Justice for Disabled Dog Killed By Police

Target: Chief Allen Banks, Round Rock Police Department

Goal: Punish officers for allegedly killing a non-threatening disabled dog.

The Round Rock Police Department is responsible for the death of an old, disabled companion dog, Bullet, according to a suit filed by Russell Lane, Jr. He was an eight-year-old Rottweiler whom Lane had taken in as a puppy. Officers stated that the dog had charged them and the use of lethal force was necessary, but forensic evidence would later contradict their claim.

Officers were responding to an alarm when they entered Lane’s residence and began sweeping his house for intruders and threats. It was not until they had reached the back bedroom that they would encounter Bullet and fire upon him five times. The officers reported that this action was justifiable as self defense.

An autopsy later revealed that the aged Rottweiler suffered from moderate to severe hip dysplasia which would inhibit Bullet from charging as the officers had claimed. Furthermore, the veterinarian revealed that the last three bullet wounds indicated that Bullet was fleeing when he died. Lane commented, “Is he going to turn into Cujo in the hallway if he never even met you at the front door?”

The alarm to Lane’s home was triggered, but there was a posted sign next to the door which clearly stated the presence of a Rottweiler inside. A life could have been spared if officers had taken reasonable measures and precautions when they entered the residence. Sign this petition and demand that the Round Rock Police require nonlethal force when handling dogs from this point on.


Dear Mr. Banks,

A dog named Bullet recently passed away as the result of your officers responding to an alarm at a private residence. The officers reported that Bullet had charged at them and this justified the use of lethal force. An autopsy later indicated that the dog was incapable of charging and that he was running away while being fired upon. The dog’s owner also had a sign clearly posted near his front door that warned of Bullet’s presence.

It is simply not enough to train your law enforcement officers on how to deal effectively and safely with dogs. The officers must enact this training. Please set an example for law enforcement and make a stand for dogs all over the United States by requiring your officers to use nonlethal deterrents when handling canines.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rodolfo Araiza G.

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  1. Disgusting! These police officers are a disgrace! Do they think they are big men for shooting an old, cripple dog?! Take their badges before they start shooting daycare students! More trigger happy cops!

  2. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Total scum cretins!!! ?
    Signed & Shared.

  3. this dog should still be alive now=quit killing our family members now.


  5. Keystone cops … plain and simple.
    RIP Bullet and may there be justice for you ♥

  6. TRISH RYAN says:

    I’m so tired of the same old lie by COPS. Most of them are just pure COWARDS, including the cops that don’t stand up to the corruption. COPS SHOOT DOGS because they get away with it. COPS are COWARDS… that’s all this comes down to. So afraid of a bite but have no problem unleashing attack dogs on civilians. COWARDS!!!!

  7. Deb Menetret says:

    Another sad and totally unnecessary murder of a family dog by trigger-happy police. There needs to be a serious overhaul on instructions to police on what to do (and what NOT to do) regarding dogs. This poor dog was running AWAY from them, not toward them. Disgusting.

  8. Karen Bryan says:

    This dog was running away from the police. This is another case of breed discrimination. Rotties, dobies, pits and large mixes , they see them they shoot them and worry later. Oh and German Shepherds which are a good many times working dogs for a person in the house. All the dog needs to do is to move wrong. Wonder if they would shoot my dogs , I have 4 and all together they would weigh 50 pounds but if they saw someone come in they would surely attack them with wagging tails and kissing….

  9. Sick n tired of cops killing dogs where’s their training?

  10. Jim Bunkholt says:

    So sad ?

  11. What people do to animals and then it was in self defense, is sickening. This kind of irresponsible behavior by police officers or anyone else, is really unacceptable and irritating. They can say whatever they want to say, but when the truth comes out, they get called out. This was unnecessary and unconscionable. Poor elderly arthritic dog. Shame on these officers.

  12. Cathy Reid says:

    These cops are nothing but liars, bullies and cowards. Yeah big brave cops killing a disabled dog that was fleeing from them! What a joke!! These scumbags that did this should be fired and charged with animal cruelty. I have four dogs and at this point I don’t trust the police at all. In some ways they are worse than criminals because they can commit heinous acts, get caught lying and still nothing happens to them.

  13. Seems like cops acting like criminals to me, fire their ass! They lied to cover it up, who needs cops (public servants) like that- SERIOUSLY!!

  14. More trigger happy nut job cops running around!

    Cops these days are a disgrace and sickening. They no longer serve and protect they kill innocent animals, children, and unarmed people.
    They are deranged and a danger to innocent people.

    Harsher punishment needs to be placed on them so they quit with the bull shit.

  15. A sad indictment on American police officers when police in my country warned me before travelling to the US, not to trust the police in America !!!

    Too many guns used by too many gun ho police officers.

  16. Dr. Tony DeLia says:

    So many police departments are infested with bullies and sadists with badges.

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