Condemn Animal Shelter for Euthanizing Beloved Pit Bull

Target: Barbara Hays, Manger of Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

Goal: Demand animal shelter apologize for euthanizing a pit bull despite more humane options.

An animal shelter euthanized a pit bull, despite potential evidence that could have saved his life. An animal rescue center reached out to claim the dog but allegedly did not receive a response. Take a stand for animal rights and condemn the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center (NACC).

The popular pit bull, known locally as McLovin, was admitted to NACC after mauling a cat to death. While the violent attack worried many, it was the dog’s premature death that stunned the community. NACC euthanized McLovin within 24 hours of his admission, despite apparent claims of ownership at another shelter. Second Chances, McLovin’s previous shelter, was reportedly willing to save his life if only NACC had returned their calls.

No animal should be euthanized when a better option exists. A thorough investigation could have shown that McLovin had a home at Second Chances. Sign below and demand justice for McLovin.


Dear Ms. Hays,

When McLovin was brought to you, you had a chance to save his life. Instead, you reportedly chose to euthanize him. We demand that you apologize for this act of cruelty.

McLovin committed a terrible act when he mauled a cat to death. However, it is his death that has caused ethical concern in the community. Euthanasia should always be a last resort. Second Chances could have given McLovin a home and saved his life. Instead, you made the decision to kill him.

We demand that you apologize for this incident and conduct more thorough investigations into all future euthanasia cases.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

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  1. I love all Animals! – I love all Dogs! – And I love specially all Dobermans (like my Ilara), Pit Bulls, AmStaffs, Bull Terrier, Rkodesian or Thai Ridgebacks, Dogo Argentinos and any other so-called “Dangerous Dogs”, more! Tousand and tousand time more – that many so-called human do-gooder!!!

  2. Rosemary Anderson says:

    The directors of this shelter not only need to apologise but need to be sacked, what a misnomer, ‘shelter’. This place is a death camp no more. Sack the backward, compassion-less SOB.


    You people don’t belong anywhere near animals!

  4. Terminate all the cretins at this shelter for killing this lovely dog.Actually I would love to read of these bastards who are employed at this crap shelter being killed!

  5. must fire and punish who is responsible for mclovin the dogs death now.put them to death now.

  6. michael guest says:

    This makes me so angry! I hate when animals, including dogs either get shot or killed. This was very unacceptable! How could this happen? The dog didn’t do anything. What a stupid decision to make. I demand that you shut down this animal shelter and fire those people now! Don’t let this happen ever again!

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared ?

  8. Mila Duncan says:

    This is ridiculous. The shelter did the humane, responsible thing. It is very, very sad that the pit bull’s life ended so young. But it ended gently, unlike the violent, brutal death it inflicted on a 10yo cat. The “rescue” which adopted it out admitted in their many, many cl, fb, etc. posts trying to rehome the pit that it ‘didn’t get along with’ dogs or cats. It appears they grossly understated the problem. What happened to the cat is on THEM. “Rescue” isn’t just about shuffling living animals around so they aren’t killed – it’s about creating safe, happy lives for everyone. Rescuing a dog shouldn’t mean killing a cat. Rescuing a dog shouldn’t mean traumatizing the cat’s owner permanently, or souring the dog’s new owner on rescue altogether. “Rescue” groups which refuse to euthanize for severe behavior issues are as cruel and abusive as any individual who fights pit bulls or tortures kittens.

  9. I would demand Barbara Hays be fired and replaced with a HUMANE manager. An apology means nothing.

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