Don’t Build Lab Where Thousands of Animals Will Die

Target: Professor Richard Blaikie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research at the University of Otago

Goal: Cancel plans to build a new animal research building where thousands of animals will undergo distressing tests and be killed.

A university has announced plans to build a new five-story animal research facility, despite animal experimentation being incredibly cruel and often inefficient. The University of Otago in New Zealand will spend 34 million U.S. dollars on the new lab despite increasing evidence that animal testing is ineffective for human research and can even be dangerous as it produces deceptive and misleading results. This money could be far better spent on more accurate and humane research methods.

Moreover, the University of Otago reportedly used 21,705 animals for research during 2014 alone with 18,166 animals actually killed during experimentation.

Sign this petition urging the university to cancel plans to build this facility and work towards replacing animal research with humane and reliable alternatives instead.


Dear Mr. Blaikie,

Please cancel plans to build a new animal research lab at the University of Otago. Animal research is not only incredibly cruel but also proven to be ineffective and even dangerous by providing deceptive results that do not coincide with human results. The vast amount of money earmarked for this project would be far better spent developing humane and more accurate methods of research.

I urge you to scrap plans to consolidate archaic and unreliable animal testing and focus instead on developing humane and effective research methods.


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Photo credit: PETA

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  1. sandra mason says:

    we should be at the point where we are destroying animal labs instead of building more. I would HATE to be the type of person who can torment animals like that.

    • I agree that these labs should be destroyed not built. There are many reliable method’s to test any and everything and not use animals which ae unreliable for humans . Yet the ALF is considered criminal and the rescuer’s are in prison for doing what they did and the researcher’s receive HUNDREDS of thousands of $$$$ to repeat the same tests over and other in cruel methods. STOP THE MADNESS

    • I totally agree. Experiment on criminals instead, maybe that would bring the crime rate down. Blaikie has no compassion or respect for animals. He should be experimented on see how he likes it.

  2. Sick institutions who prey off innocent animals in the name of progress

  3. no more cruel animal testing labs now.

  4. Wendy Morrison says:

    CRUEL & ABUSIVE animal testing needs to be banned and stopped permanently & stopped IMMEDIATELY! Build an animal resort instead of anything that will CRUEL towards animals!!!

  5. Many of the employees hate animals , this more atrocities committed

  6. David Roney says:

    Animal testing has been proven not be accurate therefore unnecessary. Clinical trials on humans is what’s required for accurate data. Today we have many other ways to test products and Medical Treatments without the use of animals or humans. SO IT MAKES NO SENSE TO USE THIS BARBARIC, ANTIQUATED FORM OF TORTURE!

  7. Judith McMahon says:

    This is in contradiction to the laws they past declaring animals do have feeling and therefore increased penalties for animal cruelty & abuse.

  8. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Please stop building these “hell holes” that torture and kill innocent animals. NO MORE ANIMAL TESTING!!! Always buy cruelty free products!

  9. E. Cambridge says:

    For many years now, research no longer needs the whole animal to be tested on. One cell will do. One cell will indicate, if experimented on, what the whole animal would indicate. It’s called in vitro. So why kill the whole animal when one cell will do? Labs know that. The government knows that. It’s time that the taxpayers who pay for these labs through their taxes know that and stop this unnecessary and cruel waste of innocent lives by demanding that their taxes no longer support it.

  10. Diane Patry says:

    I thought they just put laws into place where they were not going op use animals any more…WTF stop using defenseless animals

  11. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Still testing on animals? Remember one word: Thalidomide.

  12. Using animals for research is not only unethical, but scientifically unjustifiable. Fortunately, progress is being made that allows for the use of valid alternatives in research — at present many reputable entities are utilizing these alternative methods, which are all available and replace the use of animals completely & permanently — Please look to organizations such as American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research (AFAAR), which is dedicated to supporting the development & validation of alternatives to animals in research — Have you not looked into alternative humane methods for your experiments? — so many of your colleagues along with other reputable institutions do NOT use animals. — Research on animals need NOT be done — nowadays, there are alternative methods NOT using animals which is what many reputable research institutions are using — pay a visit to PCRM — who are strongly AGAINST using animals for all research purposes.

  13. No more houses of horrors – that’s what labs are to innocent animals. Stop testing on animals !

  14. Ana French says:

    Labs are provd obsolete. Modern technology has replaced the horrible useless torture to animals, and is more accurate. PCRM is fighting to eliminate test on live animals. STOP CRUELTY AGAINAT ANIMALS!

  15. What human could ever do this to the purest innocence around? These animals don’t have a choice they can’t say no ,it sickens me that people can experiment on them then go home and sleep at night. Do they even feel emotions or even the slightest form of sympathy?

  16. How utterly IGNORANT.

  17. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    The people are unbelievable bastastards. There is so many human cripples who are dying so that no damage would be done if a tests were done on them but it’s too inhumane isn’t it? But horrible torture to milions of animals in concentration camps for nothing it’s OK for idiotic humans! We have to kick the buckets out because we don’t deserve to live on this planet, we live against the God’s will in here!

  18. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Lab people testing on animals, More candidates for rotting in hell!!!?
    Signed & Shared.

  19. Destroy animal labs!
    Technology has replaced live animal labs.

    We need to test on the humans building these labs.
    Take one for the team fellows.

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