Retire Cancer Stricken Elderly Dolphin From Marine Park

Target: Paige Sinclair, CEO of Dolphin Marine Magic

Goal: Retire Bucky, an elderly dolphin with cancer, to an accredited sanctuary.

Dolphin Marine Magic is a marine park located in Australia that is currently forcing a 47-year-old dolphin ridden with cancer to perform daily. The dolphin, named Bucky, is the star of the show and sometimes performs two to three times a day.

Dolphins typically live between 40 and 50 years. At 47, Bucky is at the human equivalent of 80 years old. In addition, a veterinarian noticed lumps in Bucky’s mouth which were later confirmed to be cancer. In his poor health, Bucky is still forced to jump through hoops, do flips in the air and drag people across pools.

Sign this petition and demand Bucky is retired to an accredited sanctuary. He does not have much time left, however we could make it the best time of his life.


Dear Ms. Sinclair,

Currently, your facility holds a dolphin, named Bucky, who is 47 years old and sick with cancer. As you probably know, dolphins typically live between 40 and 50 years. At 47, this puts Bucky at the human equivalent of 80 years old.

It is unacceptable, cruel and selfish of you to continue forcing Bucky to perform shows daily, including doing flips, jumping through hoops ad dragging people across pools. Bucky does not have much time left and he deserves to rest for his remaining days.

If you truly care about these animals, then you already know what is best for Bucky. Please retire him to an accredited sanctuary where he can happily live out the rest of his days.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Australia for Dolphins

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  1. Rita Grahn says:

    In fact, if Bucky is retired to a sanctuary, then his entire pod-family should also be retired with him. Surely he doesn’t want to spend his last remaining days away from his pod?

  2. Julie pickering says:

    Absolutely disgusted that this poor beautiful creature is made to suffer. Let him retire and lives out his remaining days in peace!

  3. maxine sheehan says:

    These aquariums are cruel, I just didn’t realise how bad they are. This poor, suffering creature, they are making sure they get every last dime out of him before he dies. I agree with Rita, the entire pod should be retired. If I had my way aquariums would all have been closed own by now. They can’t offer even a fraction of swimming space these animals need. God Bless you Bucky, I pray they set you free for your last months/years.

    • I agree. Would Sinclair like to be confined, have cancer and perform for the ignorant humans who pay to see this barbarity and who are the ones who keep this disgusting cruelty going on. If people stopped paying to see this the place would have to close. This CEO is no animal lover. Australia is just as bad as the Asians where animal welfare is concerned.

  4. Anne Stph says:

    This is outrageous cruelty for money – the RSPCA (Coffs Harbor) should be stepping in, immediately, for this sick and elderly Dolphin. How can any intelligent person go to these places and watch animals behave unnaturally??

  5. This is horrible. When i saw this story, i was expecting it to be out of Indonesia or China, and was shocked that this is in Australia! Please think of what the dolphin wants.

  6. Why is this even in question? Let him and his pod go to sanctuary. Greedy evil bastards

  7. It would be lovely if this dolphin who has given so much pleasure to everyone all these years to finish it’s days in a sanctuary. Should not be performing.

  8. It is truly time these amusement parks featuring wild animals should be discontinued. With all our new technology people can visually see them in their own habitat. It is only greed that continues the imprisonment of these noble creatures.

  9. Pamela Mckenzie says:

    This beautiful dolphin should be in an accredited sanctuary now!
    What kind of people are you that run this marine park & the public that visit there?
    You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

  10. Ana French says:

    Rita is right, he sould go to a sanctuary with the whole family

  11. Would Sinclair like to be confined, have cancer and perform for the ignorant humans who pay to see this barbarity and who are the ones who keep this disgusting cruelty going on. If people stopped paying to see this the place would have to close.

  12. simon rickman says:

    How hard is it to see that you must respect and care for those who work for you? Shame on all the animal users and abusers.

  13. F CHRISTENSON says:


  14. OH PLEASE! Why is it the decent man/woman in the street recognizes the need for and asks for these pitiful creatures to be given the retirement and/or treatment they need – while those who own and are supposedly ‘expert’ in their ‘care’ – don’t know what their needs are – or simply don’t care!

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  16. Poor baby 🙁
    Let him live out his life in peace.
    Such greedy pieces of shit.
    That poor beautiful animal doesn’t deserve to suffer and hurt and be forced to preform for profit daily.

    I think Sinclair should get cancer, be held captive, while we get to stone him/her and laugh as entertainment!

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