Denounce Home Depot Founder for Supporting Donald Trump

Target: Bernie Marcus

Goal: Urge the Home Depot co-founder to rescind his support for Donald Trump.

The co-founder and former CEO of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, recently came out in support of Donald Trump for the presidency. Marcus wrote an op-ed agreeing with Donald Trump that we must “make America great again,” and saying that Trump would take the country in a “new direction.”

Marcus believes that making America great again means encouraging hard work and risk-taking in small business. He seems to forget that Donald Trump’s risk-taking caused him to file for bankruptcy four times and be faced with thousands of lawsuits. He also forgets that Trump’s ideas to make America great again include deporting millions of immigrants and banning all Muslims from entering the country.

With his comments about women and people of color, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a racist, sexist pig. He has no filters and no tact, making him highly unqualified for a position which requires diplomacy with other nations and mediation between competing interest groups. But beyond Trump’s lack of qualification lies a bigger concern: If the United States elects Donald Trump, the country sends the message that it condones racism, sexism, and overall xenophobia.

Sign the petition below to encourage Bernie Marcus to reconsider his endorsement of Donald Trump.


Dear Mr. Marcus,

You recently penned an op-ed expressing your support for Donald Trump for the presidency. I am writing to encourage you to reconsider that endorsement. Donald Trump’s racist and sexist remarks have proven that he is not the type of person who should represent the United States of America.

Donald Trump has called all Mexicans rapists, called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, mocked a disabled reporter, and sexually objectified his infant daughter on television—and these are just some of the atrocious comments he has made. Electing a man who openly says such things will send a message that Americans are xenophobic and have no respect for minorities.

You wrote in your op-ed that Donald Trump will revitalize the economy, but deporting millions of immigrants and banning 20 percent of the world’s population from entering the United States are not economically friendly policies. If the United States is going to grow, socially and economically, it must treat all people equally, so that they can all participate in the workforce and all succeed. Donald Trump’s xenophobic attitude will not foster economic prosperity.

I strongly urge you to reconsider supporting a candidate who repeatedly makes overtly racist comments and wants to relegate minorities to a lesser status. If you do not, you will probably find that your business will lose customers.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mike Mozart

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  1. Why? don’t we have a right in this country to support who we want? YES WE DO. This is a ridiculous petition. Stop being so darn afraid of change and maybe you should think about not supporting a lying politician responsible for the death of innocent Americans. If the majority vote in Donald trump then he is the President…deal with it or leave the country.

    • Brandon Murphy says:

      It looks like the majority of Americans are rejecting Carnival Barker Don. Deal with it, or leave the country.

  2. Imelda Higgins-Wiffle says:

    I agree, CK! We live in AMERICA where we must protect our right to free speech. This petition is communist in foundation, if you don’t like what someone says, silence them? If you don’t like having the right to your own opinion, move to China. We don’t need more liberals who lack common sense and rational thought.

    • Brandon Murphy says:

      Do you even know what communism is? What you meant was that you believe this petition is autocratic, or despotic, or dictatorial. You seem to be an uneducated conservative. I apologize for the redundancy.

  3. Anyone who signs this petition obviously either supports a communists regime where you have to support who you are told to support or is just a sheep following along with the other sheep and not truly understanding what they are signing.

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