Punish Men For Burning Girl Alive Due to Rejected Marriage Proposal

Target: Ashtar Ausaf Ali, Attorney General of Pakistan

 Goal: Punish those responsible for burning a girl alive because she rejected a marriage proposal.

An 18-year-old girl was burned to death because she rejected a marriage proposal. This is one of many recent incidents of violence against women in Pakistan. Demand justice for this innocent girl.

Her family returned home to find Maria lying on the floor with 85 percent of her body covered in burns. Per police reports, four men barged into Maria’s home and beat her before dousing her in gas and setting her on fire. The motive behind the attack is clear: Maria rejected a marriage proposal, upsetting the perpetrators. Three men have been arrested, and the fourth is still at large.

Last year, police investigated 75 cases of women being set on fire in Pakistan. This horrific form of domestic violence must be stopped. Sign below and demand justice for Maria.


Dear Attorney General Ali,

An 18-year-old girl was set on fire because she rejected a marriage proposal. She later died from her injuries. We demand the maximum penalty for those who perpetrated this heinous act of violence.

Maria endured incredible suffering prior to her death. Per police reports, four men barged into her home and savagely beat her. Then they doused her in gas and set her on fire. Maria was left for dead, with burns covering 85 percent of her body. All of this occurred because Maria rejected a marriage proposal.

Violence against women is a growing problem in Pakistan. Women are killed because they do not comply with the wishes of men. This is unacceptable. We demand the maximum penalty for those responsible for this horrific crime.


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  1. Nadine brundage says:

    Barbaric and disgusting treatment of women in this subhuman backward country. Old customs will never die as most people are illiterate and will not change their ways.

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope they burn & rot in hell!!! ?
    Signed & Shared.

  3. Until these Countries have extreme punishment for these heinous crimes, Women will never have the respect they deserve or justice. These men commit these horrible crimes because they know nothing much will happen to them. They are disgusting human beings!

  4. John P Hirtle says:

    How could anyone inflict such cruelty on a young girl? These barbaric thugs should be exterminated.

  5. God bless that child’s soul, and deepest sympathy to her grieving family and friends.
    These 4 perpetrators must be caught and made to pay the ultimate penalty for this cowardly heinous crime. In this century, right around the world, all woman must and do have a voice and a choice. How dare they oppress these God given rights.

  6. Gene Sengstake says:

    We don’t need people like this in a decent world. If the justice system doesn’t execute these bastards – then the girl’s relatives need to do what needs to be done – – –

  7. Dont worry! All these paskistans are coming to Europe,so they will stop burning pakistan women. No problem.

    • You said it Mike! Voters are saying don’t get involved with the middle east! But then something like this comes along and everyone is appalled and sending petitions! Like they will listen to a petition. THIS is why we should be involved in the middle east! Someone has to stop these 4th century nuts and bring them into a civilized world!

  8. johanna jabssen says:

    Without any hesitation and mercy, death sentence for these filthy coward criminals, before they can do it again.HURRY

  9. Stefano Iovinelli says:

    No words from the feminists. Where are they gone? Sure … when there are to blame the islamics, they talk about violence of men against women. Not a word about the Islamics. They treat their women like slaves! It is NEVER mentioned the words “islamics”!

  10. This is typical subcontinent bullshit that has been going on for centuries. Women there should get themselves fixed and end the suffering of potential future generations by not bring more females to suffer into these sick cultures.

  11. Yea good luck with this one, really tough changing stupid mens minds forged over centuries. But no try, no result. Stand up speak out.

  12. Evil… Just evil… 🙁
    We demand justice! >:O

  13. And of course stupid ignorant people like the Germans will say “it has nothing to do with Islam”.
    So why doesn´t it happen in Jewish, Christian, or Buddhist families then?

  14. These filth-bag bastards MUST be killed.

  15. Satan lives and flourishes in Pakistan.

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