Shut Down “Death Zoo” After Crying Elephant Dies

Target: Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia

Goal: Shut down zoo where animals frequently die after improper care and send remaining animals to sanctuaries.

An elephant has become the latest victim of a derelict zoo, pictured dying without care as tears poured from the animal’s eyes. The female Sumatran elephant named Yani is just one of the casualties of the Bandung Zoo on the island of Java, in Indonesia. Yani had allegedly been kept in a dirty, rusting cage before falling ill and dying from receiving improper care due to the zoo not having a veterinarian for the past year. Pictures show severe sores covering the elephant’s body, and other animals at the zoo are reportedly emaciated and improperly cared for.

Previous animal deaths have included Rama the Sumatran tiger who died of unexplained causes, a giraffe found dead with 40 pounds of plastic in his stomach and an 18-month-old lion called Michael found hanged to death in his cage by a steel wire. Activists bemoan improper food and care, untrained staff and general neglect at the zoo, with the facility often referred to as the “death zoo.”

Sign this petition urging Indonesian authorities to shut down this zoo and others in the country to prevent more animals from suffering and dying.


Dear President Widodo,

Yani the elephant has become the latest in a string of animal deaths at the Bandung Zoo, also referred to as the “death zoo.” The facility reportedly keeps animals in filthy and rusting cages, gives them inadequate food and improper care due to the absence of a veterinarian.

Pictured covered in sores, with tears streaming down her face, Yani’s death is only the most recent casualty of the zoo’s abhorrent conditions. A hanged lion, a tiger dying unexpectedly and a giraffe succumbing to eating the trash in his enclosure are just some of this derelict and careless facility’s other victims. Moreover, wild animals do not belong in captivity, where they suffer from confinement.

I urge you to shut down the Bandung Zoo as well as others in Indonesia, and send remaining animals to accredited sanctuaries.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tiia Monto

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  1. garry Robertson says:

    It makes me very angry. Please stop this atrocity now. Shut the f**ing place down NOW!

  2. Marcio Alvarez says:

    These primitive Neanderthals should not have any Creatures in car like that, I don’t care if they claim it’s hard to make a living otherwise. If so I rather their kind dies and not the innocent animals. 7 billion humans in the planet, just thousands of elephants, tigers etc. Etc. It is that simple.

  3. Shut this vile and evil Zoo down. It is in Indonesia where they don,t know what Laws for Animal Protection is about. They are animal torturers, especially committed against defenceless and helpless dogs and cats. They don,t know what the meaning of compassion, respect, empathy, integrity and moral ethics are when it comes to defenceless and innocent sentient beings.

  4. Prosecute! Prosecute! Prosecute! How dare they hurt me in this way! No-one should be allowed to treat animals in such a barbaric way and go free. This is not just a disgrace, it is an offence to the whole of humanity. I DEMAND someone be held responsible for Yani’s torture and that all the other animals are immediately seen by a vet and removed from this abominable place to a safe and caring sanctuary.


  6. Friends have told me two posts I signed – this one and another about a dog with its ear cut off have been sent around Facebook in my name. Please make sure this does not happen again or Charlie and I will stop signing. Vivienne Pittendrigh

  7. Camilla Taylor says:

    I hope they die and go to hell

  8. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Enough is enough ! Close this inhumane zoo immediately !!!

  9. Punishment and close this damn Death Zoo! Free this starving and dying animals! They deserve more than a life in a cruel prison!

  10. Nancy Dunlap says:

    This is not a zoo! This is a place of HORROR for these poor defenseless animals. Indonesia you should be ashamed!!!!

  11. You place little or no value on life – whether it be human, animal or the trees and habitats of the rain-forests. Your deity is not Christian. Not Muslim. Not Hindi. Not Buddhist. Not nothing – except the money. You ALL follow the money – and your sad, sorry lives are more worthless for it than those you sell, betray and torture for it….The tide will turn. Vile and evil are two words that come from the same coin. MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL..

  12. Sheila Menache says:

    It is a disgrace that a place like this is allowed to keep animals. Elephants are such intelligent creatures – what a crying shame that a lonely elephant was left to die in these dreadful conditions


  14. If it was a waste of space indonesian that had died (which should die millions of them, starting by the ones who mistreat animals)the stupid place would be closed next day. Unfortunately is “just” an animal. Another species yes but more important than humans for me, and who had been in this planet before us. What give us the right to enclose them?? I am against this big animals and others like tigers, leopards, cheetah etc who usually walk in huge territories to be in zoos or whatever. We know all about them on tv documentaries and internet,there is no need of them in zoos or paks or circus. But who could see this beautiful animal getting ill and worse and had done nothing at all, even crying, what kind of persons are those keepers?? Didn’t manage to get a vet there, to keep treating? Is not difficult after the vet explained. This people deserve to die soon and in severe pain. The ones who allow this also and I curse them all.

  15. A Betten says:

    Makes me not want to travel to a country that allows this treatment of its animals and would definitely recommend spreading the word to let travelers know to boycott this place. $$$$ talks

  16. Lilian Caughlin says:

    why have a small zoo period it’s so outdated not to mention cruel.
    People can entertain themselves in other ways. It doesn’t fit the global landscape any longer. Most people demand to see animals in natural habitats. This is disgusting and inhumane. It has to stop.

  17. A curse on the human that cannot give mercy to creatures under his dominion !!! The Gd of the whole sees all that is done too the creatures we are supposed to share this Earth with.

    release all animals to accredited sanctuaries
    this abuse of animals is obscene…
    HOW ABOUT MR PRESIDENT we place you for a month just one month in this hell hole? will that spark an once of humanity?

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