Justice for Murdered and Barbecued Dog

Target: Leon A. Cannizzaro, Jr, Orleans Parish District Attorney

Goal: Locate and punish those involved with the brutal murder and grilling of a dog.

A dog was found cooked on a grill in City Park, Louisiana. This gruesome discovery was made by a woman walking her dog on the loop trail. She discovered the dog burnt and charred in the middle of a fire pit and called the Humane Society of Louisiana. Testing revealed multiple traumas, including a fractured skull, that may have been inflicted prior to the dog being cooked.

The perpetrator of this grisly crime remains unknown. Demand those responsible for such acts of cruelty are found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Attorney Cannizzaro,

A local resident was walking her dog and made the horrifying discovery of a dog burnt and charred in a fire pit in City Park. Testing of the remains revealed multiple fractures and and stab wounds which may have been inflicted prior to death.

The Humane Society of Louisiana has issued a citywide Animal Abuse Alert and is seeking tips leading to the perpetrator of this heinous crime. We demand those responsible for killing and grilling a dog in City Park are located and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo credit: Miran Rijavec

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  1. Lawren Rudley says:

    Beyond words…this sob needs to suffer severe pain and go extinct

    • The bastards need to be hanged, not fit to walk the earth. Trouble is the law makers haven’t the guts.

      • with you Shirley. Where are the big “decision makers”? They are as useless as a picture frame hanging from a door knob. They have the platform to stop this cruelty but prefer to look the other way.

  2. This is terrible! I felt bad for this dog.
    Since I’m a vegetarian; I will not eat her.

    • Good for you Aaron! But go one step further and become vegan. Save the dairy cows, their children and male chicks who are brutalised by humans for human consumption.

  3. There needs to be stiff fines and jail time for animal abuse and DEATH !!! these kinds of BARBARIANS need to be off this earth !!!

  4. A movement is needed to watch out for animal abusers and to show them what happens to scum like that!

    Even when caught they don’t get sentenced long enough and fining and Community service is laughable!

  5. Here in the U.K 2 scumbags were charged with beating and kicking their own dog in the house, and they posted it on YouTube!

    What did they get!?

    A few weeks in prison a fine and told they must not have any animals!
    The poor dog had to be put down as it suffered so much!

    That’s gonna make a difference I don’t think!
    It’s all just laughable, the court’s hands are tied, the government needs to step up and allow courts to give a minimum of 5 years for any animal abuse.

    I personally would rather wipe them off the face of the earth!

    I don’t want to hear anyone saying’its the way they were raised’ because they know exactly what they are doing ! that’s just the kind of crap that psychology nuts( so called do gooders come out with) untill it’s their dog/cat

  6. Animal abuse register. That would go some way. This register would follow you for life and If you are added to this register you are banned from owning animals FOREVER.

  7. Animal abuse register would be great you’re right but, they also need longer sentences.

  8. Barbecue him, it will be the last barbecue for him, bastard!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Is Louisiana “law enforcement” going to do ANYTHING??

  10. Harold Winston says:

    Please bring back lynching and waterboarding for these motherfuckers. Please, please find these cunts and make them feel the pain these dogs felt.

  11. Cook all of these savages responsible for this cruelty on a grill and see if they like it! If not, grill them in any case! The world can do without them!!

  12. Sick beyond belief! I hope the person or people responsible for this heinous and callous deed will be brought to book and punished severely.
    What a disgrace, this human race!!!!

  13. Sick bastardized, maybe he needs to be grilled. WTF?1

  14. Catherine Dugan says:

    I am completely horrified that some insane person would do this to a beloved animal!

  15. I am ready, willing and able to help enact the required payback to these POS.

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  17. the worst crime of all, Cooking a living thing. The bastard who did this should be cooked alive though.

  18. Such sick scumbags!
    People who abuse animals, elderly people, and children DO NOT deserve to live or enjoy a day of their lives.
    They deserve to die a horrible death.
    A eye for a eye is exactly how it should be, they deserve to suffer the same horrible trauma their victim did.

    Only a coward or piece of shit harms a defenseless and helpless person, child, or animal.

  19. Lauren Amick says:

    Pure evil.

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