Cancel “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo” at Baseball Games

Target: Clark Minker, League Director of Wilmington Blue Rocks

Goal: Cancel the several “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo” events occurring at the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ stadium.

Several events called the “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo” will be hosted at a baseball team’s stadium this summer. The Wilmington Blue Rocks are a Minor League Baseball team located in Delaware.

At the “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo,” a capuchin monkey is dressed up and strapped to a dog who is trained to abruptly start, stop and run up to 30 miles per hour around a track. The monkeys are jerked around in every direction and face a high risk of getting injured.

This event is inherently cruel and unnecessary. It is extremely stressful for the animals and they could potentially injure themselves. Sign this petition and demand the Wilmington Blue Rocks cancel this event.


Dear Mr. Minker,

This summer, the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ stadium is planning on hosting several events called “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.” At this event, a capuchin monkey is forced into a costume and strapped to a dog that sprints around a track.

Dogs can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, and these dogs are trained to start and stop abruptly. These abrupt changes of pace and high speeds cause the monkey to be jerked around in every direction possible. The monkeys face a very high risk of getting injured during the event.

It is unnecessary and cruel to let these events happen. Animals should not be forced into uncomfortable and frightful situations for mere entertainment. Please consider cancelling these events.


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  1. How ignorant is this, let alone terrifying! They consider this entertainment! The world is changing, people DO NOT want to see this garbage!

    • Absolutely agree with you. This so-called ‘entertainment’ belongs in the past. What sort of mentality finds this entertaining? Where is the empathy!

  2. Sabine Jakob says:

    Yet another example of the stupidity of people, willing to do the most barbaric and primitive things to entertain the masses that are dumb and hollow enough to enjoy that kind of cruelty. Fed up with barbarians…

  3. how stupid can people be?

  4. How ignorant and stupid can some people be. How can we be called a civilised society, when people think that it’s acceptable to treat innocent, defenceless animals in this way. The lowlife morons that call this entertainment, must have as much brains as a chocolate mouse. What a sick world we live in.

  5. How is this legal?!?! How does this not violate animal abuse laws in Delaware??

  6. what kind of morons think this is a good idea?!!! it is animal cruelty, which is a federal offense & needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  7. It’s probably not a real thrill for the dogs either. So stupid…

  8. WtF?!?!? How many MORE cruel and insensitive forms of animal abuse do these royal a**wipes have to come up with in their pea-sized brains, as if there isn’t enough ALREADY in this stinking world???!!! Am far beyond fed up with all these unfeeling jerks!!!! Rodeos are horrible ENOUGH for all their animal victims, never mind modeling & creating MORE rodeo-inspired bulls**t events like this one! These g.d. sports people are getting viler by the minute, and I’m surprised these freaking PsOS didn’t ask for some of Michael Vick’s canine victims to carry those poor, exploited monkeys around for EXTRA ‘entertainment’ value! Clark Minker’s face would look good underneath the hooves of the demon who’s whispering these cold-blooded ideas into his obviously vacuous head.

  9. What kind of stupidity is this? Who thinks of these things? Why would that be considered entertainment (if you have a brain), and don’t you think both the money and dog are being abused? Idiots!

  10. This is completely demented. What small-minded, ignorant people would actually find this cruelty ‘entertaining’. Shame on anyone sponsoring and/or allowing it.

  11. wendala gibson says:

    This is so uncalled for to own monkey’s in the first place and then strapped them to a dog. And even stress the dog out. Not good for either animal. Can U say Dumb and Dumber humans!!!!

  12. What on earth are they doing! How can this be allowed! This is nothing short of cruelty – come on whoever has the authority to ban this outrage, do it now! America, you should be ashamed of the amount of animal cruelty in your country – it’s becoming ridiculous and should not be tolerated! You consider yourselves the mighty U S of A, then prove it, BAN THIS STUPIDITY NOW!

    • appalled says:

      I’m really ashamed to be an American citizen. The country was born of cruelty and greed, and nothing has changed.

      Some things have, but after great undue suffering.

      Just dumb and cruel things in the first place.

      We have some residual shallow, stupid people, but thanks to the internet, petitions and protests, we’re slowly alienating stupid people and their dumb and cruel ideas.

  13. Heather Brophy says:


  14. Keep the pressure up on these people who continue to use animals for entertainment!!!! These animals are unwilling participants for greedy humans

  15. What a bunch of hateful, stupid a**holes. The animals are smarter (and more honourable and kinder) than them.

  16. Celia Clarke says:

    This is the product of a diseased mind and must be stopped.

  17. Clark Minker, League Director of Wilmington Blue Rocks: What and who gives you the right to abuse both dogs and monkeys?????????? CANCEL this cruel “entertaining event”.
    BOYCOTT Wilmington Blue Rocks’ stadium.
    GREEDY people run that place and they are ready to abuse animals in order to increase their bank accounts.


  18. This is disgusting and very cruel. The poor monkeys are terrified. What if the dogs turn on the monkeys? People can be so stupid.

  19. GREED! GREED! GREED! The human species. What they will commit against the innocent purely for GREED.
    Cancel the several “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo” events occurring at the Wilmington Blue Rocks’ stadium.
    America you have a lot to answer to. The atrocities that are committed in America against the Wildlife and all innocent animals is an abomination.

  20. michael guest says:

    This is totally animal cruelty. You are putting animals at risk. This is not for entertainment, and not for show business. Animals don’t belong in sports or events. You better listen carefully. I insist that you cancel this unnecessary event now before it’s too late.

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