Demand Harsher Punishment for Teens Who Brutally Killed Opossum

Target: Suzette Coates, Brisbane Magistrate

Goal: Punish teenagers who allegedly ran over an opossum, leaving it to die.

Two 17-year-olds reportedly ran over an opossum, snapping its spine and causing its eyes to bulge. The poor animal’s insides were hanging outside of its body as it tried to run away. Though the two teens just plead guilty, the court decided to allow these cruel monsters to get away with a slap on the wrist. Their only punishments were small fines and probation.

These boys cruelly harmed an innocent animal and posted the video online for entertainment, which is purely evil. Their behavior makes them a possible danger to society as it’s common knowledge that humans who enjoy inflicting such horrific, gruesome suffering upon a helpless animal have a tendency towards violence.

Please sign this petition to tell the authorities that we’re disappointed in them for not caring about animals and demand that these men receive a much harsher sentence.


Dear Ms. Coates,

An opossum was gruesomely abused by two teenagers who reportedly ran the animal over, causing its spine to snap and its eyes to bulge from its skull. The poor animal still attempted to run away as its insides hung from its body. This is a stomach-turning act of cruelty, yet they were let off with nothing more than probation and fines.

We are appalled that you seem to care so little about the lives of animals. The torture this helpless creature endured for their entertainment is unacceptable. We demand that you reverse the decision to allow these dangerous men to run free and issue a harsh punishment.


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Photo credit: Mike Keeling

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  1. These are your country’s next serial killers, better DO SOMETHING NOW and not just a gentle warning. These kids are a threat to society, jail them.

  2. Czerny A. says:

    Is this the kind of menfolk Australia produces? For shame.

  3. Susan Duncan says:

    Shame on those two anti-social psychopaths. REAL men nurture and protect the innocent, small and helpless. Parenting skills were obviously miserably lacking to produce these cruel creatures. Those who have the power to punish such heinous behavior but fail to do so become complicit in every future barbaric act perpetrated by these deranged monsters.

  4. Not acceptable! Not cute nor funny! I am sickened at the behavior of those who are not only participating in such cruel, inhumane treatment of animals, but those who they video tape and post it too. Why would anyone even think of doing something like this? So very sad. Sad for the innocent animal and sad for the lack of intelligence and humanity that is out there.

  5. These brats needs to be taught a permanent lesson.An eye for an eye!!

  6. Yolanda Figueroa says:

    The children of today are condoned by their parents..if one of my children did any harm to animals…I be the first one to take them to jail!!!

  7. Anne Stph says:

    Why could these ugly-minded teenagers leave this animal be?? What is wrong with this silly Judge – is she more worried about how SHE appears than administering justice? Maybe, the future spouses of these horrible individuals can thank her, when they have to go to hospital for the bashings and misery these sort of people inflict. This wild animal was in agony, and they showed no mercy, and neither did this pathetic Judge. Will not holiday in Queensland any time soon – not safe.

  8. these little thugs need to be put in jail with the worst criminals there are and
    see how it feels to be tortured. Then lets see how they feel about abuse.the
    judge letting these thugs off isn’t teaching them anything. Their parents need
    to be fined heavily if they know their teen thugs are doing this and condone
    the act of abuse. These kind of heartless people need to be put away and
    not allowed to be in society.

  9. A generation of young losers is the future. They will never amount to anything. A quote I read the other day was interesting. This young generation will be the only generation that has recorded so much and achieved so little. Such souls will burn for eternity.

  10. All animal cruelty is obscene.
    These kids should be sterilised so they can’t have kids. Because that is what’s will be next on their menu.
    Also shame the parents.

  11. Lajos Vas says:

    terrible how some people think they caan act as they are the law and punish their dogs by dragging behind a car. this person has no rights . he losed them all.

    • Lajos Vas says:

      sorry this Submit was ment for men who dragging their dog behind their car to death, a very cruel death..

  12. it will be funny when these punks are dead .

  13. sandra mason says:

    these freaks are going to grow up into bigger freaks with more freedom and more access to more animals. put them and their freak parents in jail. you know this behavior came from someone!

  14. Alice Knight says:

    This punishment is totally inappropriate. Can I assume the court does not seem to have empathy or respect to an animals life? How could a court system allow these two teenagers their freedom? I would be curious of the thoughts of their parents and teachers. This is sending the wrong message to the public especially young adults. If you abuse an animal in any way , shape or form, you have the right to your freedom?

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