Don’t Evict Woman for Feeding Stray Cats

Target: Weisser Homes CEO Scott Weisser

Goal: Stop eviction of woman without warning because she was feeding homeless cats.

A woman is being forced out of her home because she’s been caring for homeless cats who haven’t been hurting anyone. These cats haven’t bothered any of the other residents and have been keeping mice and other rodents at bay. The strays were already there when Jessica Hornberger moved in, and she started to help then instead of the landlord’s solution, which was to trap them and send them to an animal shelter that kills unwanted cats.

Recently, without warning, the Weisser Homes community notified Hornberger that her lease would not be renewed after she and her family had been living there for 21 years, all because she’d been feeding homeless cats. It’s been found time and time again that trying to remove stray cats from a colony doesn’t work as other cats will just move in to fill the void. At the same time, it’s common sense that evicting a woman for having a heart is cruel and senseless.

It’s completely unfair to evict someone without warning for a such a minor and kind infraction. Not feeding the cats won’t make them go away, it would just make them suffer more. Weisser Homes is being totally heartless and it cannot stand. Sign our petition to demand that Weisser revokes the eviction of the Hornberger family and finds a better way to deal with the stray cat colony.


Dear Mr. Weisser,

A woman in your mobile home community has been served an eviction notice without warning just because she was feeding some homeless cats. Ms. Hornberger and her family has been living in your community for 21 years without a problem, and then suddenly, just because she showed some cats a little compassion. That’s completely unacceptable.

You should also know that trapping and removing stray cats from a colony does not work. Inevitably, more cats move in to fill the void, leaving you with an endless problem. It’s also cruel to send these cats to a shelter as they are very likely to be put down. Homeless cats are considered to be less adoptable than those who have known a loving home. The only way to control the problem is to trap them, spay or neuter them, and release them back into the colony.

Killing cats and evicting kind women is not a great basis for your company’s reputation. The fact that this woman got an eviction notice without giving her any kind of warning or indication that your company had a problem with her feeding the cats is ridiculous. Both she and the innocent animals you’re sending to your deaths deserve better. We demand that you allow this woman to stay in her home and find a better way to control the stray cat population.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: NatashaG

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  1. let this animal lover stay now.helping homeless animals is not a crime now.

  2. Please evict the heartless souls who want to evict this woman. There are too many heartless souls on this planet. They are no longer required.

    • Love it :(They are no longer required). I totally agree. I am being evicted for the same thing right now. NOT FAIR. Been here almost 9 years.

  3. This is proving to be right time and again, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. What is the world coming to? Total indifference to animals in need and cruelty towards animals go hand in glove. Pity one has to spell out the fundamentals of values each day to a society that’s gone completely upside down in terms of values and ethics.

  4. E. Cambridge says:

    Instead of putting the attention on the acceptability or unacceptability of this woman’s actions, how about putting some much-needed attention on the local shelter and vets who should be helping with this situation and, as with other communities, sterilizing these ferals and providing free medical attention gratis as well. This is not just her “problem” and it is more than just her responsibility to deal with the situation. Local vets and the local shelter should be doing their part too.

  5. Jill A Blashek says:

    They should be thanking this woman for her kindness. She is a wonderful example of how people should treat animals.

    With her help,it will be easier for the landlord to implement tnr !

  6. Becky Bond says:

    What kind of retarded lowlife evicts someone for showing kindness? Maybe some ‘people’ are so lacking in compassion that they don’t see it as being the most valuable thing a person can possess.

  7. There are so many selfish uncaring people in the world and when someone does something caring and wonderful she should be praised not punished. There shoukd be more people like this lovely lady. PLEASE HAVE A HEART AND DO NOT EVICT THIS KIND HUMAN BEING. Help her don’t hurt her and the cats.

  8. Let’s be rational, sane, modern & compassionate & do right by these cats — Contact ALLEY CAT ALLIES — they’re all about TNR — this is the way to go for outdoor cats — keep in mind, some of these cats may get adopted out into forever homes — others will be members of colonies — TNR is the way TO GO for outdoor free-roaming cats — whatever the case, these cats will have happy, healthy & comfortable lives along with their community of humans — PLEASE NOTE, this is the best option, the right path to take — all other methods do NOT work!

  9. sabita patwardhan says:

    Horrible to evict a kind person. Law is shit.

  10. Have we become that cold that we will evict a woman for feeding strays. Sounds like a neighborhood of people who have nothing better to do than target people, especially those who are kind. If she was breaking the law, maybe, but this, come on.

    • Yes, apparently we are (well not myself). I am being evicted right now also for the same thing. I have 60 days to. The paper usually says you have 30 days, but they crossed out and put 60 days. Thats nice that they are giving me extra time. Yeah right Are they guilty of something?? This SUCKS!! I feel very sorry for her too. Good Luck, hope you win.!!

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  12. THIS community needs a TNR set up….others need to step up and help this woman….also, neutering the cats (as is done with TNR) will help immensely……PLEASE contact Alley Cat Allies for more information!

  13. Daniela Bress says:

    Wow, I’m deeply impressed.

    Instead of helping her to finance a trap, neuter and release action there and with the food in order to manage the cat colony, compassion and responsibility of such one-in-a-million person is punished while all the other ignorant and irresponsible pet owners that abandon their unneutered pets not only go unpunished but are even pampered by laws and ordinances – this human society really sucks!

  14. I am being evicted for the very same thing. I was almost evicted a couple years ago also, but I talked my way out of it and I told him naturally I would not feed them anymore. He is deceased now and we have different management. So 2 years later all of a sudden we got a note on the door telling to not feed them or look for a new place to live. I did try very hard (although it broke my heart) to not feed them. They were not going to leave, it just made them more determined when they saw me to pile around me. I caved, however i only fed them in the middle of the night, I did not use bowls, just make a line of food on the clean cement, and they ate it all, always. If I tried to fight this, and they have no proof, because they don’t except the letter telling me to stop feeding them. No managers live here. I have lived her 8 years, pay my rent on time, cause no trouble, don’t bother them for nothing. I hope the lady i just signed the petition for wins. Good Luck to you sweetie and God Bless you for helping the kitties. These cats don’t bother anyone either. They are always right here by my apt.

  15. Simon Wooliscroft says:

    An animal shelter that kills unwanted cats? What sort of animal shelter is this? The Cats Protection never do that! They never put a healthy cat down, only one too ill to be saved. As it has been proved that stopping feeding the cats will not make them go away, she didn’t bring them and they did not cause any problems there is no justification for her eviction for being kind to cats without a loving home.

  16. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Mr Weisser, do you REALLY want to live in a world where kindnedd is a crime and people are punished for it? Do you? Then let people know, so they could avoid living in homes ruled by such a… human?
    P.S. And if so, I hope you’ll get what you want and will see no kindness from anyone in your life, as well as your children. Let them live in the world you create for them – world of ignorance.

  17. I have the same problem my neighbor feeds the strays and they use my back yard as a toilet should i wait until one of my grandkids gets sick? . I hope he gets evicted .His lease says NO FEEDING STRAY CATS . feeding stray cats is not kind to your neighbors car and yard and the local wildlife ..

    I really hate stepping in cat shit in my yard when I don’t even have a outside cat they cover the shit so you can’t see it until you step in it.
    God bless

  18. It is not costing anyone but her money! It would be better to have the cats around than using poison to kill mice and rats. Let people enjoy the cats. Maybe he should, it may make him more human. Or better yet, evict him!

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