Stop Walmart From Funding Donald Trump’s Hateful Platform

Target: Walmart CEO Carl Douglas McMillon

Goal: Rescind any pledged funding for this year’s Republican National Convention.

Walmart, which donated significant sums to the RNC in 2012, has confirmed plans to donate again this year. With Donald Trump still in the lead for the Republican nomination, any corporate funding for the Republican National Convention will essentially go toward sponsoring his hateful platform for the presidency. It is morally reprehensible that a corporation such as Walmart would want to help broadcast Trump’s racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic message. CEO Carl Douglas McMillon should rescind any pledged funding for this year’s Republican National Convention.

Trump’s candidacy runs on bigotry and ignorance. His absurd plan to build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, as well as his suggestion that we should ban all Muslims (including U.S. citizens) from entering the United States, are both idiotic and offensive. Moreover, his consistently derogatory statements about women and his vow to end access to abortion in America reveal his deep-seated misogyny. Coupling these views with his comments regarding violence toward pro-Bernie Sanders protesters, one cannot deny that sponsoring this man’s campaign in any way is disgusting.

Activists have already convinced Coca-Cola to back away from a portion of their pledged funding for the RNC, but we need to keep putting pressure on like corporations such as Walmart to back away from sponsoring Trump’s hateful platform. Considering the toxic reputation that Trump’s campaign has earned, it is possible that any association with him may generate enough public pressure and negative press to convince Walmart to change their minds.

By signing the petition below, you can help urge Walmart CEO Carl Douglas McMillon to rescind any pledged funding for this year’s Republican National Convention.


Dear C. Douglas McMillon,

Any corporate funding for the Republican National Convention this year amounts to an endorsement of Donald Trump’s hateful platform for the presidency. His commanding lead in the race for the Republican nomination has been earned on bigoted premises that pose serious threats to the world at large. His views on Mexicans, Muslims, and women are particularly deplorable. Walmart should rescind any pledged funding for the RNC this year in order to avoid supporting this xenophobic, racist, and misogynistic candidate.

Trump’s plans for his presidency are both idiotic and horrifying. Keeping out Mexican immigrants with a giant wall, banning Muslims (including U.S. citizens) from entering the country, and cutting off any and all access to abortions are just a few of his terrifyingly foolish ideas. Do you really want to associate your company with such bigoted beliefs as those espoused by Trump?

Please, do the reasonable thing–do not sponsor this man’s campaign in any way. I urge you to rescind any pledged funding from Walmart for this year’s Republican National Convention.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Hell no if your in this country illegally get out.. Finally someone who will enforcertainly the laws.

  2. Hell no. We need some one like trump who loves this Country and wants to build back what Obama has tore down and Killary will finish. Go Doug your doing the right Christain thing. I stand behind you and Walmart. Look over the dam jealous democrats.

    • Damn, I guess they were right that Donald Trump supporters are uneducated, you can’t even spell.. what a shame /:

    • Mariana padley says:

      Trump loves this country? He loves his wallet and the power! He will ruin this country.
      People are so ignorant, why not inform yourself before you open your mouth!!!!
      The so called “illegals” are human beings that work hard and pay taxes too. They do not receive any government help and take care of their families. Are doing the job that Americans don’t want to do. And our government gives them an ITI Number so they can pay taxes..

  3. C Mercedes P says:

    Force? Really? No! Freedom to be protected as a US citizen is what I am for. I don’t pay taxes for the world to come into my country and take what I work and pay for.
    Would you open your home to anyone who wanted to come in? Criminals? Putting your children at risk of injury? Of course no RESPONSIBLE parent/leader would do that, yet that is exactly what is going on.
    Criminals do not want Trump, therefore I do. They are high up and making billions off of the drugs flowing freely into this country. Heroine is so cheap that anyone can buy it. It’s killing our young people and nothing is being done. Close the DAMN border! You’re being fooled that it has anything to do with refuge for poor citizens of other countries. Follow the money. Trump doesn’t need their money and that scares them. Hillary will take money from all sorts of dark places, that according to Obama!

  4. Yes..I would definitely sign this petition. Those who support the new president shame on you..he does not care about the people..he cares about his interest and showing his power that he can do whatever he’s called money = power and power= money. He is a person who is showing his furry in mexicans by building a wall..Mexicans can come up with many ideas with or without a wall. Unfortunely,drugs does come in from EVERYWHERE and we should begin by educating ourselves and then our children..there are many reasons why kids do drugs and one I have seen is parents being irresponsible and leaving kids unattended. Let’s begin with teaching our children good morals, not to hate, and love each other no matter what race,color,religion, or immigration status..teach them to live in happiness and not hate like those who are writing negative comments.The new preseident is transmitting racism and hate don’t be bought with his power that will not make you rich. Work hard for what you want in life..and stop blaming others of taking jobs away, or bringing’s easy as 123..stop buying drugs and Mexico or any other countries will not bring them. Like I said everything starts at home ..let’s teach our children to work hard for what they education along with moral education is a good way to begin to make a difference. One more thing..its not a matter of race, religion and color..we are all people and people can commits all types of crimes not just mexicans.

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