Justice for Mentally Unstable Man Tasered to Death

Target: Coweta County District Attorney Peter J. Skandalakis

Goal: Fire and prosecute cops who tasered a mentally unstable man to death after he had already stopped resisting.

A man experiencing a mental breakdown was reportedly tasered to death by Georgia police officers. After responding out of fear and confusion by grabbing the officer’s taser, he quickly let go and repeatedly stated “I quit.” He also chillingly said to the officers, “I’m dead, I’m dead.” The cops allegedly continued to taser him, even after he stopped resisting, resulting in the man’s death. This abuse of power and neglect for human life is absolutely horrifying and cannot go unpunished. These officers need to be fired from the force and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Police officers were called onto the scene after the victim, Chase Sherman, had been acting erratically. His family reportedly had discovered that Sherman ingested synthetic marijuana a few days before their trip to the Dominican Republic for his brother’s wedding. This resulted in hallucinations and paranoia which peaked on their ride home from the airport, during which Sherman bit his girlfriend and attempted to jump out of the vehicle.

The Sherman family was hoping for medical assistance but what they got was a combative and violent response from local police. Sherman’s mother can be seen in the video of the incident, which was captured via an officer’s body camera, pointing her finger at the cops and demanding that they refrain from harming her son. Allegedly, the officers proceeded to taser Sherman approximately 15 times while punching him in the head. This, along with the compression of his torso caused by the body weight of a medical technician at the scene, are listed as the official causes of death on Sherman’s death certificate.

Adding insult to injury, the officer responsible for the majority of electrical shocks delivered to Sherman’s body is reportedly seen high-fiving another cop on video upon reassurance from a superior that he would not be fired for his actions. This type of violent abuse coupled with callous self-concern, especially when dealing with a mentally unstable individual, is plainly unacceptable. Those responsible for this heinous crime must be fired and prosecuted.

Sign the petition below to urge Coweta County District Attorney Peter J. Skandalakis to pursue the harshest punishments available for these abusive police officers.


Dear District Attorney Skandalakis,

The actions of those Georgia police officers allegedly responsible for tasing a mentally unstable man to death cannot go unpunished. Chase Sherman did not pose a significant threat to the lives of the multiple cops who were gathered at the scene. He verbally and physically stopped resisting quickly after the first few electrical shocks. But this did not stop officers from reportedly tasing him approximately 15 times.

Individuals who are experiencing paranoid, hallucinatory episodes do not deserve to be treated this way. If anything, tasing, shouting at, and punching a mentally unstable individual will only make things worse. This man needed mental health assistance, not a hostile and ultimately deadly attack delivered by violent cops.

Allowing these officers to remain on the force would be an offense to Sherman’s family. It would also be an offense to all those who have experienced mental health issues and to those who care about them. These officers must be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: The Sherman Family

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  1. Ronald Ferreira says:

    not only mentaly ill patients but everyone else included. if they still work cause the chief is affraid of cops targeting his family everyone is in danger. they tasered him so he can resiste arrest he never did so he died for it even the camera dident protect the victem with proof of police brutality.

  2. Bunch of nut job cops!

    These mentally ill officers need to be punished like anyone else would be.
    They are not special nor are they above the law.

    There are way too many trigger happy and unstable law enforcement officers running around these days killing innocent animals, children, and people.

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