Arrest Cop Who Pulled Gun and Punched Man for Filming Brutality

Target: William Bratton, New York Chief of Police

Goal: Fire and arrest officer who was filmed pointing his gun at a crowd of people and then sucker punched person filming event.

A police officer was caught on film pointing his gun at bystanders who were filming him make an arrest. The officer was later caught on tape sucker punching a man filming these events. Witnesses say the officer was using excessive force and he had the suspect in a headlock between his legs and was squeezing, while the suspect cried out that he “couldn’t breathe.” When a bystander told him that he was using too much physical force, Officer Martinez began yelling and pointing his gun at the crowd. Only minutes after the incident occurred, Officer Martinez was seen sucker punching someone else who was filming and then arrested that individual.

Officer Martinez has only been placed on “modified assignment” while the investigation is pending. Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many maniacs in positions of authority who never face justice. That’s why cases like this continuously occur and will continue until there’s zero tolerance for excessive force. Please sign this petition to demand that Officer Martinez be fired from his position in law enforcement and arrested for his actions.


Dear Chief Bratton,

A video shows an officer pulling a gun and pointing it at people in a crowd in public. The officer was apparently using excessive force by squeezing a suspect in a headlock between his legs. When a bystander filming the incident spoke up to let him know he was using too much force, he yelled and pointed his gun at the crowd. Minutes later, the officer sucker punched another man before arresting him.

This is a tragic example of violent law enforcement officials who are completely out of control and dangerous to society. We demand that this officer be fired and arrested for his actions.


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  1. HA! “Anti-Crime Police”….oxymoron if I ever heard one. As an old-time police officer once said to me many years ago, “These new recruits think it’s for real.” Seriously, these ‘new-age cops’ think everyone that is not ‘them’ are the ‘enemy’. That’s just demented.

  2. Thomas Evans says:

    A man of the law should behave like one and is not immune to the law. This officer assaulted a man for no justifiable cause and should suffer the full penalty for his crime.

  3. We really don’t need people like that in the police service! Get rid of him immediately!

  4. These aren’t police officers, just a bunch of thugs in uniform. A complete disgrace.

  5. Arse wipe. Should be sacked immediately. Thugs in uniform, that’s all these so-called cops are. Sickening.

  6. Mary Pachas says:

    We have common cause in that I want cops to stop shooting innocent dogs.
    But the issue here is abuse of power,the militarization of police.
    They feel civilians are the enemy,not the public they were sworn to protect.
    For that reason I join you in this cause.

  7. I would say it must be hard on Police, having to be filmed by Idiots, who are hoping their filming will go viral!!.
    Sure, I do understand that filming Police Brutality, where it’s needed is the right thing to do..but, just standing there with your stupid cameras on, hoping to get a glimpse out of the ordinary, for it mustn’t be hard for a policeman to not take that personal, as if he or she is doing something wrong!
    Not All Police are bad, there are lots of good ones that get thrown together with the bad!
    Put your cameras down for once, and let the Police do their job, which is Protecting the Public!
    Better still..Get A Life!!

  8. I too can’t sign this because we don’t have all the facts. I am very much against police abuse of power but we don’t know the background of what actually happened here…so no.

  9. That’s why some of the police get a bad rep. There are police officers that caring. But there also bad cops.

  10. This lunatic needs to be fired and arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! There was no reason to keep someone in a headlock between his legs, to point a gun at innocent people nearby or to sucker-punch another innocent bystander square in his face! He is a stellar example of the police brutality going viral our country.
    We are tired of seeing what was a respectable profession being used by men to vent their inability to control a situation.

  11. Yes, sadly there are those people who are too hot tempered to be able to control themselves in certain situations, others no matter how ‘strained or dangerous’ things get they are controlled.
    One policeman acting out of anger & frustration using bad judgment undermines dozens of good officers, putting their lives on the line for us daily.
    I find it appalling the amount of people who have suddenly made it their priority to become movie makers of other peoples misfortunes, disasters, tragedies, of Ambulance and police matters. Would they like random people filming and placing on the world stage videos of their personal trauma??
    I hate police violence/brutality too, I abhor all violence. This officer was so wrong to pull a weapon and aim it at a crowd. Yes, he should be reported and dealt with.

  12. I believe (just an opinion) that some areas experience so much crime that the cops do get affected by it and turn into legally authorized thugs and others do get arrogant once they have that badge and gun thinking that they can use and abuse their authority in any way they want. It should be required for all cops all over the country to get regular psychological screenings and counseling throughout their careers. Not just when a lethal incident occurs.

  13. Katherine Bommarito says:

    This cop was using his badge for power of abuse. Several times in that video he needs to be fired. This hate needs to stop.

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