Stop Burning Women to Death in Horrific “Honor Killings”

Target: Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Prime Minister

Goal: Punish those who tortured and burned a woman to death in a gruesome honor killing.

A teenage girl was choked, injected with poison, tied to a van, and then burned to death. A Pakistani tribal council ordered the so-called honor killing after the girl allegedly helped her friends elope. Demand that justice is served for the victim of this gruesome tradition.

The brutal honor killing took place just days after the couple ran away to get married. A 15-member tribal council convened to hold up the long-standing tradition of punishment. They targeted 16-year-old Ambreen and claimed that she was involved in the lovers’ plot. Ambreen received a common punishment for women who disobey the law in Pakistan — death by fire.

Though honor killings are illegal, they still happen. About 1,100 women were killed by relatives in Pakistan last year simply for disobeying men. This is unacceptable. Sign below and take a stand against honor killings.


Dear Prime Minister Sharif,

Over a dozen men sentenced a teenage girl to death in a so-called honor killing. The girl endured horrific torture before she was burned to death. We demand that you take a stand for Pakistani women and stop honor killings.

Sixteen-year-old Ambreen was choked, injected with poison, tied to a van, and then burned to death. A 15-member tribal council sentenced her to this punishment because she allegedly helped her neighbor and her neighbor’s boyfriend elope.

Pakistani women live their lives in fear. Even the smallest offense against a man can result in their death. We demand that the men who tortured Ambreen endure a harsh penalty and ask that you put an end to this horrific tradition.


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  1. Nadine brundage says:

    These people are so backward, they will never change. They need stricter laws and punishment to help these poor woman. These crimes are so horrific , why can’t these men be educated .????

  2. Belinda Lang says:

    So-called “honor killings” are nothing but murder. These are the acts of savages and barbarians.

  3. Done!!!!wish we could just shove ASIANS/ PAKISTANIS & INDIANS PRIMITIVS BASTARDS off the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE PRIMITIVES ARE CRUEL TO WOMEN/CHILDREN’S & ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. Nancy Clifford says:

    There is nothing honorable about these killings.
    How many men have been killed for “honor” killings.
    How many should have been?

  5. The people of foreign countries need to get out of the old days and embrace in the world the way it is to day all of you male bastards need to learn that this is not your world yous do not own it and every body in it so take your control crap and shove it up your ass

  6. Backward country. Other countries should stop communication and trade deals etc until they change their ways and their laws to protect women.

  7. FreeMySoles says:

    Disgusting, disgraceful, beyond belief. Punishment for this type of crime should be swift and severe. There is a point where a country’s maltreatment of any group cannot be tolerated by other countries. It is not meddling to insist that internationally recognized standards of behavior be honored. If Pakistan wishes to be treated as an ally and friend, it must clean up its own backwaters.

    In the meantime, atrocities of this kind in all countries should be publicized and brought into the light of day.

    These people, I assume, are “devout” Muslims. Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not kill.” ?

    “Ecrasez l’infame!” (Voltaire)

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  9. Elizabeth Charlton says:

    There are monsters among us.

  10. Tina Florell says:

    “There is a point where a country’s maltreatment of any group cannot be tolerated by other countries. It is not meddling to insist that internationally recognized standards of behaviour be honoured.”

    Like not giving raped women an abortion!
    Like not giving women with a dead foster an abortion but forcing them to wait for their body to dispose of it and if it kills them, bad luck, but no abortion!

  11. Betânia says:

    Hello people i wish to know where this case to happened in Pakistan. Which town it to happened and the name of the people please.

  12. Czerny A. says:

    These ignorant men know nothing about honor. It’s all about power and control over women who’ve been conditioned to accept male domination.

  13. DAVID PEACH says:

    Mr SADIQ KHAN given a high position in a Democratic country of being elected MAYOR OF LONDON I implore you to speak up for Women and especially 16 fear old AMBREEN who was choked poisoned and the burnt to DEATH demand she should get JUSTICE in PAKISTAN, use your influence and appeal to Mr NAWAZ SHARIF the PRIME MINISTER

  14. pamela bolton says:

    I feel all 15 men should be held accountable. They all had a hand in her death/murder. Just how barbaric can one race of people get??

  15. Mary Sims says:

    Primitive, superstitious, sadistic, male centered culture! These people need to stay in their 3rd world regions. Instead, our “enlightened” government officials allow and even encourage them to take up residence in the United States. All part of the fundamental change and rampant multi-culturalism that is inflicting the country.

  16. Those who killed her deserve the same treatment. Stop this barbaric “tradition”. It is time to grow up and evolve.

  17. Karen Remnant says:

    There is nothing honorable in murder! Another girl murdered by the whims of ignorant bastards. Time these countries left the dark ages behind.

  18. Dilys Clarke says:

    Stop these honour killings immediately. This type of thing shouldnt happen in this day and age. Protect the women of these digusting countries that at carry them out.

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