Justice for Dog Dragged to Death

Target: Barbara A. Madsen, Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court

Goal: A man who dragged his dog to death by tying her to his truck must be severely punished.

A man is facing charges for killing his dog by dragging her alongside his pickup truck. David Kadow of Vancouver, Washington, allegedly dragged his 9-year-old pit bull named Hailey by her hind legs for several blocks. The dog was reportedly tethered to the bed of Kadow’s truck, and marks on the right side of the truck appear to show that she had been desperately clawing at it with her front paws.

Hailey was apparently killed when the tether snapped and she got caught in a rear wheel, leading her to be crushed to death by the vehicle. The man responsible for this horrific act deserves the harshest punishment possible.

Sign this petition demanding that this man receive significant jail time as well as a lifetime ban on keeping animals.


Dear Justice Madsen,

David Kadow of Vancouver, Washington, allegedly killed his dog by dragging her from his pickup truck for several blocks. The 9-year-old pit bull named Hailey was tethered by her back legs and reportedly died when her tether broke and she became caught in the rear wheel well. This led to her brutal death when her chest was crushed by Kadow’s truck.

This innocent animal did not deserve to die such a horrific death. This man must be punished to the full extent of the law. Please ensure that he is given a lengthy prison sentence and is banned from owning animals for life.


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Photo credit: viganhadjari

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  1. WASHINGTON STATE must let all animals abusers walk free, just saw several other horrid cases, judges let them go with probation only!! Unbelievable, what a messed up legal system!! Well, this one will probably walk out too. Glad I don’t live there!

  2. Natalie Broadley says:

    Yet another sickening case of animal cruelty! This guy deserves to be tied to a truck and dragged for a couple of blocks..evil bast–d!

    • Daniel Simon says:

      The monster that did this horrible act should be hung over a wood chipper and lowered slowly into its grinding wheel!!!!!

  3. Saeah Ogand says:

    i want this inhuman be dragged the same way so he feels himself how aweful is that.. dog hunter and cruel cunts deserve to be dead. no prison time, just death for animal abusers.

  4. Only death will suffice the severe pain and suffering that this POS caused this poor dog as she died a horrendous death.An eye for an eye is most certainly required!!

  5. to let these criminals loose on society is a crime itself. The judge needs to be
    kicked in the butt and thrown off the bench. Any one with any sense of justice would punish anyone doing this kind of abuse. This thug needs to be
    tied to the back of a truck and dragged down a road until his skin is rubbed off,and he is almost dead. then put his body in a land fill for the vultures to find.

  6. Animals should not be seen as lower living beings just because they are vulnerable. Please do not let this innocent 9 year old dog die in vain. Poor doggy could also have been living in fear this whole time under his owner’s care, been tortured in other unimaginable ways everyday throughout that 9 years. Some humans are nothing compared to animals in general. Animals are the real deal with kind loving souls and they deserve to be treated well in return. So please, Chief Justice Madsen, I hope you would put a stop to animal cruelty from now on. Give this monster & bully David Kadow a lengthy prison sentence plus hefty fine and ban him from owning animals for life. He MUST PAY DEARLY for performing such an UNBELIEVABLE CRUEL ACT on an helpless animal, deliberately killing it for thrill!

  7. Nicole K. Mariani says:

    The owner should be dragged and see how he likes it!!! Terrible! This owner should never be allowed to be near an animal ever again and he deserves to serve jail time, as well as be on an animal abuser registry

  8. Judgement be coming for such cruelty. Lake of fire for eternity.

  9. Vote for judges and push for laws that lock away sick violent criminals like this loser who would rather torture an animal to death than surrender the dog at a shelter. Truely sick and unwarranted cruelty. If a judge does not give the max and enforce a no animal policy for this creatin then he should have to handle the burial of the next victim, to see the violence and cruelty first hand and then the perpetrator can live with judge so he can assure every person who lives near this idiot is safe,

  10. The only way this will stop, is to take such individuals and permanently identify them through an animal abuse registry. It will function as the sex offender registry, and must go on their record. This record must follow them for the rest of their lives. There is NO CURE for such behavior. Like spousal and child abusers, this psychotic abnormality will always be a part of them.

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