Ban Festivals Where Elephants Are Paraded and Abused

Target: Ashok Bhushan, Chief Justice of Kerala

Goal: Don’t allow elephants to be paraded, mistreated and exposed to loud fireworks in annual festival.

Over 70 elephants were reportedly paraded in a festival, made to stand close to a loud fireworks display, and not given food or water for 36 hours. Animal activists have stated that 74 elephants were used in this year’s Thrissur Pooram festival held in Kerala, India, and forced to stand amid fireworks despite this violating several animal protection acts. The elephants also reportedly had wounds all over their bodies caused by their trainers brutalizing them to force them to stand and walk for several hours.

Mistreating animals in parades is not only cruel it is also against the law, as it violates a specific order by the Kerala Supreme Court. Sign this petition urging authorities to punish the people responsible for mistreating the elephants. Ensure that these animals are sent to a suitable sanctuary instead, and ban the use of animals in festivals so that this abuse does not occur again in the future.


Dear Chief Justice Bhushan,

Several elephants were allegedly abused during the Thrissur Pooram festival. The 74 elephants paraded in the festival were reportedly forced to stand close to a fireworks display, despite this violating the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Wildlife Protection Act.

Onlookers also claim that these animals had wounds all over their bodies and were not given food or water for 36 hours. This instance of animal cruelty must be investigated at once, and the people responsible must be punished.

We demand that these animals are sent to a suitable sanctuary and that their handlers are prosecuted for their acts. Please also ban the use of animals in festivals to ensure that this type of abuse does not occur again.


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Photo credit: Manojk

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  1. Elsie Cambridge says:

    These elephants aren’t only abused during festivals. Temple elephants are routinely beaten and starved while temple-goers pray to Ganesh, the elephant god, for blessings. Even beggars have elephants that they chain and starve, using them to beg from tourists. India is horrendous to humans and animals alike. Nothing boycotting them wouldn’t cure.

  2. So sick and tired of hearing about the abuse of poor elephants. They are such gentle beautiful animals and need to be protected from these dreadful people. Send these animals to a sanctuary and let them live as free as they can be. STOP TORTURING them. Punish those who do severely

  3. THESE PRIMITIVES MOST BE STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. STOP NOW! How much longer do these magnificent animals have to endure such cruelty?

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. Rita Grahn says:

    Unfortunately, backward and primitive people like the Indians are too stupid to be able to read petitions, let alone understand how cruel they are to animals that are their superiors.

  7. Their lifetime of physical, psychological and emotional abuse and neglect is not worth the few minutes of entertainment for people who are oblivious/ignorant of the way they came to be in captivity and the deprived and abusive lives the live. These are thinking, breathing, intelligent, social and compassionate animals who are abducted as infants, often resulting in the death of their mothers, and are beaten into submission and abuse for the rest of their lives – which, by the way, elephants live up to 60 years old in the wild.

  8. MR. BUHSHAN – WHY do you let these elephants endure such torture, does your country have no law ENFORCEMENT, you must not be control these people, why?

  9. WHO speaks for the elephants. —

    WHO cares about and respects elephants. —

    If we do NOT, then WHO will?

  10. kay allan says:

    why oh why would and do people do such sickening things to any animal, beautiful creatures that should just be left alone.

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