Don’t Let Timber Companies Burn Down Forests

Target: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

Goal: Stop letting Congress pretend that burning down forests is a good thing.

The U.S. Senate is poised to give the logging industry permission to burn forests for energy in spite of the science saying that doing so will produce considerable carbon emissions. The Senate needs to pass an energy bill, but the one currently being considered contains a provision that requires the EPA and other government agencies to ignore the fact that burning biomass is bad for the environment and contributes to climate change.

It’s not news that burning trees produces smoke that contains carbon. In fact, the science shows that burning a tree for electricity produces 50 percent more carbon emissions than burning the equivalent amount of coal. At the same time, burning forests inevitably kills mass amounts of animals in a horrific fashion and destroys habitats. No one can guarantee that a fire can be controlled, and in an increasingly warm climate, wildfires are all the more devastating.

The provision in the Energy Policy Modernization Act requiring the government to ignore these truths is completely unacceptable. Logging corporations cannot be allowed to force those who are supposed to protect our environment to ignore climate science in order to further line their pockets. Sign our petition to demand that the Senate reject this bill unless this provision is removed.


Dear Senator Reid,

The Energy Policy Modernization Act currently contains a provision that requires the EPA and other government agencies that are supposed to protect our environment to ignore the simple science that burning forests produces a large amount of carbon emission. In fact, it belches 50 percent more carbon into our atmosphere than the equivalent amount of coal that would be used to produce the same amount of electricity.

It’s ridiculous to mandate that government agencies pretend scientific truths don’t exist. It’s dangerous to ignore truths that involve climate change, which is already rapidly worsening to the point of being catastrophic. Not only this, but it’s impossible to effectively protect animal species during a forest fire, and habitat destruction is a huge contributor to the loss of members of threatened and endangered species.

There is nothing good and certainly nothing sustainable about simply burning forests for energy. This provision is just a giveaway to logging companies and, if allowed through, would be a huge threat to our climate. You should be aware that global warming is already reaching very dangerous levels, and anything that would contribute to that must be stopped. Please ensure that Senate Democrats do whatever needs to be done to block this bill until the aforementioned provision is take out.


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Photo credit: Cameron Strandberg

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  1. By allowing all are wild life to become extinct due to lack of places where they can live, will be causing human deaths as well. We all need each each other for life. Humans will wind up dying painful deaths due to our dependence on these animals.

  2. The United States is one of the most corrupt governments in the world. For all of its posturing about the atrocities committed by other nations, the U.S. is the worst. It has the money and the power to change the world but it continues to lead in the destruction of the planet because our “representatives” represent nothing but the criminals who run big business and who buy and control politicians.

  3. This country is destroying our “earth”. There will be no more forests if it continues which means no more animals. Then people will cry about the Bears, Coyotes and Deers in their backyards. As we continue to take their habitats they will move into our habitats. It’s really very sad …..

  4. Nature treats back now
    Take responsibility for your Doing

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. we(animals and fucking humans)need forests and plants for absorb carbon emissions and for bring us oxygen!!! and it’s the natural habitat of many animals, everyone knows that, no?! what they are stupid and selfish. I love trees. RIP.
    US sucks for many things.

  7. Forest is the fresh air for the planet.
    Forest is the home for thousands of living beings.
    How will you feel without air in your lungs and home where you can live?
    Think about it!

  8. dont burn down forests, trash, and buildings! burning is illegal and they’ll arrest you for this! not fair! pay attention to the world! they need help now!

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