Dog Dragged Behind Truck and Killed Deserves Justice

Target: Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington

Goal: Seek maximum sentence for man who allegedly dragged a dog behind his truck and killed it.

A dog was reportedly hung to the side of a truck by a leash and dragged behind the moving vehicle. The poor animal was yelping and crying as the cruel driver dragged him along the road, according to witnesses. Police say that they found the dog’s body inside the owner’s home and took it for a necropsy.

52-year-old David Kadow, the owner who reportedly dragged this helpless animal down the road, was arrested on animal cruelty charges and driving with a suspended license. Dragging animals behind vehicles has become a hobby for the cruel hearted. There have been numerous cases just like this one. A sea turtle, for instance, was killed in this same manner. If the justice system would appropriately punish these people, this sick cruelty wouldn’t be continuously increasing. More often than not, the punishment for animal cruelty is little more than a fine and that’s not acceptable. Demand that authorities set an example with Kadow by giving him the maximum penalty for the torture and killing of this helpless animal, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Ferguson,

A dog was reportedly tied to a truck by its leash and dragged down the street. Police say they found the dog’s dead body inside the driver’s home and have taken it for a necropsy. This helpless animal yelped and cried as it was being tortured, according to witnesses.

It’s a shame that this act of animal cruelty has become so common. We urge you to help stop this heinous, senseless animal cruelty by seeking the maximum penalty possible against the man who killed this innocent dog, if guilty.


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Photo credit: Julie Falk

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  1. PER THE NEWSPAPER … people who know the couple stated David Kadow did not treat the dog well and often forgot to feed her. Haley was found by authorities dead in her home located in the 3300 block of East 21st Street… AND WHAT CITY WOULD THIS BE?

  2. Rita Grahn says:

    I bet this bit of sh*t wouldn’t like to be dragged behind a truck, like he did to the dog.

    • Stephanie Geyser says:

      Unfortunately, he’ll never be sentenced to the same punishment, so we’ll never know. But I’d LOVE to hear HIS screams as the tarmac rips the skin and flesh from his living body.

    • My comment stated that if this were indeed done to a human the world would be baying for blood…..why not for an innocent and voiceless, living and breathing being? But we are classed as terrorists and extremists for trying to save innocents. People saving children aren’t classed as terrorists….what’s the difference?
      My heart breaks for this immoral world. Thank god for those like us 🙂

    • I would love it, and I will gladly offer my services. It would make me laugh and party all night to know that this PIECE OF EXCREMENT suffered excruciating pain. 🙂

  3. There is not a strong enough punishment for this SCUMBAG !!!! I can only hope that KARMA kicks in at some point in the very near future ….. since our ridiculously lenient judicial system will, at the very most, give him a slap on the wrist. In other words, until the punishment fits the crime, Psychopaths like this guy will continue to torture and murder helpless victims. Personally, I’d like to see this guy face the exact same fate as his helpless victim !!!!!! He doesn’t deserve the privilege of even having a pet.

    • These are the exact types of people that should be targeted. Those that feel the need to kill small and innocent animals. These same murderers also have children…..
      Makes one wonder….

  4. John Suhr says:

    This behavior indicates a pre disposed sickness in these people. People that are capable of acts like this are a severe danger to all society. From shooting cats with pellet guns to dragging innocent animals down the street with no real punishment leads to a mentality that it is accepted. If it hasn’t already it leads to people doing similar acts to our family and children.

  5. Patricia A Bloss says:

    This is sick this man is mental. I know a person who did this yrs ago he is setiously mentally ill.

  6. Lilian Caughlin says:

    This is so sick it boggles the mind. Everybody in their own state has to contact their lawmakers and insist animal cruelty is punished according to the crime. Harsh sentences need to be handed out. This gargoyle needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

  7. Set a precedent and make this bastard suffer!!!
    Fine him, lock him up, publicly torture him, whatever it takes to let the public know this type of sadistic cruelty of innocent animals will not be tolerated. This man is not innocent! What he did was conscious behavior with intent!


    Give me a truck and a chain for these scumbags…let them feel it too…

  9. Faye Guieb says:

    I am sickened by people like this guy. He deserves more than just a fine. He should be thrown in jail for murder, a life is a life.

  10. todd fletcher says:

    David Kadow cant help he is a sorry sack of shit!!!!!!

  11. Although this is sick and absolutely horrible and the persons should be punished, Most of these activists that are appauled by this kind of behavior are PRO ABORTIONISTS! Where are your cries when thousands of unborn Babies are murdered every single day world wide???
    Doesn’t make logical sense to me! Every one of these sicko”s who support abortion should also be eliminated just as they eliminate our babies! The doctors who participate should be put on trial for murder. We have a double standard in this country. About half of humanity and our court justices says it’s OK to abort unborn children BUT yet let a pregnant woman be shot in the stomach and kills both her and the baby the person who commits such an act about 95% of th time will be charge for two counts of murder! What’s up with this if it’s Ok to about our children? DOUBLE STANDARD!

    • Theo MacKenzie says:

      Richard M Wells – Abortion has no place in this petition… There are definitely double standards in our society. Many anti-abortionists that I know personally have no second thoughts about not neutering their pets, then killing or dumping puppies or kittens or more kindly dropping them off at a shelter where 95% of them are euthanized anyway.

  12. For all who believe an eye for an eye.. raise your hand! Put him on the Animal Abuse list and jail the jerk.

  13. I hope he burns in hell!


  15. Simon Wooliscroft says:

    Ban him from keeping animals for life!!!

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