Rivers Shouldn’t Catch on Fire – Stop Dirty Fracking

Target: Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr. Anthony Lynham

Goal: End fracking that is allowing enough methane to leak into a river that it can be lit on fire.

A video showing a river being lit on fire by an anti-fracking politician in Australia has gone viral. In an attempt to show just how much methane has leaked into a nearby river, New South Wales Greens Member of Parliament Jeremy Buckingham took a boat out and set the river on fire with a barbecue lighter. In the video, Buckingham has to leap backward as the amount of flames that burst forth surprises even him.

Locals in Queensland recently noticed a strange bubbling in the Condamine River. Buckingham blamed the problem on methane gas leaking into the water courtesy of a nearby fracking operation. Fracking is notorious for leaking dangerous toxins into the environment, along with creating other issues, which kill animals and poison local citizens. Though the Australian fracking corporations have tried to claim that the methane in the river is from “natural” processes, there’s nothing natural about a river on fire.

The Queensland government claims to have been investigating this methane problem since four years ago, but nothing has been done. It’s gotten so bad that a politician had to go out and light the river on fire just to bring attention to the issue. Sign our petition to demand that fracking in the area is immediately halted so that the river can be cleared of methane.


Dear Dr. Lynham,

Recently, a video began spreading of a local politician setting the Condamine River in Queensland on fire. Apparently, there’s so much methane in this river that if you put a source of flame near the water’s surface, it will practically explode into a fireball.

Your department released a report on an investigation into this methane gas leak four years ago, but it seems that nothing has been done. Locals report that the strange bubbling has been getting worse, and Buckingham’s stunt proves that the problem is now so severe that it is clearly profoundly unsafe.

There’s only one source from which such a serious methane gas leak could come, and it’s not natural. Fracking operations are notorious for causing methane leaks and releasing other dangerous toxins into the environment. The claim by the area’s fracking companies that this amount of methane pose no risk to the environment are absurd and only bring a spotlight onto their guilt.

We demand that you turn your investigation onto the local fracking operations and have all of them immediately shut down before more damage can be done to the environment and your citizen’s water source.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson

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  1. Good for him. It’s about time MPs showed some spine. This video should go viral and all governments around the world should be made to watch it and then justify fracking to their citizens.

    Fracking along with TTIP will be a complete disaster for this planet. Even big companies who endorse these sorts of atrocities will lose because this planet will cease to exist.

  2. C.A. Rose says:

    There is no good side to fracking other than polluters getting even richer. How about the connection between fracking and earthquakes? Notice that corporate owned news rarely covers these stories.

  3. michael guest says:

    Politics are liars! This was a stupid thing to do! Our rivers are not places for methane or fracking. This should be a crime. Our environments need to stay protected, not harmed. Hold those accountable for this fault before any more damage is done.

  4. It’s absolutely disgusting to notice this lack of balls that politicians have regarding big corporations! This politician is an exception, not the rule, unfortunately.
    It’s time to make these polluters pay for the harm they cause, this is just pure GREED and fracking should be forbiten worlwide!!!

    Filipe Inácio

  5. ALL FOR MONEY. What is a crime is the money companies pay governments to keep operational. It is unbelievably corrupt. HOW PITIFUL,A RIVER ON FIRE. Who out there can stand up to big corporations.

  6. I am for all the above energy…but, if it can not be done CLEANLY and SAFELY for all animals and humans alike…it should NOT be done.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  8. Denise Fuller says:

    Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr. ANTHONY LYNHAM:
    Are and your people aware that fire should not run on rivers?????????????? Duh!!! Furthermore, you are wasting YOUR taxpayers money.
    Turn your investigation onto the local fracking operations and have all of them immediately SHUT DOWN before more damage can be done to the environment and your citizen’s water source.

  9. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Not long ago there was a similar video from Russia – Moscow river burning. But what is not a surprise in totally corruption-governed Russia, is not ok for Australia, is it?


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