Justice for Muslim Teen Labeled “Isis” in Yearbook

Target: Susan Petrocelli, Principal of Los Osos High School

Goal: Punish students who labeled Muslim teenager as “Isis” in high school yearbook.

A Muslim teenager was identified as “Isis Phillips” in her high school yearbook where she’s photographed wearing her hijab. Bayan Zehlif posted a photo of it online saying she was hurt and embarrassed, so the school claimed it was a typo. The yearbook staff claimed malice wasn’t their intention when they made the so-called mistake. Not only is it racist, but to label a teenager as part of a terrorist group could be dangerous to her well-being.

Putting a Muslim kid’s name as “Isis” seems to be no mistake and the school should be ashamed of themselves for trying to brush off this apparent racism and call it a typo. Surely the principal, who called it a “misprint,” is intelligent enough to see that it is unlikely that this was an innocent mistake. Demand that the school staff and yearbook staff stop brushing this event under the rug and reprimand whoever was responsible for printing the hurtful name.


Dear Principal Petrocelli,

In this year’s high school yearbook, a Muslim student, wearing her hijab, appeared under the name “Isis Phillips” instead of her real name, which is nothing close to the racist one printed.

It seems that the school and yearbook staff don’t take racism seriously since they’re claiming this was an innocent mistake when that is hard to believe. We demand that you stop covering up for this deplorable behavior and reprimand whoever is responsible for tainting this poor young girl’s yearbook photo.


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Photo credit: anuarsalleh

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  1. Wendy Morrison says:

    This so-called principal should have known better than approving this act of MEANNESS especially in a yearbook. This so-called principal needs to apologize and do whatever it takes to makes this correct for this teenager.

  2. Samra Kovacevic says:

    So disrespectful and shameful!!! Punish the ones responsible for such a xenophobic act!!!

  3. “There is a real Isis Phillips who did attend this school. She was often mistaken for Bayan by kids that know her. It is more offensive to the REAL Isis that her name is being slandered by organizations supposed to protect against this kind of stuff.
    Dk says:
    My kids go to the school, our friends know both girls. Blown way out of proportion.
    actually I go to the school, and there actually is a black girl named Isis Phillips who apparently transferred out a while ago.
    She was misnamed on one photo. Her actual portrait was properly named. Both girls look similar, and friends – yes friends would mistake one for the other. Look the girl has every right to be upset. But so does the real Isis Phillips for all those who assumed it was a fake racially motivated prank.. It was a God honest mistake.” Maybe you should all stop trying to stir up trouble & accuse people wrongly just because she’s Muslim; she even thought it was funny at first until she realized she could exploit this & stir things up.

    • Celeste H. says:

      Dear Brenda, thank you for truly clearing up this whole misunderstanding — I hope everyone will read your post, and it just shows you that we shouldn’t take everything we read at face value — we should do our own research and try to learn more of the whole truth… Also, something that strikes me is that the Islamic State is actually referred to as ISIS, in capital letters — why do we have to think of the Islamic State just because we see the name Isis?
      Can’t we also think of the Egyptian goddess Isis?
      Or do we let the media control our thoughts? I per-
      sonally think of the book “Isis, Maria, Sophia” that
      Rudolph Steiner wrote many years ago, a very spirit-
      ually enlightened book that tried to explain the
      meanings behind these names — as in the feminine
      face of God (the very opposite of what the other
      ISIS is doing)… If you do more research, you will
      find that some people (both past and present) believe
      that Isis the Egyptian goddess or priestess, was one
      form of our universal Mother God — and that she
      and her son Horus were another mythical (or perhaps
      literal) example of the Madonna and Child, Mary and
      son Jesus… So the next time you hear about the
      horrible killings being done by the group ISIS, may-
      be try to do more research on the other real Isis
      of ancient Egypt (which is probably considered an
      honorable name to have, if some mothers are naming
      their daughters Isis, after the Mother Goddess)…
      We do have free will and free thoughts in this
      world, don’t let your mind be controlled by the
      media or groups trying to stir up racism… You
      can stand up for Love instead…

  4. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! This girl’s got nothing better to do than to make a big mountain out of a molehill??
    She needs to get a life, & stop being so hyper-sensitive about such a minor thing, AND SO DO YOU who are trying to help her make a big deal out of it.
    Many Muslim girls are named Isis, including the one at her school that was mentioned in the article.
    Looks like another case of Muslims trying to claim “Islamophobia” so that law enforcement will be handcuffed with political correctness, & then Islamic terrorists can do their dirty deeds with less risk of being caught, like the people in San Bernadino who didn’t call police due to fears of being called “Islamophobic”.
    Kendra Richards & the rest of you people need to grow up & find something better to do with your time.

  5. Diane Petrillo Diane Petrillo says:

    That was no typo, and he should be fired for vicious racial insinuations.

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