Seek Humane Alternatives to Killing Foxes

Target: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the U.K.

Goal: End the vicious killing of foxes by educating the public on humane alternatives.

Foxes are being inhumanely killed because many people feel that doing so is the only way to solve problems they believe these animals cause. We need to take action to ensure foxes are saved.

Urban foxes are thought by some people to cause numerous problems including eating entire flocks of chickens, biting people, and destroying people’s garbage. More recently, it has been surmised that they are responsible for chewing up the brake lines of cars, once again leading politicians and some citizens to advocate for the same tiresome solution: cull, or trap and kill, as many of these beautiful animals as possible. While taking this action may seem like a viable option, scientific evidence shows that killing foxes only leads to even more of them eventually returning to the area.

Educating citizens as to why foxes behave as they do and suggesting alternative solutions to killing them may help to save this animal. For example, a thorough website could be built that explains little things that people can do — such as making sure their chickens are placed in secure locations — in order to present humane ways that certain problems may be handled.

Demand citizens be properly educated about foxes and that more humane alternatives, such as relocating these animals, be utilized to deal with any problems foxes may cause. If we continue to kill these magnificent creatures, they one day may no longer roam the earth.


Dear Prime Minister Cameron,

Because urban foxes are thought to be a nuisance, many people feel that they should be trapped and killed. It is important that more humane methods be used to deal with any problems that foxes may cause in order to ensure that these animals will not one day become extinct.

A number of politicians have advocated to cull or kill foxes because many people claim that they have destroyed their garbage, eaten their chickens or threatened their safety. Although killing these animals may temporarily solve such problems, it will only likely make these situations worse in the future; it has been shown time and again that hunting a particular animal leads to more animals of the same species being bred and invading the same area.

Ensuring that citizens are properly educated about foxes and their behavior, as well as suggesting things that people can do to minimize the likelihood of problems, would be a much more effective way of dealing with such issues. For example, brochures could be distributed that explain what people can do to thrive in the same environment as the urban fox. A website could also be developed to explain small things that people can do, such as making sure garbage can lids are secure, in order to help people accomplish this goal. Furthermore, it may be possible to relocate the urban foxes to more rural areas, which is another possible solution that should be explored.

I therefore urge you to advocate for educating the public about foxes and to suggest that more humane solutions be used in dealing with any problems these animals may be causing citizens. Killing foxes today may very well ensure that the species is completely wiped out tomorrow.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Peter Trimming

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  1. Margaret Melnick says:

    I agree to a point to this petition but be careful where you relocate these foxes. Rural area is not a dropping ground for unwanted nuisance animals just because they are bothering you in your urban area. I have a fox who keeps crossing my field, getting the dogs barking and trying to catch my cats. I understand the frustration of people who are dealing with these animals. They are fast and not easy to live trap. I don’t want to see it killed but if it continues there may be no alternative. So with you promoting this petition please give me your advise on how to get rid of it.

  2. there is a better way to get control of these animals. The only solution to the problem is always kill it. Why don’t you have a meeting with a wildlife game
    warden or someone who has had experience with fox. They are only doing what their instinct tell them. It’s the humans that are the culprit not the animals. When humans invade their environment and cause them to have to adjust then problems exist.

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