Denounce Daily Mail for Bringing Racism Into Gorilla’s Death

Target: Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre

Goal: Remove racist article outlining the criminal history of the black father of the child who fell into Harambe the gorilla’s enclosure.

The Daily Mail published a racist article about the father of the four-year-old who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, unfortunately resulting in the death of Harambe the gorilla. The article outlines the criminal history of the boy’s father, who was not present at the zoo at the time of the incident and just happens to be a black man.

The criminal history of a curious boy’s father has absolutely nothing to do with the unnecessary death of an innocent gorilla. The fault rests with the Cincinnati Zoo for failing to handle the situation differently, for failing to make the enclosure secure, and for imprisoning the animal in the first place. There have been many instances of young children falling into zoo exhibits that resulted in the death of the child or the animal, but the criminal history of those kids’ often white parents is never brought up.

Following the rash of police killings of young black men and black children, there has been a gross trend of publications bringing up the criminal history of the black parents. At the same time, this never seems to be done to the parents of typically white mass shooters. It’s clear that this is a racist pattern, and the fact that the Daily Mail is tainting such a tragedy with completely unnecessary racism is despicable.

Despite outrage, this article by the Daily Mail is still up. Sign our petition to demand that it be removed and replace with an apology by the Daily Mail editors for allowing such a racist article to be published in the first place.


Dear Mr. Dacre,

The Daily Mail recently published an article online outlining the criminal history of Deonne Dickerson, the father of the four-year-old boy who fell into Harambe the gorilla’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. This piece is completely unnecessary and blatantly racist. The father of the boy was not present at the time of the incident and had nothing to do with it at all. Why publish his criminal history?

Considering the clearly racist trend of publications outlining the criminal histories of the parents of black youth who are shot and killed by police, and considering the fact that this never seems to be done to white parents, this article is rubbish. You should be ashamed of allowing this article to remain on the website. It turns a terrible tragedy into a racist sideshow.

We demand that this article be removed from the Daily Mail website, the writer be punished, and an apology posted for allowing such vile racism to pollute this issue. Stop perpetuation the rampant anti-black racism that has been getting black people killed for generations.


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Photo credit: X posid

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    Zoos are now essential as breeding resources for endangered animals or animal arks. Research is also a part of what they do as well as educating the uninformed about the different species and their essential roles in the world. To me, this is a malicious petition because the author blames to zoo for having gorillas as an exhibit. The zoo is also not responsible for the mother failing to keep an eye on the child despite him declaring that he wanted to get into the enclosure. My children would have been wearing a wrist strap so that they could not leave without my knowledge. Unfortunately, old-fashioned but sensible safety equipment is now out of fashion!

    As the background of the father, perhaps we should look at the attitude which would come with criminality. Such attitudes are of a don’t care nature and, yes, I do know what I’m talking about regardless of the ethnic or racial origin of the criminal, that fact that he is black makes no difference. So, there would be less concern about imprinting manners, courtesy or consideration. At 4 years old, both of my sons had such essential behaviour taught to them and they both followed it.

    As to whether or not it is racist to give out the father’s criminality is a moot point, it is a fact and facts cannot of themselves be racist. As to whether or not the white people were criminals, I don’t know but it is racist to say that they might be because they are not black. It is common for papers to give the age and employment of someone about whom they are writing so I expect that some of the families involved with previous incidents will have had their details mentioned and, unless Lindsey can prove otherwise, this is a racist petition in itself.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    I have to agree. Sometimes the background of the parents tell what type of parenting they do although this is just a general statement and not always the way things are. Color or race doesn’t enter into this. Why are we always trying to have the government think for us. Where are our brains? You are so right in the days my children were little we used wrist band or those little harnesses. But I suppose today it would hurt their self esteem as these methods resemble a leash. Sorry I would rather their self esteem than their lives. While we are worrying about self esteem why not talk to kids raised in this manner (my 2 sons for example) I think you will find the self esteem and confidence have not been harmed by old fashioned parenting. And yes they are both still alive, Married with children and grandchildren of their own. Never lived on welfare or committed criminal acts. Just worked to support their families.

  3. Czerny A. says:

    I will not sign this petition. The father’s criminal history is public information. If your miscreant child causes a serious incident, his upbringing is called into question and it’s open season on the parents’ background. It’s a common journalistic practice regardless of color, so stop tiptoeing around blacks and guilt-tripping people who differ in opinion.

  4. l wont sign this petition either. Zoos should not exist, but it was the mothers fault for not watching her kid, and if she is married to a criminal then her character and his will be called into question, and that will affect how they raise and look after their kid.
    The gorilla should not have been shot, they are nearly extinct, whereas there are billions upon billions more brats out there who will mostly all grow up to be as stupid as their parents.
    If they are black and happen to be criminals then there is nothing wrong with stating that fact.
    Stupid political correctness way out of control.

  5. I also can not sign this.
    While I agree COLOR has no value in this story sadly the *kind of Parents* a child has at 4 is an important factor because 4 years old ARE their environment LITERALLY.
    I hope for the boy this Eye Opener is enough since Mom didn’t take his over interest in the gorilla into consideration because had this child been snatched by a demented HUMAN he sadly may have been dead before she knew he was gone since she didn’t know he was no longer *holding onto her back pocket* until all the commotion started 🙁
    No matter what responsibility one may feel the Zoo holds does NOT in anyway negate the fact that this mother failed her child.
    The Zoo failed the Gorilla (with a less secure exhibit & in having captive animals at all
    , the child was its mothers responsibility !!!!!!

  6. I am not signing it either……a boy’s father has a HUGE role in what he acts like, and per (NOT just the Daily News!) “The boy’s parents, meanwhile, have been inevitably named — and their photographs released — by some news outlets, along with the fact that his father has a drug trafficking conviction and “a lengthy criminal history.”

    Whether the father was present or not, doesn’t mean he didn’t have an effect on his son’s behavior and actions…..reportedly the boy was DEMANDING To be allowed to go into the water he saw in the gorilla enclosure. AND then he jumped in……..

  7. I will not sign this petition.The fathers history is most crtainly public information. These stupid parents should have been supervising their feral brat.If the brat had been supervised the gorilla would still be alive.

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