Jail Man Who Killed Neighbor’s Dog in Racially Motivated Attack

Target: Jerry Hill, State Attorney for the 10th Judicial Circuit

Goal: Demand jail time for man who admitted to using his own dogs to savagely kill his neighbor’s dog.

Azard Baksh’s poodle, Myra, has died from injuries sustained in a vicious attack perpetrated by a neighbor’s dogs. The poodle was out for a walk with Mr. Baksh when five dogs owned by 72-year-old Jackie Hammock attacked her. Mr. Hammock sicced his dogs on Myra not because of the poodle relieving herself on Mr. Hammock’s yard or any other complaint related to the dog, but because of Mr. Hammock’s Islamophobic attitudes toward Mr. Baksh.

According to Mr. Baksh, Mr. Hammock had threatened to sic his dogs on Myra before the incident took place. Mr. Hammock is said to have called Mr. Baksh an “Islamic Muslim terrorist” and told him to “go back where [he came] from.” The latest altercation between Mr. Hammock and Mr. Baksh shows that Mr. Hammock made good on his threats.

According to Mr. Baksh, Mr. Hammond “came out the side gate… completely nude” and sent his dogs after Myra. “The big mother dog came and grabbed Myra, shook her like a teddy bear,” Mr. Baksh expounded. “He started calling me names and said, ‘Don’t walk in this street, you Muslim terrorist. Stay out of here.'”

Mr. Hammock’s wife is said to have called the dogs back, only for Mr. Hammock to sic them a second time. After his wife called the dogs back again, Mr. Hammock is said to have sicced his dogs on Myra a third time.

Myra died that night after being taken to a local veterinarian.

Witnesses to the incident reported that Mr. Hammock was nude each time he came to the door and released the dogs on Myra. Neighbor Sue White called the incident “very disturbing.” Local police had to plead with Mr. Hammock to put on clothes.

Mr. Hammock has admitted to sending his dogs to attack Myra, reportedly saying “Oh yes sir, absolutely. I hate that terrorist prick.” He is currently facing charges of cruelty to animals, aggravated assault, and exposure of sexual organs.

Killing your neighbor’s dog is despicable in almost every situation, but is especially heinous when the reasons for doing so have nothing to do with the dog. Mr. Hammock used his own dogs to victimize an innocent animal who just happened to live with a man he did not like. There is no excuse for this. Mr. Hammock’s actions appear to be nothing short of cruel for cruelty’s sake. Sign the petition to demand Mr. Hammock face the consequences of his actions. Sign the petition to demand Mr. Hammock be incarcerated for the senseless slaughter of his neighbor’s dog.


Dear Mr. Hill,

A man in your jurisdiction confessed to using his dogs to murder his neighbor’s dog as an act of aggression motivated by his neighbor’s race. Jackie Hammock, the man who perpetrated this heinous crime, has admitted to deliberately killing Myra, a poodle lovingly owned by Azard Baksh, because of his own prejudices against his neighbor, whom he has called an “Islamic Muslim terrorist” and has told to “go back where [he came] from.” Myra suffered three attacks from Mr. Hammock’s dogs and died as a result of injuries sustained.

It is with this in mind that we urge you to demand a jail sentence for Mr. Hammock. His actions were deliberate and cruel, as well as being motivated by bigotry. An innocent dog became a casualty of this man’s prejudices and as such, the law should be swiftly and fully applied when prosecuting him.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pleple2000

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  1. Pathetic excuse for a human being. 5 dogs to one poodle??
    You defy belief, such cruelty is beyond comprehension. May you be given a long jail sentence and a very hefty fine.

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    What a disgusting backward git. Jail the SOB better still do to him what he allowed to be done to his neighbours dog. Sub-humans like this shouldn’t be allowed to live with people lock him up.

  3. Horrible and he is obviously mentally disturbed. Why did Myra’s owner not grab his dog or fight off the other dogs. sorry but if it were my dog, I’d be covered in bite marks from protecting my dog.

  4. Diane Patry says:

    Regardless of his racial issue, it was not fair to the dog…AN EYE FOR AN EYE…THEN THIS SHIT WILL STOP…When animal abuseres know this maybe they will think twice about harming an animal..RIP MYRA Rest in Peace

  5. JAIL this violent criminal now! Besides being a total idiot this man is a dangerous violent criminal. The dogs Should be taken from this vicious criminal immediately! How can it be a question. This beast has taught these innocent dogs to attack! What a sick sick criminal. Any judge who does not take this crime seriously is brain dead!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    What an evil man! Poor Myra…..I cant even imagine the pain she endured and her poor owner also, watching his dog being killed right in front of him..My God! Lock up the guy who sent his dogs to kill Myra. Teach him a lesson! Rest in peace Myra 🙁

  7. He should not be a coward and not use his dogs to do is own job. If he has reasons for thinking the islam man or woman is no good and the great majority og them are not, even because there are no moderate vegetarians as there are no moderate muslins, Soon or later they play their role, The fake moderates are only waiting for their time. Also who saw them doing manifestations to convict the others terrorists, malignant actions??? NO one. They are very well quiet. They even haave usually the nerve to support the actions, just passed on TV for everyone to see, saying no one can have pics of the prophet (they mean the paedophile, rapist, ego centric, slave trader, selfish till the other galaxy, mental retard, fake muhammah curse upon him), which is support the ones who murdered the innocent people in charles hebdo case and palestians are all the time saying they will support hamasm no matter what, just don’t see, who doesn’t want, but he should take the matter into his own hands, not using innocent dogs his and the other. Is also rare that muslins treat well animals, so I am even astonished, I must say and for many dogs are also very impure in their dirty impure brain. For me they are impure as they believe in the words of someone that to start with was paedohpile got the contract of Aisha when she was 6 and he was 58 just this makes me puke and he assault it her when they got married raped her as all of them do, when she was only 9 and the big pig (without offending the ones with 4 paws, that deserve all my respect) was 61 it is all over the shit qu’ran as many other things that isis or isl are doing, is all there, so they are true muslins like the book says. Open your eyes to what is their plans to invade and conquer and impose by force.


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