Denounce Trump for Alleged Serial Sexual Assault and Harassment

Target: Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Goal: Publicly denounce Donald Trump for his alleged history of sexually assaulting and harassing women.

Donald Trump has now been accused of the sexual assault and harassment of several woman in a report recently released by the New York Times. It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a poor view of women in general, frequently commenting on their appearances and making lewd innuendo to attack political opponents. However, it now appears clear that he’s been committing serious crimes against women for many years without consequence.

The report details numerous cases of Trump harassing women in the workplace, humiliating them by commenting on their bodies and making unwelcome advances. One woman reports him kissing beauty pageant contestants on the lips upon introduction. This was clearly not just a habitual or cultural greeting, as he only did this to some of the women, not all.

The Republican party has put up with a lot of gross behavior from its members, but Donald Trump’s actions fall into the realm of illegal behavior. He can deny it, but the fact that so many women have come forward alleging similar behavior cannot be ignored. Plus, Trump is now the party’s only presidential candidate left. Is this the kind of thing the Republican party stands for?

Sign our petition to demand that, at the very least, the GOP denounces Trump’s gross and illegal behavior toward women and make efforts to ensure this behavior stops before he becomes their official figurehead.


Dear Mr. Priebus,

On top of everything else, Donald Trump has now been accused by several women of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and general lewd behavior throughout his life, according to a report recently put out by the New York Times. The report illustrates gross workplace harassment, unwanted sexual advancement and touching, and other illegal actions for which he was never held accountable.

The Republican party has appeared to reluctantly endorse all of Trump’s other bad behaviors such as refusing to condemn the KKK and saying horribly racists things at his rallies, and now even members who previously refused to support him are suddenly promising to work with him. Is the GOP also willing to support a criminal as its presidential nominee?

The American people are no longer willing to buy claims that sexual assault survivors are lying, and it’s not hard to believe that Donald Trump, who has engaged in lewd and misogynistic attacks during his campaign, would treat women this way outside of the spotlight. If you don’t denounce and at least attempt to put a stop to this behavior, you will be endorsing a criminal. We demand that you publicly condemn Donald Trump’s actions, though you would do better to find a new candidate before it’s too late.


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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Get it over you losers

  2. If you want to have a petition about this you need to go after Bill Clinton & Price Andrew. Their antics with convicted criminal Jeffery Epstein make Trump look like a choir boy.

  3. Debra Prisk says:

    Who is the retarded Libtard who came up with this petition? Go after Slick Willy and Hillary.

  4. Tonya Demirjian says:

    This is the most stupid petition I have seen on here yet. REALLY PEOPLE!?!?!? Get over it already!!! 8 years of Obummer and you don’t like Trump??? REALLY

  5. This is just another Libtard attempt to put ideas in the heads of people who can’t think for themselves. NOT signed!

    Lets take a look at Hillary, and the fact that she spouts off about equal pay for women, but she still paid her female staff about 20% less then the men.
    And the fact that Trump supporters are denied their “freedom of speech” at rallies, when the opposition comes into the venues to deliberately disrupt proceedings. Protests belong outside, and non-violent. Tearing up Trump signs is an act of violence. The list goes on …

    Not really a fan of The Donald, but some people are just too ignorant – they believe if they hear it from a “friend”, or see it on social media, it MUST be true. Get a brain!

  6. If it were really true do you think he would have all those women he employs in high position in his companies. Please get over your vile hatred for all things conservative. Instead of making up lies because you are afraid of positive change, look into your own candidate and you may find some not so nice skeletons in their closet and some out of the closet already.

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