s sexual need. How can an individual feel this is normal behavior? Thank you
    Nathaniel Erskine- Smith for stepping up and attempting to make laws beneficial to all animals. Animals, feel pain, agony, thirst, hunger and atrocities too many to list I’m afraid. They deserve our respect, they deserve dignity and it is a privlidge to share one’s life and home with them.
    Let’s hope Bill C 246 is accepted.

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