Stop the Monsanto Monster From Getting Bigger

Target: Bayer CEO Werner Baumann

Goal: End Bayer’s attempts to purchase Monstanto and become a giant food and chemical monopoly.

A corporate mega-merger could end in one massive company controlling nearly everything you eat if Bayer is allowed to purchase Monsanto, a company notorious for its food industry monopolizing and use of dangerous pesticides. Both Bayer and Monsanto push chemicals and GMO products that contribute to the huge bee colony collapses and are threatening our global food supplies.

The American people are supposed to be protected from monopolies like this that eliminate competition and allow mega-rich corporations to do whatever they want because the little people can’t possibly stand up to them. However, in recent years more and more mergers of huge corporations have taken place, putting all the power into very few hands. When it comes to power over the food we eat, this becomes a very dangerous situation.

There is a chance, however, that this merger could be stopped. The idea of the merger is already making shareholders nervous, as evidenced by the fact that Bayer shares have dropped in price by 13 percent since the buyout attempt was announced. Enough public pressure could convince Bayer to drop their offer and stop trying to create this mega-monopoly. Sign our petition to demand that Bayer withdraws its offer to buy Monsanto.


Dear Mr. Baumann,

Your shareholders are currently alarmed at the announcement of your attempts to buy out Monsanto. Since the announcement, share prices have fallen 13 percent, as I’m sure you’re aware. This is likely due to the fact that Monsanto has come under so much fire for peddling poisonous pesticides that are responsible for the mass honey bee colony collapses that are representing a huge threat to the global food supply.

A merger between Bayer and Monsanto would create a huge food industry monopoly. If you could even get approval for this buyout, the American people would view it as a serious threat to their democracy and their very way of life. Monopolies are illegal and unethical because they put too much power into the hands of too few. We haven’t forgotten that.

Unless you drop this merger, many environmental activists and others concerned about the future health of their loved ones will rise up against you. I’m sure you don’t want to see your share prices falling any further. The best thing you can do, if you’re not concerned for the health of the people, then for your company, is to immediately withdraw the offer to buy Monsanto and refrain from trying to monopolize the food industry in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Donna Cleveland

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  1. Bayer buying Monsanto serves the greed factor. For the 99% on the planet it’ll mean crap peddled globally especially GMO seeds & that’s a Huge NO

  2. Please stop this greed ….we the people have a voice and we need to be heard .no Bayer buying Monsanto

  3. By letting Bayer buy Monsanto would make this a monopoly.
    Bayer could poison us, the earth, and animals with the pesticides and GMO foods. With no one to stop them prices will go up as well. This is against what America should be against. Please do not let this happen.

  4. Ingrid Shotts says:

    This Company also produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, My husband was a Vietnam Veteran and died due to Agent Orange.

  5. Boycott the 68 food brands Monsanto owns…..fittingly, mostly junk food, and hit them in the only place they understand:their bank accounts. Wonder if anyone still thinks it’s just a conspiracy theory to think that corporations like this want to sicken people for profits. When a company that makes people sick with meds ( Bayer) wants to own a business that makes people sick with their food ( Monsanto). One provides suitable drug patients for the other.

  6. michael guest says:

    Enough is enough! We can’t let food industries take away our food rights. That would take away our right to know of what is in our food that we buy and eat. That’s unacceptable and bad. We need mandatory regulations on GMOs food labeling. Take action against Monsanto and their allies now!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?


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