Stop Tackling Sheep During Rugby Training

Target: Lloyd Babb, Director of Public Prosecutions for New South Wales

Goal: Prosecute school coach reportedly responsible for cruel sheep-tackling training exercise.

Videos reportedly show members of a prestigious school’s rugby team brutally tackling and dragging sheep in a farm paddock. Footage posted on social media by James Hilgendorf, a schoolteacher and rugby coach at the King’s School in Sydney, Australia, allegedly shows students running into a paddock, chasing and tackling young rams and dragging them upside down to designated spots.

This cruelty was apparently part of a rugby camp training exercise and the school’s headmaster has defended the students’ actions, despite the brutal treatment allegedly inflicted on innocent and gentle animals. The sheep crash-tackled, dragged and otherwise brutalized in this incident deserve justice for the distress, pain and cruel treatment they were subjected to.

Sign this petition urging authorities to prosecute those responsible for this brutal incident, punish the school’s headmaster for condoning cruelty towards animals, and ensure this type of mistreatment does not occur again.


Dear Mr. Babb,

The King’s School in Parramatta has reportedly engaged in and condoned acts of severe animal cruelty. Footage seems to show members of the school’s rugby team chasing and crash-tackling sheep in a farm paddock, before flipping them upside down and dragging them on the ground.

This brutal mistreatment of innocent animals is unacceptable, especially on the part of educators. The coach responsible for this incident must be prosecuted immediately, and the school’s headmaster should also be punished for defending such horrific brutality.

Please ensure this type of incident does not occur again by properly punishing those responsible for this inexcusable instance of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: MichaelMaggs

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  1. sandra mason says:

    just when you think you’ve heard it all.

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is a disgrace, rich kids abusing animals- nothing new there but to allow it is an obscenity. Australia is fast becoming as abusive to animals as China and Spain. Shame on you all.

    • I agree. Ignorant morons, scum of the earth. A curse on all of them and the authorities that allow it. Punishment should fit the crime.

    • I agree with Rosemary. Australia is being mentioned very often in worldwide petitions. By tackling and dragging sheep in a farm paddock, LLOYD BABB, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS FOR NEW SOUTH WALES figures the school will sell more tickets in promoting the torture of sheeps in public = GREED.
      Thanks to this worldwide petition, we all know how you operate as a school coach LLOYD BABB, DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS FOR NEW SOUTH WALES. You are no better than China, Spain, South Korea. Shame on you.

  3. What is the matter with these people, are you all dmented, why do you want to hurt innocent animals, would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot huh! You should all e beaten to death.

  4. We NEED to push for strong laws against any animal abuse! Until then, BOYCOTT ALL ANIMAL SHOWS, CIRCUSES, & ZOOS!

  5. Do you love animals? GO VEGAN !!
    there is NOT another way

  6. kay allan says:


  7. OMG……………This coach should be severely punished(if a good enough excuse as to why he ordered this done is not explained he must be fired and I can’t think of one reason why any humane and normal human would ask this team to do this) and very ashamed of himself. How could anyone think that abusing and traumatizing innocent animals make men of boys by letting them hurt and scare sheep to death??? We live in a cruel, vile and crazy world and this story shows that to be true.

  8. These disgusting vile cretins need to be taught a PERMANENT lesson.An eye for an eye!!

  9. Angela Rabon says:

    The headmaster, coach, and the students should be punished to the max! What are they teaching these cruel kids? They should set an example! ALL should be charged with animal cruelty and any other charges deemed appropriate! In addition, this should follow each of these young students as they apply to colleges so these institutions will know the type of person they are accepting to their university!

  10. wow real macho rugby players torturing defenseless animals. COWARDS
    you should be ashamed of yourselves to even think about abusing these
    animals. You are a bunch of dumb asses acting like barbarians instead of
    civilized humans. It would serve you right to be done the same way. Lets see
    how macho you are then. The coach and anyone associated with you are just
    as bad of an example. Your callousness is disgusting and heartless. I hope you get exactly what you deserve. To lose every time you play an opponent.

  11. All students involved should be expelled, adults should be sacked and all charged. Disgusting creeps……

  12. tammy guess says:

    Everyone involved in this brutality should be arrested and prosecuted for animal abuse!!!

  13. losers are everywhere abusing animals. must send these losers to hell now.


  15. Maureen Milburn says:

    What a horrific lesson they are preaching, that it is ok to torture and traumatise animals. Both the coach and the head master should be immediately sacked and charged with animal cruelty.

  16. Disgraceful. If a school is teaching young people to behave like this towards animals what chance have they got. Shame on them. Set an example and teach the children that animal cruelty should NOT be tolerated. DO NOT DO THIS Whats wrong with the people who condone this. You teachers who are doing this shoukd not be in the teaching profession. You are a disgrace.

  17. Sarah Gallagher says:


    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”


  18. The way Australia treats it’s sheep is absolutely appalling. I make sure I never buy any woollen products any more and neither do my family nor friends. Despicable that giants like rugby players should not have the balls to tackle each other during training – and have to resort to fighting intelligent but utterly defenceless and voiceless animals. Says a great deal about Oz.

  19. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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