Protect Critically Endangered Himalayan Woolly Wolf

Target: Hon. Agni Prasad Sapkota, Nepal’s Minister of Forest and Soil Conservation

Goal: Increase conservation efforts to protect the Himalayan wolf from going extinct.

The Himalayan wolf is critically endangered and will soon face extinction if greater conservation efforts are not made to protect this rare species. The Himalayan wolf, also known as the “woolly wolf” for its distinctively woolly fur, comes from one of the most ancient wolf lineages and is much smaller and visibly unique from its European cousin. The species can only be found in the Trans-Himalayan region, and it is estimated that the population is less than 350 animals. While the Himalayan wolf is legally protected in India, it receives no protection in Tibet despite being listed as critically endangered on the National Red list.

The biggest threat to the Himalayan wolf is human interference. As part of a study recently published in the journal ZooKeys, scientists interviewed herders, livestock owners, nomads and village elite in an effort to understand the status of the human-wolf conflict in Nepal. The vulnerable population is threatened by local livestock owners who view Himalayan wolves as a danger to their livelihood. As a result, many of the wolves are being killed off to discourage them from hunting livestock. The study acknowledges this human-wildlife conflict, and stresses that “a special action plan needs to be formulated that develops mechanisms to minimize conflict, and strategies for motivating local communities towards wolf conservation.”

The Himalayan wolf is already at risk from global warming and climate change, and human disruption must be minimized to protect this endangered species from extinction. Sign the petition below to urge Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to increase protections for the Himalayan wolf and keep this critically threatened species from dying out.


Dear Hon. Minister Sapkota,

The Himalayan wolf is listed as critically endangered on the National Red List and will soon face extinction if greater conservation efforts are not made to protect this vulnerable species from human interference. The species is native to the Trans-Himalayan region and its population is estimated to be fewer than 350 animals.

According to a study recently published in the journal ZooKeys, Himalayan wolves are in serious danger of being killed off by local livestock owners who view the wolves as a threat to their livelihood. The scientists stress that this human-wildlife conflict is driving Himalayan wolves toward extinction, and call for “a special action plan … that develops mechanisms to minimize conflict.” The species is already threatened by global warming and climate change, so the added danger of human interference must be reduced.

I am urging you to increase protections for the Himalayan wolf. Please take action to encourage local communities to work toward wolf conservation and protect this critically endangered species from extinction.


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Photo credit: shankar s.

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  2. Why can’t these people learn how to live in harmony with the wolves? Killing them is NOT the answer! The world has become a scary place for ALL living things!

    • Cyndi. I fully agree with you. The World has become a scary place for all living species.
      It is time the human species stopped from killing and murdering the helpless Wildlife just because of their GREED.

  3. Wolves didn’t just suddenly appear in Nepal, they’ve been there since time began. Nepal’s ancestors lived side by side with wolves back then, just as the indigenous people of America did.
    It’s time to go back to basics, learn how their forefathers coped and realise that every single living being has an equal role to play on this planet. Humans need to get out of this mindset that they are the be all and end all, and if an animal is an inconvenience it’s OK to kill it.

    In Kenya, the villagers are now installing solar powered lighting around their fenced-off land to scare the lions and cheetahs etc. away. Nepal can look to doing the same.

  4. I have great sympathy for the people of Nepal, still struggling to recover from the horrendous earthquakes. But, I know that they are a compassionate people, who will reach out to help the wolves. Together, they can become whole again.

  5. michael guest says:

    I don’t know very much about these wolves, but they are serious trouble. Just like the Gray Wolves, these creatures need protection. Further action needs to be taken now before they vanish forever. Please save them before it’s too late

  6. Kiss goodbye, since no matter whatever little authorities do,(Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation) humans will continue killing the wolves anyway. It’s the ‘us against them’ mentality still alive since human caveman beginnings.

  7. I have heard that Nepal honours its dogs in a yearly celebrations. I ask them – where do they think their dogs came from??? Wolves are intelligent, family oriented and vital to the ecosystem. I think you should consider them invaluable. What about moving towards conservation and not destruction. Show other countries that Nepal has intelligence and understanding. You could be leaders in wolf preservation instead of mindless destroyers.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  9. These ranchers are PUSHING everyone out into oblivion — whether they be our wild horses, our wolves, not to mention the rest of our wildlife, ranchers only care about lining their pockets — their self-interest is without limits — the ranchers are taking over ALL of our lands — these lands are public lands and the taxpayers have a SAY in their use — certain government agencies are in the pockets of these ranchers and WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS CORRUPTION — what is government for if not to protect that which is priceless, that which is at the mercy of human greed.

  10. Why do humans think that they can control what and whom live on this planet and what don’t? They don’t even try to co-exist with different species, they would rather just eliminate them. This is insane and it must stop.

    Let’s all boycott the countries that are eliminating different species just because they can and they are ruining it for all of us as once they are gone they are gone forever.

    Stop the killing now!!

  11. Marcio Alvarez says:

    The Himalayan wolf is the director ancestor of our modern day domestic dog, genetics say so, given an in depth study by the Norwegians of late. It goeas back to over 35000 years ago, it has been found in places like The Americas and Europe (Belgium). Now those of us who appreciate our Canine brothers in our homes, who look at them like family ( hence the name Canis Lupus familiaris meaning domestic wolf of the canidae order) would be damn regretful to lose our pup’s direct ancestors. So let’s fight the ignorant fools who lack the brain and spiritual capacity to comprehend these facts.

  12. As if nepal cares about animals, let me laugh
    These humans always with their livestock, we should burn them. I’m full of violence right now, i’m fed up.

  13. Muriel Servaege says:

    I love wolves: they are beautiful, intelligent, … Please, do not kill them, feed them instead. People should be taught not to kill them. They were there before us and deserve our respect.

  14. Best Wishes to you my friends and Great Protection ?
    Special candle for you ?
    Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?

  15. basha kline says:

    Thank Gd for people who run these sites and whose actions bring to light the attrocious and ignorant manner of impulse killing of a wonderful heritage of their country. I agree with Bina P who acknowledges these creatures have been in existence for many, many years and now to exhude the ignorance of the local residents and their farming must rethink their husbandry. Modern technology would be the answer to keeping these wolves at bay, without the extreme act of killing them off.
    I hope they come to realise these animals are a major part of their country and to eradicate these indiginous creatures would make for a loss of cultural wealth.

  16. chickadix says:

    The main problem here is that China took over Tibet many years ago, and insist it is Chinese. They have an abominable history with regards to human rights, and even worse toward animals. They eat cats and dogs for God’s sake! Humans have nearly taken out all Apex predators. Once that happens we will have totally screwed with a perfect ecosystem. Humans won’t be far behind once the ecosystem collapses. I’m rather happy that I am close to the end of my life, I’ll be away from such evil humans.


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