Justice for Bear Cub Needlessly Put to Death

Target: Mary Polak, Minister of Environment for B.C.

Goal: Update the conservation officer service to provide stricter regulations for the use of lethal force in wildlife encounters.

An orphaned black bear cub was euthanized by a conservation officer despite the fact that a wildlife center had already offered to rehabilitate the cub and release it back into the wild. Local resident Tiana Jackson rescued the bear cub after she found it lying by the road near Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and brought it home to keep it safe while waiting for the conservation officer. Jackson kept the cub in a large kennel and gave it food and water, but when the conservation officer arrived less than two hours later he immediately administered a lethal injection despite Jackson’s claim that the bear was “very responsive, awake and alert.”

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society was willing to take in the bear cub but needed a conservation officer to approve the rehabilitation. The wildlife society allegedly tried several times to call the conservation officer but did not hear back until the bear had already been euthanized, at which point it was reported that the cub was unsuitable for rehab due to poor health. Jackson’s report conflicts with this statement, as she took several photos of the bear cub playing and seemingly healthy on her property. The Ministry of Environment defended the conservation officer and released a statement citing the dangers of interacting with wildlife; if a bear cub is treated in a way that makes it feel comfortable around humans, it can be a danger once it has grown.

While this concern is legitimate, is difficult to accept that death was the only option for this healthy bear cub. The Northern Lights Wildlife Society has successfully rehabilitated over 350 black bears over the course of 26 years, is currently caring for two other orphaned bear cubs, and would have been happy to take in a third. The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals has launched a campaign calling for “an open dialogue between the Ministry of Environment, stakeholders, and the general public, on the methodology and policies of the Conservation Officer Service.” This discussion of policies would help to increase transparency and minimize the growing public distrust of first responders. Sign the petition below to urge the Ministry of Environment to accept this proposal and provide stricter regulations for the use of lethal force in wildlife encounters.


Dear Ms. Polak,

A bear cub was euthanized by a conservation officer after the Northern Lights Wildlife Society had already offered to rehabilitate it and release it back into the wild. Resident Tania Jackson rescued the cub near Dawson Creek and brought it home to keep it from starving or getting lost while waiting for the conservation officer to arrive. Yet despite her claim that the bear was responsive, alert, and healthy, the officer chose to euthanize it immediately.

Human interaction with wildlife is a serious concern as it can lead a bear to feel dangerously comfortable around people once it has grown, but it is difficult to accept that this bear cub had no alternatives other than death after less than two hours of proximity to its rescuer. The Northern Lights Wildlife Society has successfully rehabilitated and released over 350 black bears over 26 years, and is currently taking care of two other orphaned bear cubs. Clearly this kind of rehabilitation can be safely undertaken, and the conflicting reports on the state of this bear cub’s health raise concerns about the Conservation Officer Service’s use of lethal force.

The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals has requested an “open dialogue between the Ministry of Environment, stakeholders, and the general public, on the methodology and policies of the Conservation Officer Service.” I am urging you to accept this request in the interest of greater transparency and in the hope that it will minimize the public’s growing distrust of first responders. Please take action to update the conservation officer service and provide clear, strict regulations to ensure that lethal force is only used when absolutely necessary in wildlife encounters.


[Your Name Here]

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    Stop & pursue this deformity – instantly!

    Not humane than barbaric and worthless criminal killers! Or not?

    • Euthanize the perpetrator, scum like him doesn’t deserve to live. He has the same attitude as the hateful director of Copenhagen zoo in Denmark that puts down animals surplus to their needs even though the animals have been offered a home in a sanctuary. Bloody minded cretins should be sacked or better still exterminated off the face of the earth. A cancer curse on both of them.

  2. this great cub had a rescue now. shame on these lame workers that are taking great wildlife lives now.

  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    Euthanize this conservation officer for being stupid then!! This officer needs to help keep animals alive NOT killing them!!!!!

  4. Is there something in the water in the almighty US?
    Pet dogs executed by police simply for barking, or LOOKING vicious, or even just standing in a hallway.
    A scared cat hiding in a bush that was shot by a cop.
    Now this, a little bear cub doing no harm and on its way to a rescue centre being given a lethal injection.

    A murderous trend with no justification whatsoever, and no reprimand for the killers!

    • I am more and more shocked of this” humane ” behavior of authorities versus animals and I am asking myself how must be an animal to be “permitted” to live in peace,forests burnt,poisoned waters and air,these “almighty”and too many people are destroying all on Earth and the planet itself for pleasure and money!Too many idiots and criminals especially on our beautiful planet!they deserve to die instead of all animals!

  5. I totally agree with Bina P – every day there is some other cruelty going on in America – there are some very sick people in the world! Has nothing been learnt about safeguarding wildlife since Blaze the bear was put to death without a second thought and now this poor cub! What is this world coming to!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Shame on this officer!!! A rescue was willing to take him in, care for him, then release him back to the wild. What the hell was the reason for killing this baby? This is sick! Please prosecute this officer for the murder of an innocent cub. Rest in Peace little one 🙁

  7. Rosemary Miller says:

    I have absolutely no trust in Conservation Officers, they would be the last people I would call if I rescued Wildlife ! The majority of people are beginning to feel this way, after hearing on T.V. Newspapers the horrific approach these so called protection officials have towards Wildlife ! They take the easy way out of Kill First Answer Questions Later ! I would find the nearest Sanctuary and take the animal there. Leave out the Conservation Officers until the Ministry of Environment changes its Officers approach to save Wildlife instead of its KILL FIRST policy !!

    • Jacqui Skill says:

      I hear that.. I have had the worst experiences with the FWS and Fish and Game commission..they are the enemies of wildlife and kill them ..it is reprehensible!!

  8. Catherine Dugan says:

    What a lying creep! How dare he take the life of that poor bear cub! He committed murder and he should be punished!

  9. Sherri Robertson says:

    I personally feel this article and statements presented are a bunch of hogwash where the conservationist is concerned. I feel there was absolutely no need to euthanize this poor cub simply because it was in the hands of someone who tried to protect it. Then to have someone come in and euthanize it is complete barbaric. The cub was not in human hands long enough to not be able to take it to a rescue center, and even still because it was a cub these people would interact in some way with it as well. It aggravates me that the human compassion in instances like this has gone out the window and the best solution is nothing more than excuses and “Oh let’s just kill it”

  10. Conservation officer MY ASS !!!!!! This individual is a murderer and criminal who should be FIRED and then prosecuted !!!! It is the ultimate irony to refer to any “conservationist” as someone who would murder a helpless cub !!!!!!

  11. Give this POS animal murderer the death penalty!

  12. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    Straight up jerk.

  13. Fire this incredible asshole! He didn’t have to murder this innocent baby bear. Too many people in authority are ignorant and callous when it comes to animals.

  14. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    It’s very dangerous when you give someone a badge and they start playing God. “Conservation officer” is a service occupation.

  15. Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

    Didn’t the moron understand the word ‘Conservation’ in front of his title, he should be the one put down !! This was just plain murder ..

  16. Ana French says:

    Poor bear. He should be put in jail for animal abuse and cruelty.

  17. There was a reputable, certified rescue group waiting to take in this cub — IF ONLY … IF ONLY … this cub would be alive today if not for the flawed & poor decision made by this conservation officer (why choose death when the risk was so minimal, if that ) — why would a group like the Northern Lights Wildlife Society with loads of proven experience need “approval” — IF ONLY there was a direct transfer from Jackson, who found the cub, to Northern Lights — my heart breaks for this baby who would’ve had a wonderful life — Hold the conservation officer responsible & accountable — his justification doesn’t hold up — it’s a very poor defense. — Look into your rules and regulations — it’s a matter of life & death for these wonderful animals who deserve to live and have every right to do so — their lives are valuable.

  18. Ellis Toscano says:

    Let us call a spade a spade. No conservation officer here. A paid gunslinger who took the easiest way out. Fire him. If the government defends him blindly, boot them out too.

  19. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  20. This conservation officer is more than obviously non normal and was super fast to murder a poor innocent bear cub, so I do think as it is obvious that this officer is non normal, didn’t act by the law profession ethics so just give him or her a lethal injection and that’s done.

    This is one of those criminals that tortured and kill animals. This one even uses the profession to do it.

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