Stop Doctor From Refusing to Vaccinate Children

Target: Dr. James L. Madara, CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Medical Association

Goal: Stop doctor from refusing to vaccinate children due to debunked Autism myths.

Cool Springs Family Medicine in Franklin, Tennessee promotes itself as a facility specializing in “integrative” treatment methods. Operated by Dr. Daniel Kalb, Cool Springs Family Medicine has been around since 2006 and has never had an incident of malpractice, any disciplinary incidents, and no one has ever been fired from the facility. Basically, it’s a highly credible doctor’s office, at least until they decided to stop giving out vaccines to patients.

Citing the thoroughly and regularly debunked claim that vaccines are linked to autism, Dr. Kalb and others at his practice have taken a firm stance against vaccinating children. Their decision will put tens of thousands of children in at least the greater Nashville area at risk for diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tuberculosis, and diptheria, just to name a few.

The practice’s blog lays out the justification for the new anti-vaccine policy, stating “because [vaccines] cause Autism.” The post is presumed to have been written by Dr. Kalb himself and he bases his claim on “15 years’ experience in taking care of ASD kids, that’s a lot of vaccine injury stories from moms.” He then states, “Don’t tell me that they are making it up or they are just reaching for an explanation, or that it was a coincidence or that they are just too stressed, or that they are uninformed. All of those arguments are stupid.” The post also cites the infamous 1998 Lancet study by Andrew Wakefield that has been retracted by the journal. Kalb claims Wakefield’s study was “properly defended and vindicated 4 years ago,” even though it has not been.

Dr. Daniel Kalb and Cool Springs Family Medicine have adopted a dangerous, discredited medical policy that has the potential to put tens of thousands of children at risk. There is no link between vaccines and autism and for a doctor to not only believe there is but also treat patients based on that falsehood is a violation of medical ethics and the Hippocratic Oath. Sign the petition to urge the American Medical Association to strip Dr. Kalb of his medical license.


Dear Dr. Madara,

Dr. Daniel Kalb has adopted a dangerous anti-vaccine policy at his practice, Cool Springs Family Medicine in Franklin, Tennessee. He’s using “vaccine injury stories” from mothers and the discredited 1998 Wakefield study to justify his decision to abandon childhood vaccinations, a decision which threatens the well-being and the lives of tens of thousands of children and immunocompromised people in the greater Nashville area alone, not to mention any others with whom these unvaccinated children may come into contact. Unvaccinated kids can undermine the entire immunization process and are likely contributors to the advent of resistant strains of bacterium and viruses that cause measles, mumps, tuberculosis, and diptheria, just to name a few, which in turn pose a serious threat even to vaccinated people.

It is with this in mind that we urge you to take steps to strip Dr. Daniel Kalb of his medical license for violating medical ethics. The American Medical Association’s own Code of Ethics states, “It is unethical to engage in or to aid and abet in treatment which has no scientific basis and is dangerous, is calculated to deceive the patient by giving false hope, or which may cause the patient to delay in seeking proper care.” While this policy is normally aimed solely at naturopaths and other practitioners of quackery, M.D.’s should be held to the same ethical standard and an M.D. who buys into the mythological link between vaccines and autism rates is no different than a reiki practitioner or someone who performs psychic surgeries.


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  1. Good for this doctor to have the integrity to stand up for the safety of his patients. One day he will be held up high as a courageous hero who stood up against the system which is causing unethical and unbearable suferring to these poor children. The government knows there is direct connection between the vacines and autism. Watch the movie VEXXED which explains how one of the scientists involved in creating children’s vacines came forward and admitted that he forged the studies in or to hide the truth from the public, namely that many of the vacines are directly, immediately related to autism in children. (The government is trying to prevent this movie from being aired. See the articles about the threats that Robert Denergo received so that he would withdraw the movie VEXXED from his film festival. He gave in and then spoke up. He eventually told the public the truth.) This is a crime of unimaginable proportions. One day alot of governmental heads will roll. In the meantime a few courages doctors are standing up for the truth.

    • Alice Stroud says:

      YES!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!! this petition is outrageous & absurd! anyone who wants vaccines can go somewhere else to get them! I hope no one signs this petition! the movie you mention is actually called Vaxxed (not Vexxed)

  2. Marguerite Winkel says:

    This doctor got sick of seeing his patients suffer signs of vaccine injury, which can range all the way to death. As a vaccine injured person, I hope more doctors and health care providers have the courage and sense to quit vaccinating in the face of a massive and dangerous practice with very little if any efficacy. They have every right to adhere to their oath to do no harm and to really educate patients about the dangers of vaccination, which would mean their patients would be fully informed about this practice instead of pressured and shamed into risking their lives.

  3. I wish there were more doctors like him! This petition is stupidly wrong in so many levels.

  4. THANK GOD for GOOD DOCTORS like Dr. Kalb!! More WILL Stand-Up to what’s starting to look like and sound like Medical Tyranny. The current Vaccine Program is NOT SAFE!! And, many people (babies) have been and will continue to be injured until the medical authorities stop denying the truth about our Flawed and Dangerous Vaccine Program. I will say, though, you Pro-Vaccine (at any and all costs) folks are quick to react to any news piece that threatens you! I give you high marks for a well organized and rapid, propogandized response!! It’s hard to believe this goes on in the United States… I guess freedom extends to even the Ill-Informed, no pun intended, and the Misguided. Cheers to Medical Freedom!

  5. I SUPPORT DR. KALB AND OTHERS LIKE HIM 100!!!!! He has the courage, intelligence and common sense most doctors lack these days. Those who support this petition should really stop being blindly persuaded by pharmaceutical and CDC propaganda and make the effort to do the research themselves.

    The information is out there if you really care enough about the subject to do your own investigation on vaccines. And, one major point to keep in mind on the subject of vaccines: It’s not the vaccines themselves – IT’S WHAT IS IN THE VACCINES!!! Look it up. Make the effort. Show you really care. If you’ll read the ingredients on food you put into your body, you sure as heck should be reading the ingredients on chemicals being injected directly into your muscle tissue. If you only knew….

  6. Way to go Dr Kalb! thank you and your staff for taking a stand.

  7. KUDOS TO DR KALB says:

    I have to applaud Dr. Kalb! Day to day clinical practice observations supersede whatever the “studies” in the “journals” are being paid to say.

    To Quote: “It is unethical to engage in or to aid and abet in treatment which has no scientific basis and is dangerous, is calculated to deceive the patient by giving false hope, or which may cause the patient to delay in seeking proper care.” ??? How is NOT treating (vaccinating) a treatment with no scientific basis??

    And quite frankly, if you can get vaccinations at your local Walgreens, how can they make a big deal out of a doctor not wanting to do it???

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