Save Tigers From Being Farmed for Bone Wine

Target: Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang

Goal: Save tigers from cruel, illegal farms where they are to be made into tiger bone wine.

Illegal Chinese tiger farms are a growing problem. Despite the ban on the farms by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species in 1975, China has continued to run tiger farms to sell their body parts. At present an estimated 4,000 tigers live captive on farms. This outnumbers the population of wild tigers, which is estimated to be 3,200.

Xiongshen claims to be a circus and owns 1,800 tigers. Despite putting on routine performances each week, the vast majority of the tigers are not seen by the small handful of people who attend. A recent expose of Xiongshen shows conditions that can be expected for tigers in farms. Behind the scenes, hundreds of tigers are kept in overgrown, rusty cages. Underfed and abused, the tigers are not kept to perform, but to have the skeletons marinated in rice wine then sold to an eager market.

If the deplorable conditions found in Xiongshen can be used as a gauge for other farms, the lives of the 4,000 tigers are very bleak. The breach in international law is only the start of the horrific nature of the tiger farming industry. Sign the letter below to exert pressure on Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to save the estimated 4,000 tigers in farms by putting an end to the industry.


Dear Prime Minister Li Keqiang,

Tigers are an endangered species, with only an estimated 3,200 in the wild. The estimated 4,000 tigers kept in tiger farms for the purpose of being made into tiger bone wine is illegal and amoral. The tigers are kept in deplorable conditions and overcrowded cages, starved, and abused. These animals are an international treasure that needs to be preserved.

I am writing you to ask that you put an end on the tiger farms. Keeping the majestic tiger in a rusty, overgrown cage while it waits to die to be made into soup is unacceptable. The focus needs to be on rebuilding wild tiger populations, not feeding a tiger-hungry populace. Turn the majestic cats over to conservation groups so that the species can recover.


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Photo credit: George Knowles

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  1. Linda Jane O'Brien says:

    The tiger in the photo is unbearably thin to begin with. There is no end to the excuses they find to exploit animals, even the critically endangered. Even worse, this has been going on for some time and no one in a law enforcement position has stepped in to help or change this trend. The most despicable are the filthy rich who indulge themselves by paying pots of cash for a glass of this so called wine. Call me a traditionalist, for me, wine is made from grapes not tiger bone. It’s hard for me to say I hate these people, because just like love is an emotion, so is hate, they aren’t worth any feelings from anyone. To love someone, you have to feel deeply, to hate it is the same, they are not deserving of any emotion, only total indifference whether they existed or not I couldn’t care less. What I hate is what they do to animals, and that hate is derived from the love I have for all animals, except those who impose their misplaced superiority over them for exploitation. This shit needs to stop and soon.


  3. Repulsive Asia needs to be wiped off the planet

  4. This crap needs to stop NOW!!! Tiger wine? WTF! Can’t the barbaric Chinese drink wine made normally from grapes like decent people do? Or does this just once again show us that they are the most barbaric and the cruelest nation on the planet? And maybe even the dumbest for them to think that tiger wine has medicinal properties? Definitely!


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