Don’t Demolish Ancient Woodland Near Donald Trump Golf Course

Target: Aberdeenshire Council Provost Hamish Vernal

Goal: Discontinue plans to destroy majestic forest in order to build golf course.

A golf course has been approved for construction in Aberdeenshire, Scotland — right through a centuries-old wooded sanctuary for a multitude of animal and plant species. Red squirrels, pine martens, bats, rare butterflies, and birds are set to be displaced. This course would be the 48th addition to Aberdeenshire’s selection of golfing grounds.

Previously, the same location has come under international scrutiny after acquiring the patronage of Donald Trump. Trump financed the bulldozing of sand dunes that had been designated a site of special scientific interest, ignoring criticism from the Scottish Wildlife Trust, and the Golf Environment Organisation, which condemned the course’s “considerable negative impact on what was one of the U.K.’s most valuable mobile sand dune systems.” The American business mogul terrorized neighbors throughout the demolition, and in a typically arrogant and out-of-touch defense of his project, claimed that “the environmentalists love what I’ve done.”

Developers have only agreed to the new golf course under the condition that 90 5-bedroom homes will also be built, 44 of which directly on land that comprises Slicewells Wood. This clearly contradicts the Aberdeenshire Council’s local plan to build no more than 3 homes per development. For some avid golfers, like Donald Trump, such plans are as expendable as natural beauty.

A 48th golf course is not worth the lives of thousands of animals and the ruin of an ancient landscape. Please sign the petition to save Slicewells Wood.


Dear Councillor Vernal,

A golf course has been approved for construction on land that has been preserved for centuries as Slicewells Wood. This would be the 48th golf course in Aberdeenshire, and would be accompanied by 90 5-bedroom homes, far exceeding the 3-home-per-development limit previously imposed by the Aberdeenshire Council.

Aberdeenshire has reached international notoriety in recent years for its submission to the destructive designs of current American presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Please do not allow your council to make the same mistake twice. Though Trump’s obliteration of sand dunes that had been labeled “one of the U.K.’s most valuable” cannot be reversed, Slicewells Wood can still be saved.

What little unperturbed natural beauty we have left on our planet must be considered more important than a superfluous golfing ground. Please call an end to plans for this 48th course, and resume Scotland’s tradition of protecting its majestic natural environment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lynette and Malcolm Johnson

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  1. Barbara Tomlinson says:

    Golf Courses are among the MOST DESTRUCTIVE THINGS ON THE PLANET, they take loads of Herbicides and Pesticides, POISONS, to keep those lawns smooth and green, the Runoff CONTAMINATES WATER. There should not be A SINGLE MORE GOLF COURSE BUILT ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, the Earth CANNOT AFFORD THEM, they serve only a very few wealthy for their “fun” and Status Symbols – while Golf Courses ROB the Poor and the Non-wealthy of Productive uses of the Land, and of Nature. GOLF SHOULD BE ENTIRELY ABOLISHED as a “Sport”, except maybe for “Miniature Golf”.

    • Diana N. says:

      Not to mention they’re among the most useless things on the planet. I’m an athlete, but I think most of those who play Golf wouldn’t even be able to run 5k or to do a few chin-ups. Golf is NOT a sport!

    • What a load of unadulterated crap you are talking. You are not helping the cause one tiny bit. I disagree totally with these plans because they are on “wilderness” land, but to say golf courses are one of the most destructive things on the planet? Wake up. There are far more pollutants, and more dangerous ones, put on the average farming crop than ever go anywhere near a golf course. Runoff from farms is far worse than that from golf course. Runoff from farms generally just feeds straight into the nearest water course, untreated. When it’s not crops that have been sprayed, it is animals that have been fed crap and injected with all sorts. Runoff from golf courses is usually carefully managed along sewers and open drains under the course and treated properly at a wastewater plant. Most golf courses are built on land already earmarked for “development”, not wilderness, so you have the choice of a golf course, industrialisation or housing. The latter two cover most of the area in concrete and tarmac, cause all sorts of problems with pollution and runoff, and leave no room for wildlife. My local golf courses are havens for squirrels, deer, badgers, rabbits, all sorts of bird and plant. Some are sites of special scientific interest. Get a life!

    HE’S A “BIG MOUTH” WAR MONGER” !!!!!!!!

  3. No, No, a thousand times No — Absolutely Not!

  4. this cursed money rules the world – UNFORTUNATELY
    a wipe heard of precious natural with all this is murder and a shame which is never to make amends.
    but so is Trumpi sen. – With his money he buys all and everything
    his breed (sons) killed wild animals in Africa, virtually anywhere, Trumpi sen. buys the world with his fucking money –
    But people who work for Trumpi and / or the Trumpi sell all he wants are much worse –
    anyone who makes the death of the nature or the animal guilty must someday suffer.

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    What is that bloody cretinous Trump doing in OUR country anyway?????? As Beth J says-NO,NO a THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!!

  6. Rosemary says:

    I love Scotland and this would be a disaster. Trump will not keep his side of the bargain.

  7. Tina Florell says:

    It seems like Trump soon might be able to destroy his home country. That should be more than enough for the rest of the world. He already has destroyed a part of Scotland for a golf course. Don’t let him destroy more. He is a disaster!

  8. Elspeth Forbes says:

    But this has nothing to do with Trump; it is Jack Nicklaus who is backing the course. I don’t disagree with the petition, or the sentiments about D. Trump esq: I am just concerned about the impact on the success of the petition (and the broader campaign) that linking Trump ‘s name in could have. He might have an actual, legitimate, basis for a lawsuit.

  9. Ned Buxton says:

    Love Scotland and Aberdeenshire and would hate to see this happen…the potential for poisoning the environment, the loss of habitat and trees so highly prized. All for the sake of the Almighty dollar…please vote No!

  10. Rosie nicol says:

    I agree with everything Elspeth says…these woodlands must be saved, but petition must be factually correct….this has nothing to do with D. Trump…

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