Prosecute Man Who Sold Rescue Dogs to Be Eaten

Target: Hoa Binh Nguyen, Prosecutor General of Vietnam

Goal: Severely punish man who says he sold dogs, rescued by his animal charity, to restaurants to be killed and served as meat.

The founder of an animal rescue has admitted to selling dogs to be killed and served in local restaurants. Vu Van Chinh of the Danang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station in Vietnam said he occasionally sold dogs from his shelter to restaurants to raise funds for the charity. However, former volunteers claim that the rescue was a front for selling animals, up to 10 dogs a day according to them.

Vu Van Chinh attempted to defend his actions on social media, posting, “I had to push some into dog meat restaurants after I waited too long and no one adopted them.” These revelations are appalling and heartbreaking for the countless animals thought to be rescued by the shelter but really sold to be slaughtered and eaten.

Sign this petition urging authorities to punish this man to the full extent of the law, ban him from keeping animals for life, and to take urgent steps to end the dog meat trade once and for all.


Dear Mr. Nguyen,

The founder of the Danang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station, Vu Van Chinh, has said he sold dogs to local restaurants to be killed and served up as food. Chinh has posted on social media, “I had to push some into dog meat restaurants after I waited too long and no one adopted them.” However, former volunteers claim his charity was a front for selling animals and that Chinh sold up to 10 dogs a day.

This matter deserves urgent investigation, and this man must be severely punished for these appalling acts. We also demand that a permanent ban is set in place on dog meat in Vietnam.


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Photo credit: International Animal Rescue

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  1. Only the death penalty is appropriate for this vile dog murdering POS.

  2. Evelyn Ball says:

    What do you expect from barbaric worthless humans that don’t know what humanity or compassion are. Really have no use for those idiots at all along with all animal abusers.

  3. Denise Fuller says:

    VU VAN CHINH of the Danang Dogs and Cats Information and Rescue Station in Vietnam: How hypocritical!!! Pretending to help rescued dogs and selling them to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are evil.
    This matter deserves urgent investigation, and you, VU VAN CHINH, must be severely punished.

  4. the only way to stop this all together is for the whole world to sign petitions
    and put sanctions on every country. The governments of these countries need to make in unlawful to steal,raise on farms, or any other shape form or
    fashion. Any one caught doing this will be punished severely. This is barbaric and calloused. Only people who have no compassion, for any living thing in-
    eluding their own people would even think of doing this. These people need
    to live in this century not a long past era. Anyone who tortures and kills
    animals has no conscious.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    The p. o. s. murderous badtard!!! ?
    Signed & Shared.

  6. You apparently have laws against this depraved business,does corruption come before it?
    This disgusting practise is truly beyond comprehension, you wrongly believe by causing such horrific pain on these poor animals the meat tastes better, the fear and cruelty done to these poor creaures is enough to taint any meat

  7. Vu Van Chinh shame on you! poor animals i hope they will have justice someday!! what is this pitiful and horrible excuse “I had to push some into dog meat restaurants after I waited too long and no one adopted them.” it’s surely not the first case like that and i find this monstrous. These kinds of people who sell “their” animals for meat or other products i don’t understand them, it’s a betrayal!!

  8. Linda Norris says:

    Vile, evil POS! Absolutely no excuse for his actions, people like him have no respect for ANY life!!!!!

  9. F#”*+#g Bastard!

    I hope the rest of your day’s are full of pain and hardship and I curse you and all those scumbags like you!

  10. You know what makes me angry? It is when there are natural disasters in the world and help is needed, we send search and rescue dogs out to, rescue sick Bastard’s like this!

    I would leave them to die!

  11. Why can’t these people be prosecuted? No government control.

  12. becky roney says:

    get those s.o.b.

  13. Lauren Amick says:

    I can’t even explain the amount of revulsion and disgust I have for that “person.” Eating dogs shouldn’t be done in the first place. Full stop. But there is so much evil and lack of care and compassion in him. Vu Van Chinh was supposed to help dogs who were abandoned and scared and alone. Instead, he betrayed them, and the people who relied on him to provide a safe place for the dogs in their communities.

    Vu Van Chinh is immoral and heartless in all ways and admitted to illegal activities. He must be prosecuted. He must never touch another animal again. Please.

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