Justice for 16-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped in Graphic Video

Target: Fábio Medina Osório, Attorney General of Brazil

Goal: Demand that justice is served for a girl who was allegedly gang raped by at least 30 men in a graphic video.

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang raped by at least 30 men. A video, posted on Twitter by the perpetrators, shows the girl naked and unconscious. Demand that these men allegedly responsible for this horrific assault are faced with the harshest punishment possible if found guilty.

In the 38-second video, two male voices claim that more than 30 men have had sex with the girl. They also show close-ups of her sexual organs and use vulgar language while poking at her. One of the suspects even posted selfies with the girl in an unconscious state.

Four suspects have been identified, including the girl’s boyfriend. So far, no arrests have been made. Sign below and demand that the men who allegedly performed this horrific assault receive the the maximum punishment possible.


Dear Attorney General Osório,

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly brutally gang raped by over 30 men. Video footage, shot by the perpetrators, shows the men verbally and physically assaulting the naked and unconscious girl. We demand that these men are faced with the maximum punishment possible for this horrific assault, if they are found guilty.

The girl woke up at her boyfriend’s house with men already in the act of assaulting her, per the girl’s testimony. The 38-second video shows the men poking the unconscious girl and using vulgar language while showing her sexual organs. The men brag that over 30 men have had sex with the girl and even take selfies with her.

What these men did is unforgivable. This girl may never fully recover from her very public assault. We demand that these people allegedly responsible for the crime receive the maximum punishment possible.


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Photo Credit: Counselling

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  1. Gene Sengstake says:

    The justice system should hang (literally) every one of the bastards. We don’t need this kind of garbage in our society. But the law will let them off with little or no “real” punishment – or at least not what they deserve. The law/justice system will probably try to put them in some kind of rehab program. The poor guys just didn’t realize what they were doing and need to learn that it’s not nice to rape women. Of course that’s BS. What a waste of time and money to even have trials for these rapists – but then our justice system will give them their day in court – and you can almost be sure it won’t meter out the punishment they justly deserve – – –

  2. Bi Leite says:

    BE CAREFUL !! The crime of RAPE by 30 is not proved yet and it´s really contradictory! What was proved is that the girl wanted to make sex (she is used to that) with many mans at once in exchange of drugs. It seems that the CRIME here was the video showing her organs and not the rape by 30 man – what is still unnaceptable but changes a lot the content of the story. What would you guys say knowing that the girl, instead of going to the police, CAME BACK to the crime place the next day to recover her mobile phone, and she even got money from the bandits to buy another one…? Would a rape by 30 victim come back to talk to the bandits again? So let´s be careful and wait for the end of the investigation. And yes, I also want justice but based on the truth.

    • Thank you for this insightful message. It comes to mind that perhaps the young woman is under age and it doesn’t matter if she wanted to have sex in exchange for drugs. The men would still be violating a law of having sex with an under age person. And these men should know this. Also isn’t it against the law in Brazil to traffic drugs?

      • Yes, sure it´s against the law… Under age & traffic drugs. Anyway the story is really strange. There is a whatsapp message where this girl asks her boyfriend to bring 10 more man for consensual sex, as “last time” the 10 man weren´t enough. Maybe (I am saying MAYBE)a lot of these guys went to the place to have consensual sex as this girl was used to. The whole story is contradictory and strange. Maybe she was raped, yes. Maybe had consensual sex with all of them and after being counscioness, she was raped. Don´t know. This girl had a baby when she was 13 years old and is used to attack her own parents, she is used to drugs and promiscuity even having a structured family. I guess even her does not know what really happened as there was lots of drugs envolved on the story. Anyway the chrime for having consensual sex with under age is different than rape.But yes, all of this is against the law.

    • She was unconscious, so she did not give consent. In most countries in the world, this would be considered rape and then filming and uploading to Twitter. I don’t think these guys can do anything to help themselves at thos point

      • She was uncounscious at a certain point of time. The police saw no blood on the video which the guys exposed ther organs. The police asked her to went to the hospital for analysys and there was no evidence of violence. If she was raped by 30, for sure her body would be screaming evidences. I really don´t know what happened although all of this should never happen. And yes, the bandits must pay for their crime.

        • Bi, you are a sick person trying to blame a VICTIM of a rape and the video of the rape being published for everyone’s access. No matter what her background, financial situation, health situation, she was used and raped by these sick men who thought it is acceptable to post the evidence of a crime for millions of people on social media, because what they did to an unconscious person is fine???!!! Imagine yourself unconscious after a car accident, vulnerable, left on the street and then used and raped by passers-bys. Are you getting that???? How would you feel when someone digged in your past to provide some shady information what you ever did and that is your fault of being unconscious and available on the street at night???

    • Jack East says:

      you really have very little concept of how rape effects a young girl, especially when it’s perpetrated by so many men in such a humiliating and public manner. What does “she is used to that” actually mean? Are you suggesting she’s used to being rendered unconscious and raped by 30 men while being filmed and poked and displayed in a vulgar manner? If she’s “used” to it then something is seriously wrong and she needs medical help & these men took advantage of a psychologically disturbed young girl. In addition, how is it “proved” she wanted this to happen in exchange for drugs? That’s ridiculous. No woman wants this, no teenager wants it. Even if it was true again, what kind of criminal minds think it’s ok to MAKE a teenager do that no matter what the reason. Drugs can make a grown man vulnerable, let alone a child. Also, MANY victims of rape don’t go to the police, its a well known/documented fact. And why shouldn’t she recover her phone? She needs it. Possibly her one lifeline in the world. She was unconscious, she’s woken up bruised & battered, traumatised and disorientated. Getting her phone back would be essential for her to try and get a sense of her self back. I see no contradictions here at all – not from the girl anyway. You seem to want to blame the victim so badly you can’t even see that her actions are actually consistent with being a victim of a serious gang rape, not evidence to the contrary.

  3. Ilean Brown says:

    That poor girl! My God what animals! They should all be castrated in the town square! Horrifying. This will follow this girl for the rest of her life. The only saving grace is she was unconscious. 🙁

    • The punishment for rape and sexual assault should be castration, it’s the only punishment and this should be worldwide.

      • I totally agree Shirley! Any man that preys on women and children should be castrated. If an attack occurs again, they should be branded for all their peers to see. If a third…they should be put down. One world ~ One law

  4. This is awful…this poor child. Brazil, the world is watching. Please hold these barbarians accountable.

  5. Film of the men no way should any of them get away with this horrific crime. They deserve the harshest of all punishments. To call them animals would be an insult to animals. As for the young girl. She should hold her head up high for surviving this attack. There is nothing she could have done to stop these lowest of all life forms. Good luck to her in the future she will need a lot of help for the future. My heart goes out to her.

  6. how about they round up all those creeps and put them all in jail until each one is gang raped in side . then have a trial and deceide their punishment .

  7. I have no words for what this poor girl went through.How about letting me castrate them one by one whilst the others watch!And i would fu..ing do it!

  8. If they have these scumbags on tape, go after them and throw them in prison. Let them be gang-raped over and over again. That’s justice. Horrible monsters.

  9. Tina shurtleff says:

    Castration should be the punishment for rape. I bet you would see a lot less rape.

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    How sickening, they should all be exterminated. Save money. Worthless scum.

  11. Regardless… what man would do this to a young woman? Where is the compassion?

  12. Karen Remnant says:

    Castration, use rusty barbed wire, poor salt on what’s left then leave them to die.

  13. There should be something done to combat the beasts’ action as this is seriously depriving the mankind of their civilisation made.

  14. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  15. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    Animals belong to animals so let them go to live into wild…

  16. Nancy Dunlap says:

    Brazil do the right thing and put these criminals in prison!

  17. Paula Florentine says:


  18. these thugs need to be put in prison with the meanest criminals and be gang raped. Then put in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives.

  19. Kachina Cossitt says:

    It is common for a person sexually assaulted to try to minimize the abuse after the attack. Even to feel it was their fault and to apologize to their abusers.This is self preservation instincts at work. The abusers hold all the blame and the abused… the shame. So very sad. I am very sorry for this poor child and all the others out there being abused as we speak.

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