Urge Authorities to Crack Down on the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Target: Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Enforce strict monitoring of the wildlife trade and implement harsher punishments for wildlife traffickers.

China is the largest market for the illegal wildlife trade, yet traffickers and buyers are not investigated or prosecuted enough. Forest police in southwest China have confiscated 22 live snakes and a number of animal parts from two men who have reportedly been purchasing and selling wildlife for some time. Live rat snakes and cobras as well as pelts from dead leopard cats and other wild animals were reportedly seized from what is just one of countless wildlife trading groups.

Unfortunately, China’s wildlife protection law is vague and does not go far enough. It does not protect species that have declining populations but are not yet listed as endangered, and it allows for wild animals to be caged and farmed. Punishments for traffickers are equally lacking. Wildlife in China is not sufficiently protected by the law, meaning that countless animals suffer and are killed simply for traders to turn a profit.

Sign this petition urging China to crack down on the wildlife trade by strengthening punishments for offenders, increasing surveillance to catch and stop more traffickers, and by enhancing the legal protection of wild animals.


Dear Minister Chen,

Wildlife trafficking is an incredibly destructive trade in China, yet one that is not monitored, combatted and punished as effectively as it should be. Forest police in southwest China recently seized a large number of live and dead animals from what is just one of countless trafficking groups. China must increase surveillance so that wildlife traders are stopped and prosecuted.

Moreover, animals in the country desperately need far greater legal protection than they are currently afforded. Wild animals should not be poached and killed, traded and sold, or farmed and kept in cages for commercial purposes.

Please take urgent steps to curb and stop the wildlife trade to keep wild animals safe from horrific cruelty and death at the hands of traffickers.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Bill Fitzpatrick

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  1. hang these poachers for the world to see what happens to evil hunters of endangered wildlife now.

  2. E.Cambridge says:

    This is only one of China’s many horrendous acts against animsls. Cats and dogs, puppies and kittens, tortured, boiled alive and eaten. Millions every years. Ten thousand during their “festivals”(Yulin). China isn’t the only one who does this. Korea, Thailand, Bali and most other parts of Asia do it too. 99.9 percent of the cats and dogs are stolen pets. Most still wearing their collars. Their dog and cat fur “trade” is equally as horrific. Most of the cats and dogs are stolen there too and the fur sold to unsuspecting western buyers under the guise of “mink” and “unknown” fur put on cheap toxic clothing. They have been blacklisted by the European Union for selling toxic products. China’s(as well as those in the majority of Asia) are brutal. 26 baby elephants ripped from their mothers in Zimbabwe to be sold to filthy Chinese zoos. Beaten into submission so they can be ridden and fed by zoo-goers. The answer? Boycott China. Boycott any country who commits these atrocities. China can’t exist without tourism and trade. They’ll soon stop rather than lose money.

    • I agree with you whole heartily. Why am I not surprised . The cruelest country in the world and Korea a close second

    • I also agree with you. China is known as the vilest of premeditated animal torturers, committed against dogs, cats and all the other innocent animals they torture to death.
      Also Korea and other Asian countries.
      They show no compassion, no decency, no respect, no integrity and definitely no moral ethics whatsoever when it comes to the trillions of innocent dogs, cats and all the other helpless animals they torture to death by the vilest of unimaginable torture and suffering that they can commit.
      They make the excuse this is tradition and culture. This is not tradition and culture, this is purely animal torture and suffering. The fake medicinal claims that have become such an integral part of the dog and cat meat trade have been proven false – They are purely marketing tactics created and promoted by GREEDY DOG TRAFFICKERS, BUTCHERS AND DOG AND CAT MEAT RESTAURANT OWNERS SO THEY CAN MAKE THEIR BLOOD MONEY BY DELIBERATELY TORTURING DEFENCELESS AND INNOCENT DOGS AND CATS TO DEATH. ALSO ALL THE OTHER INNOCENT ANIMALS THEY TORTURE TO DEATH.

    • Hear hear! The nasty ignorant chinese and koreans will be the death of our beautiful planet and all that lives on it. Boycott them.

  3. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  4. Rosemary Miller says:

    China never listens to anyone !

  5. To my mind China has no animal rights act! The amount of animal cruelty in China is disgraceful and should not be tolerated! The UK should stop all trade with China – British Citizens don’t need blood money!

  6. China, your F***** up when it comes to treatment of animals!!

  7. CHINA IS “KING OF ANIMAL CRUELTY”. What can we do?? DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MADE IN China. I check every label…do NOT buy from China!!

    • Exactly…hurt them where it hurts, ‘their pocketbooks’! Not only because of their barbaric ways towards animals but everything ‘we buy from China could be made here in America’ (don’t know where you’re from) maybe we wouldn’t have such a high unemployment rate, I always look for ‘Local and Made in America products’, but I digress…the subject here is THE WELFARE OF ANIMALS. I, for one think the World would be pretty boring without them. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM AN ANIMAL IS A BEAUTIFUL THING….don’t you think?? meeOOw

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Do the Animal Rights people have a slush fund somewhere so we can use it to bribe officials in China? That’s the only thing that seems to work there.

  9. Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    It’s time hold all those responsible for authorizing and overseeing the implementation of torture accountable. A special prosecutor is the most comprehensive way to do that.

  10. Horrific, sadistically cruel, so unnecessary & needless, immoral & irrational.

    Laws MUST be in place along with ENFORCEMENT — once these brutal crimes against animals are taken seriously, things will change for the better.

  11. kay allan says:


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