Shut Down ‘Non-Religious’ Church Poisoning Its Adherents

Target: Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Goal: Shut down a “non-religious” church that promotes poison as a “cure-all.”

The Genesis II Church of Health & Healing is a “non-religious” church that offers its parishioners products that it claims can cure all sorts of diseases and conditions, including acne, cancer, arthritis, AIDS, malaria, erectile dysfunction, and autism. The only catch is that this product, called the “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” contains a chemical called sodium chlorite, which is commonly found in pesticides, hydraulic fracturing chemicals, and fabric bleaching.

The Genesis II Church engages in what’s referred to as “quackery,” the promotion of fraudulent or ignorant medical practices. “Quackery” has been used to describe other “cure-all” medical products and services throughout history, including Clark Stanley’s snake oil (which is where the term “snake oil salesman” comes from), radioactive water, lobotomies, and psychic surgery.

The Genesis II Church operates on five continents and in Oceania and believes that it “has a spiritual mission to save mankind.” In doing so, it is pushing potentially harmful products, claiming that they can cure a whole host of conditions and diseases. Along with products that contain sodium chlorite, it also pushes products that contain dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical that in large doses is a developmental neurotoxin.

If a product is claimed to diagnose, treat, prevent, or even cure any disease, that product is considered a drug. In the United States, the sale of illegal drugs is a felony. Yet, the Genesis II Church of Health & Healing continues to operate, peddling poisons as cures to everything from acne to autism. The “Miracle Mineral Supplement” has no scientific literature endorsing its claims. The Genesis II Church is engaging in dangerous harmful-if-swallowed quackery and must be stopped.

Sign the petition to stop the Genesis II Church from defrauding people seeking cures by giving them potentially harmful products they claim can cure anything.


Dear Attorney General Lynch,

The Genesis II Church of Health & Healing pushes a product called “Miracle Mineral Supplement,” which contains a high amount of the chemical sodium chlorite, which is commonly found in pesticides, fracking, and fabric bleaching. The Genesis II Church claims this product is a “cure-all,” having the ability to cure everything from acne to AIDS to malaria and even autism. The claim that “Miracle Mineral Supplement” can cure these conditions classifies the product as a drug and in the United States, it is illegal to sell unapproved drugs.

It is with this in mind that we urge you to open an investigation in the Genesis II Church or Health & Healing and hold it accountable for exploiting the fear and grief of people who are desperate to help themselves or their loved ones. The Genesis II Church is using hope as a cash-grab and beyond the fact such practices are extremely unethical, because its product is touted as a “cure-all,” it is illegal as well.


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One Comment

  1. Let me just say, the ability of humans to be conned and fooled out of their money and even their health and safety is remarkable!

    I bet NONE of the church’s adherents “trust” doctors or traditional medicine, despite the fact that we are now saving more lives than ever before in the history of the world……yet this underground fear and hostility exists……some of those who would very likely STILL be with us if they’d trusted traditional medicine, include Steve Jobs, Roger Ebert, Prince, and so many, many more!

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