Justice for Dog Tortured and Left to Die

Target: Darrell Foster, Ford County Animal Control Officer

Goal: Investigate and punish owners of severely neglected dog that was found beaten, shot, and tied to a post with its mouth taped shut.

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a nearly-dead dog was found choking and left to die. The dog was affixed to a post by a short leash and choke chain with no room to move without cutting off its air. The dog, which was found by a man walking his own dog, was struggling to breathe. The chocolate lab, named Bear, had his mouth tape shut so that he could not bark and attract any help. His eyes were swollen shut from being shot in the face and severely beaten.

Bear’s injuries were so severe that he had to be transported to the University of Illinois veterinary clinic. He has multiple fractures in his jaw and will require extensive surgery to remove bone fragments, though the damage is so extensive that surgeons will not be able to repair the jaw. Veterinarians think that he will never be able to eat hard dog food again. He suffers a host of other medical conditions, including mange, dehydration, and eye infections. His thyroid levels are currently so low that he will have to wait for his much-needed surgery.

While the owners of the dog have been found, they claim that Bear ran away one day prior to being found tied to a post. However, dehydration, mange, and infection suggest that the dog had been neglected for a long time. Sign the petition below to demand that the animal’s owners are investigated and charged for their role in this heinous tragedy.


Dear Officer Foster,

A chocolate lab named Bear was recently found tied to a post and left to die. The dog was beaten, shot, and had its muzzle taped shut so it wouldn’t be able to bark and attract help. The dog also suffered from dehydration, mange, and eye infections, suggesting ongoing neglect.

While Bear’s owners claim that he ran away the day before he was found, the evidence suggests that they are guilty of neglect at the very least. We, the undersigned, demand a thorough investigation into this shocking case and that the people responsible are punished to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ford County Animal Control

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  1. Sara Smith says:

    Really, execution of this non-human “owner” is the only solution. These crimes are becoming more and more common (especially the “mouth taped shut” aspect, a particularly vile addition so the animal can’t even make a sound to get help) and only the severest penalties have any hope of being a deterrent.

    • Sara I’m with you, I also believe all animal abusers, tortures, and murders need executing. They are psychopaths, and ergo untreatable. They are a danger to society and everyone’s pets. Why should our tax dollars be used to warehouse psychopaths.

  2. Sono pienamente d’accordo con la Signora Sara Smith, ci vogliono pene severissime, vedrete come tutto o quasi tutto comincia a cambiare in meglio. Inoltre stiamo tutti uniti noi grandi amanti degli animali, perchè più siamo meglio è.

  3. So many acts of cruelty to animals thesevdays. It will not stop unless there are REAL laws in all countries and sensible judges giving out sentences that make a difference. Not lenient weak sentences. PUNISH anyone who is Cruel to animals.

  4. make animal abuse and death a FELONY and get these CRAZY people off the street…they are a threat to humans if they kill animals ..com’on humans open your eyes and wake-up !!

  5. Yes. These shit human need to be killed and first tortured, mouth taped, everything they do, shoukd be done to them. This crimes is every day, as the dogs or cats are poor innocent victims, which shows the level of cowardy this shit humans have. They are incresing because nothing is done to the ones that are found guilty, so like I always said the day, they know the same will be done to them, I am quite sure the number of this crimes will drastically reduce. The world has to many psychopaths, paedophiles, rapists, murderes just kill them all as soon as they are found guilty>>> death penalty is a must for this kind of people, and we desperately need to do a cleaning in the world, it is getting impossible to live this way, seing all the horror commited against innocent victims and doing nothing. The people on this towns should just start making justice by his own hands as justice is not working, just receiving the salaries.

  6. WHAT! Is “law enforcement” going to DO SOMETHING! or is this just another slap on the wrist. PLEASE post a reward! Time for this to stop, get these psychopaths off the streets! Let’s see our TAX dollars do something.


  8. you have to eliminate scum

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