Jail Man Accused of Shooting Puppy in Mouth

Target: Kirsten Gross, Madison County Assistant Prosecutor

Goal: Seek the harshest possible punishment for man accused of shooting his dog in the mouth and leaving it to die.

A man is accused of shooting a 10-month-old puppy in the mouth and leaving it on the streets to die. The dog, a pit bull named Chance, was found on the roadside with severe wounds and a bloodied snout. The woman who found him immediately transported him to a veterinary clinic, where it was later determined that he was shot.

Chance had bone fragments in his throat and required surgery to remove them. He is currently doing well in the care of the Humane Society, but there has been no word on whether he will suffer long-lasting effects. One of the women involved in raising money for Chance’s veterinary bills hopes to adopt him when he is released.

According to a source who knew the family, the puppy was shot for harming one of the accused’s children. While this would be a problem for any parent, there are responsible ways to deal with this, such as finding a new home for the animal or even surrendering it to a rescue operation. This type of behavior is absolutely unacceptable for any adult, let alone a parent who models behavior for impressionable children.

If convicted, the accused could face a $1,000 fine and a 180 day jail sentence. He could also be made to pay for the animal’s medical costs. In order to ensure that justice is served for Chance and the members of the community who helped save him, this shocking crime must not be treated lightly. Sign the petition below to demand the maximum possible penalties for the person found responsible of this savage act.


Dear Ms. Gross,

A man is accused of shooting a puppy and leaving it to die after the dog allegedly harmed his child. This irrational act of violence resulted in the dog undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments from its throat. It is unknown whether the puppy will ever fully recover.

The person responsible resorted to extreme violence when he could have simply re-homed or surrendered the dog. It is imperative that he is appropriately punished for his cruelty with jail time, a fine, and an order to pay the dog’s medical costs. We, the undersigned, ask that you seek the harshest possible punishments for this man if he is convicted.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: JussyD

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  1. Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal ASSHOLES! Or not?


  3. Out of rage or anger this animal didn’t deserve this heinous cruelty inflicted upon it.
    This perpetrator needs to be judged on the highest degree of the law as if he’d done the same to a child, no less.
    If he doesn’t have a dog to take his anger out on IT WILL be his kids or wife!
    The fine, vet bill, jail time and placed on the Animal Cruelty Register to be never allowed to have or go near animals again.

    • Rosslyn, exactly!! Since the details have not been made clear in the petition I am assuming the puppy bit his kid. First of all I am 99% sure there was a legitimate reason, the kid was being abusive -intentionally or not – or scared the dog or some other reason where it would be reasonable for a dog to protect himself. Second, if this is a very young child (and again, I am assuming it is) it is the PARENT’S job to supervise interactions between the child and puppy. It seems to me there is every reason to charge him with child negligence as well as felony animal cruelty.

  4. Hopefully the next animal that bites his family will be a shark and will make a quick meal of this piece of shit who shot the dog!!! The only thing is, I hope and pray the shark doesn’t die from eating rancid meat.

  5. Shoot this vile and evil monster in the mouth and then finish him off. It is what this monster deserves.
    A little puppy punished so violently for nothing. Live a long and happy life Chance in your new adopted forever loving home.
    The monster who committed this sadism will find out what suffering in agony is all about. Hopefully soon.

  6. Sending lots of angels to you Chance – you deserve to have a full life filled with love and kindness.
    As for your previous owner, may this monster be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.
    My lament, “what a disgrace, this ‘human’ race”

  7. Most people would have taken the puppy to the pound but not this idiot. I don’t think $1000 bucks & 180 in jail is good enough. This is a sick person who could do this. Plus he has guns & kids! Bad mix

  8. This is exactly what is wrong with society today… Too many guns, stupid people who own these guns and overreaction to any situation! My God, this is a puppy!! Puppies bite! Puppies need instruction on how to behave! So, this monster reacts by shooting the innocent puppy? What will he do if one of his precious children does something wrong, shoot them too? People like this sub-human need to be taken to jail to protect the rest of the community!! That poor, innocent PUPPY did not DESERVE to be injured and made to suffer because of the absolute stupidity of this man!!!! Thank goodness, he was found and will live the rest of his life with loving people. The man, I pray HE suffers greatly in his miserable life!!

  9. Seriously how could any normal hunan being get hold of their pet and shoot it in its mouth?? That dog must of been looking at him right in the eyes when he did it.

  10. Nancy Dunlap says:

    He needs to serve at least five years in prison. The penalties for animal abuse should be much more severe!

  11. M. Dobos says:

    Sick! Is this person going to shoot his wife or one of his friends if they do something wrong? This is how it starts. Mentally unstable people like this should not have a gun. He deserves the harshest punishment available for this horrendous action.

  12. This spineless person wanted to blame the pup for his own irresponsibility, he should have been monitoring his kid. Chance probably didn’t even hurt anyone, just an excuse for another vile human to hurt something

  13. Rosemary Anderson says:

    Shoot this backward sub-human in the mouth, better still cut out his tongue. Vile git.

  14. Tina shurtleff says:

    He should lose his gun rights as he is obviously trigger happy. If his kids annoy him is he going to shoot them. Severe jail time.

  15. Czerny A. says:

    Anyone who can do this to a dog cannot be believed. With this man as father, who knows how the child was raised and how he was treating the dog? Maybe the child got a hold of the gun and shot the dog and the father lied to cover his negligence. No matter. The dog suffered abuse and the man must be punished, even if only as a example to the son that such acts are not tolerated by society.

  16. This vile POS needs nothing less than the death penalty implemented! An eye for an eye!

  17. Daniela Bress says:

    Sorry but with more than seven billion of us, already killing babies by eating e.g. meat, we urgently need to remove our human trash from the surface of this earth.

    No vital resources should be wasted to keep it alive, just let such scum taste their own medicine for the first and the last time; that’s the only way to solve this special problem!

  18. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Rot in hell u p. o. s. !!! ?
    Signed & Shared.


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