Don’t Test Sunscreen on Animals

Target: Stephen Ostroff, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration

Goal: Remove the legal requirement that sunscreen must be tested on animals.

Sunscreen must be tested on animals, according to United States law. Sunscreen is an essential product that virtually everyone uses, and requiring that it be tested on animals forces millions of people to be complicit in animal cruelty.

Companies that test their cosmetics on animals will shave rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats and apply their products to the animals’ skin, stick it in their eyes, force them to ingest it, or force them to inhale an aerosolized version of it. The animals are often killed and dissected to assess the products’ effect on their internal organs.

Sunscreen must be tested on animals in the United States because the Food and Drug Administration classifies sunscreen as an over-the-counter drug. In Europe, however, sunscreen is classified as a cosmetic, and Europe’s ban on cosmetic animal testing has been in place for over a decade. There have been no reports of people being harmed by sunscreens in Europe.

Clearly, testing sunscreen on animals is unnecessary. Sign the petition below to encourage the FDA to classify sunscreen as a cosmetic so that it does not have to be tested on animals.


Dear Commissioner Ostroff,

I want to encourage you to reclassify sunscreen as a cosmetic, rather than an over-the-counter drug, so that companies do not have to test their sunscreens on animals. Demand for products that are cruelty-free is rising, but consumers are severely limited in their options when it comes to sunscreens because all sunscreen ingredients must legally be tested on animals. Since sunscreen is an essential product for so many people, consumers are often forced to buy products that have been tested on animals even though they do not want to be complicit in animal cruelty.

In Europe sunscreen is classified as a cosmetic, and testing cosmetics on animals has been illegal in the continent for over a decade. Europeans have never reported any medical issues with their sunscreens. This clearly indicates that testing sunscreen on animals is not necessary.

Animal testing is a cruel practice which causes the suffering and death of innocent creatures. Companies who do not want to participate in such cruelty should be able to test their sunscreens only on human volunteers and sell them in the United States. Please consider changing the classification of sunscreen in order to make this possible.


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Photo credit: Mike Mozart

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  1. ENOUGH with ALL animal testing, not just for sunscreens!


  3. Yes, no more testing on animals!!! One test on an animal is one too much!!!

  4. Patricia says:

    90% of animal testing doesn’t work on humans. Obviously corporations know this. They are just a pack of greed-infested, power hungry poison mongers who get pleasure from harming sentient beings including the victims who buy their poison. This continent has become a place where corporations are above the law because they pay for the politicians’ campaigns. That way, when they are elected, they are nothing but puppet boys for the corporations. Sadly this includes the FDA and “Health” Canada.


  6. OUTRAGEOUS. People do not want products tested on animals!!! Almost 80% of people polled DO NOT condone this. Government needs to listen to us, stop this. We are literally turning into CHINA !! It is NOT NECESSARY and you know it. IT IS PROFIT DRIVEN MONEY, do you think we are that unintelligent! QUITE WASTING TAX DOLLARS!

  7. STEPHEN OSTROFF, Stephen, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration: ARE YOU FOR REAL???????????? “COMMISSIONER OF THE FOOD…”???????? What does solar full of chemical products cream has to do with Food???? When was the last time Mr. Commissioner that you saw rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats going to the beach with a lunch box, a case of beer and suntan lotion?????? Since you’re the “Commissioner” you should be BANNING the use of chemical products on animals. It is cruel to encourage this behaviour. Have your staff test this stuff on themselves. I am positive they will refuse because they know exactly what poison that solar cream contains.
    Thanks to this WORLDWIDE PETITION, we demand that the Commissioner removes the legal requirement that sunscreen must be tested on animals. Thank you.

  8. Margaret Melnick says:

    Why would anyone dream of testing sunscreen on animals? Animals may die of sunstroke but I don’t think they get sun burn. Has the whole science field gone completely nuts. Test your products on mass murders and leave innocent animals alone.

  9. Sunscreen is designed for humans and not animals.Therefore test on humans.Stephen Ostroff is an ignorant animal hating moron.His employment must be terminated immediately.

  10. Why test sun screen on animals? when only humans are stupid enough to get sunburned in the first place! Test it on them

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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