Uphold Ban on Cruel Snare Traps

Target: Kathy Hochul, Lieutenant Governor of the State of New York

Goal: Don’t allow New Yorkers to kill animals with snare traps.

Snare traps are cruel devices that result in extreme pain and suffering for any animal unlucky enough to wander into one. Fortunately, they have been illegal in the state of New York for a long time. However, a new bill introduced to the New York State Legislature aims to bring them back. If passed, this bill would make the use of a particular type of snare trap legal, leaving coyotes and many other animals vulnerable to people who want to kill them.

Snare traps are notoriously inhumane. Trapped animals oftentimes struggle for hours and even days before finally dying. They are also totally indiscriminate, meaning that non-target animals like dogs and cats are regularly maimed and killed by them. Even majestic animals like bobcats and bald eagles have been known to fall victim to snare traps.

The New York Assembly rejected a similar piece of legislation in 2015. Nevertheless, a number of lawmakers and lobbyists remain determined to make it legal to kill animals with snare traps. To make matters worse, this year’s bill has been expanded to include nearly every county in the state.

Anyone who cares about the welfare of innocent animals should be horrified by the proposed legislation. Please sign the petition below urging the New York State Legislature to stand up for its animals and vote no to this bill.


Dear Lieutenant Governer Hochul,

I was distressed to learn that the New York State Legislature is considering passing a bill that would make the use of cruel snare traps legal in almost every county. These traps are notoriously inhumane. Animals unlucky enough to get caught in them oftentimes suffer in extreme pain for hours or even days before finally dying. Furthermore, many of the animals crippled and killed by snare traps are “non-target” animals, such as raccoons, bobcats, beavers, bald eagles, and family pets like dogs and cats.

These animals want to live, and they have as much a right to their lives as you and I do. Leaving them vulnerable to the whims of hunters and trappers is unacceptable. Please stand up for New York’s animals by voting no on this bill and encouraging your colleagues to do the same. Your compassion will save innocent lives.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. These are the most diabolic and dastardly gadgets on the face of the earth, aside from guns and clubs.
    People who have not been there think of New York as a built up city. Concrete and glass. They would be amazed by the landscape that surrounds and forms New York State.
    Please,Lieutenant Governor Hochul, be proud of the wilderness that is yours and the flora and fauna that make it and keep it, maintain and preserve it as part of a fragile and yet historic eco-system. It is unique. It is iconic. It is precious beyond words and money. It is yours. Please, don’t hurt it in this terrible, terrible way. Ban these traps from being used in your State and say something profound about wildlife and it’s need for our compassion, care, preservation and wise, humane control, if control be needed. Thank you for your time.

  2. Please do not let this happen, dog suffered horribly in one of these traps. Do the right thing!

  3. This is insane! Why would anyone want to cause such pain and suffering to any living breathing animal?? This is deplorable and it must stop. Not only are the animals that these trappers want caught, injured and killed in a horrific and very painful way but so are peoples pets,(dogs and cats) birds, etc and sometimes humans get caught in them and are severely injured.

    STOP cruel and inhumane trapping now!!

    • You are so Right, no living creature should have to be subjected to such cruel and inhumane atrocities, I know that many of our beloved pets, and even children are at great risk, this is insanity!


  5. DOGS AND CHILDREN MAIMED, HOW DARE YOU ALLOW THESE TRAPS! As elected official protect the public!!

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